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Boston’s New Mayor Opposes AR-15 Rifles Request By Police Officials

AR-15 rifles Boston

Boston’s new Mayor, Martin Walsh, is refusing the AR-15 rifles request by the police department, sparking a tense relationship with local law enforcement officers. Boston Police Department officials have reportedly been pressuring city leaders to buy a “limited number” of AR-15 semi-automatic rifles.The new city leader also said on Thursday that his administration will usher… Read more »

Dick’s Sporting Goods Suspends Gun Sales In Newtown Area Mall

sandy hook newtown

Dick’s Sporting Goods pulled all of its guns from the store nearest Newtown where the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre occurred. The sporting goods chain has also suspended the sale of specific semi-automatic weapons nationwide. No guns will be available for sale at the Dick’s Sporting Goods store in the Danbury Fail Mall. The shopping… Read more »