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Conspiracy Theorist Sues Over New Kurt Cobain Death Photos

Lee sues Seattle over Cobain photos.

Recently released photos, previously undeveloped, from the crime scene of Kurt Cobain’s suicide are at the center of a new lawsuit against the Seattle Police Department. The man behind the lawsuit is independent journalist, and multiple Seattle mayoral candidate, Richard Lee, who is known for being the first to claim that Cobain’s suicide wasn’t a… Read more »

Seattle Helicopter Crash: Firefighters On Scene Near Space Needle

seattle helicopter crash

A news helicopter crashed near the Space Needle in Seattle, hitting two cars as it fell. Fox News is now reporting that one victim may have been taken from the scene in critical condition. The Seattle Fire Department is now reporting that two people died in the news helicopter crash near the Space Needle and… Read more »

NFL Playoff Scenarios: Wildcard Wars And All NFC Divisions Up For Grabs

NFL Rollescoaster

Week 16 of the 2013 NFL regular season is almost in the books and gives us a slightly clearer look at potential playoff scenarios. Although some scenarios are more likely than others, not a single NFC team has locked down its division and only two—the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers—have solidified their postseason berths. The… Read more »

Seattle Gunman Tackled By Metro Bus Passengers [Video]

seattle gunman bus passengers surveillance video

A Seattle gunman was tackled to the ground by heroic bus passengers on November 25, 2013. The raw footage from the bus security cameras caught the entire incident on tape. The gunman, Seattle 19-year-old Trevonnte Brown, got onto the King County Metro bus in downtown. Once the bus began moving, he pulled out his gun… Read more »

Woman Literally Lives On Sunlight, Water, And Air [Video]

woman live on sunlight

Seattle, WA – Navenna Shine has made a rather unconventional diet decision. She has given up food for a period of four to six months to subsist exclusively on sunshine, water, and air. The reason? To see if the human body can live on sunlight, of course. Shine is the founder of Living on Light… Read more »

Toyota To Sponsor Whack-A-Hipster At Bumbershoot Music Festival

Whack-A-Hipster Toyota Bumbershoot

Frustrated by the hipsters at your local coffee house? If you pay a visit to this year’s Bumbershoot music festival in Seattle, Washington, you’ll be able to participate in an activity known as “Whack-a-Hipster,” which allows you and your friends to take out your hipster-oriented angst without fear of being arrested for assault and battery…. Read more »

Westboro Baptist Church Protest Blocked By Apocalyptic Zombies

Zombie Protest Blocks Westboro Baptist Church Protest

The Westboro Baptist Church on Friday was defeated by a group of apocalyptic zombies as the hate group had planned to protest outside of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord. When the church group famous for their “god hates fags” signs showed up at the military base they were surprised to see Facebook page founder Melissa Neace… Read more »