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Bristol’s Wedding Drama Turns Into Hillary Clinton Vs. Sarah Palin Hate Fest

Bristol's Wedding Drama Turns Into Hillary Clinton Vs Sarah Palin Hate Fest

Bristol’s wedding plans are cancelled, but the fight between liberals and conservatives has only just begun. The explanation left by Sarah Palin triggered a hate fest that continues to wind its way around the internet, and in response, some conservative Republicans have begun attacking Hillary Clinton for her 2016 presidential campaign. Regardless of the fact… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Unsecured Email Scandal – A Lot Of Hot Air Over Nothing?

Calls For Clinton To Hand Over Server In Private Email Scandal

Giving her first press conference in over two years, Hillary Clinton faced the cameras yesterday, denying any illegality in her actions concerning use of a private, unsecured email account for business purposes. Journalists are hungry for the truth, as is America, following Mrs Clinton’s refusal to hand over the server employed while using the email… Read more »

Convention Of States Legislation Moves Forward In Arkansas

Sarah Palin pushes for convention of states.

Legislation calling for a Convention of States passed the House vote in Arkansas yesterday, perhaps in part due to support from Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin. The pair both pressed their followers on Thursday to contact their state representatives and push for passage of the Convention of States resolution. However, this doesn’t mean you should… Read more »

Sarah Palin Accidentally Raised Thousands For Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.

Sarah Palin shocked the world when she admitted she was “seriously” considering running for president in 2016, especially after arguably ruining John McCain’s chances of winning against Obama six years ago. With super-conservative Sarah Palin making a sincere go at the White House, it’s especially embarrassing for her to accidentally throw $25,000 worth of support… Read more »

Sarah Palin Criticizes PETA: ‘At Least Trig Didn’t Eat The Dog’

palin pounds peta

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin recently made headlines with her response to PETA’s criticism of her controversial Facebook post. Palin posted pictures of her 6-year-old son Trig on her official Facebook page. In the pictures, Trig is standing on the family dog, Jill – using her as a stepping stone to reach the kitchen sink…. Read more »

Sarah Palin’s New Year’s Wishes Have Animal Lovers Crying Foul

Sarah Palin accused of animal abuse for allowing son to step on dog.

Sarah Palin is ringing in the New Year with a debate on her Facebook page about animal abuse. Palin posted a New Year’s wish to her followers, together with images of 6-year-old Trig doing what Sarah called “overcoming obstacles.” Those who saw the image on Palin’s page, however, called it abusing the dog, and they’re… Read more »

Police Report On Palin Brawl: Conflicting Stories, Family Intoxicated

Palin Family

The Anchorage Police Department has released an official report on the observations and interviews taken by officers responding to the Palin family brawl. The report reveals a chaotic scene, with each partygoer and Palin family member telling a different, often contradictory, story. The fight originally broke out September 6, and involved around 20 people, but… Read more »