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Brett Favre Advised Sean Payton On Custom Earplugs For Offense

Brett Favre Memory Loss NFL

Brett Favre gave the New Orleans Saints some sound advice for their Monday night game against Seattle Seahawks at the the CenturyLink Field. That advice was that they should wear earplugs in order to drown out the din of the deafening Seahawks fans. Saints coach, Sean Payton, recalled that Favre had himself used earplugs to… Read more »

Drew Brees Confident Sean Payton Will Return To Saints In 2013

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton Returning

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees told reporters on Wednesday that he is confident that New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton would return to the team in 2013. Payton is currently serving a full season suspension for his part in the Saints bounty program. Last month, we reported that the NFL negated Payton’s Saints… Read more »

Sean Payton And New Orleans Saints OK’d To Renegotiate Contract Says NFL

Sean Payton NFL Head Coach

NFL officials have provided the New Orleans Saints with written permission to negotiate a contract extension for suspended head coach Sean Payton. You might recall that the NFL’s front office voided Payton’s previous contract extension based on a technicality in the coaches contract. According to NFL spokesman Greg Aiello: “The league office has communicated fully… Read more »

Sean Payton Exiled From All NFL Contact For Entire Season

Sean Payton NFL Exile

Sean Payton has already begun to serve his one-season suspension following an investigation into the New Orleans Saints NFL bounty program and now sources close to the coach with details of his suspension contract have revealed that Payton is essentially taking part in an NFL exile. Under terms of his suspension Payton can not speak… Read more »

Sean Payton Is Out For Season, Full Suspension Upheld After Appeal

Sean Payton Suspended For Full Season

The New Orleans Saints will be without head coach Sean Payton after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell decided on Monday to keep the coaches full-season suspension in place following a bounty program that urged players to injure their opponents for bonus money. Payton was originally scheduled to begin his suspension on April 1, that day has… Read more »

New Orleans Saints To Appeal Payton And Loomis Suspensions On Tuesday

Sean Payton Appealing On Tuesday with Mickey Loomis

Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis are hoping to save their coaching and team management seasons on Tuesday when they meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and various other NFL officials to discuss their 2012 season suspensions brought on by the teams bounty program. Commissioner Goodell has promised that the appeal process would be met with… Read more »

Sean Payton To Appeal Suspension

sean payton

Sean Payton isn’t going to give up his head coaching job with the New Orleans Saints just yet. Payton, who was suspended for the entire 2012 season due to his involvement with the Saints’ bounty program, has decided to appeal his suspension. Fox Sports reports that Payton’s suspension was scheduled to begin this weekend but… Read more »