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Creative Assembly Signs Deal To Make ‘Warhammer’ Games


The Creative Assembly, the development studio behind the Total War franchise, recently branched off from its long-running strategy franchise to work on an as-yet unseen Aliens game. Now, it seems the studio has plans to branch out even further. This week, Creative Assembly announced that it has signed a deal to make more than one… Read more »

Video Game Collection Sells For $1.2 Million

Video Game Collection Sells for 1 million 2 hundred thousand dollars

A 32-year-old man in Paris has sold his vast video game collect which includes 7,000 titles for a ridiculous sum of $1.2 million. The sale which was listed on eBay includes complete collections for Sega, Nintendo and NEC consoles, all of which are factory sealed. The man who goes by the name “Andre” tells the… Read more »