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Adorable 3-Year-Old Girl Thinks Santa Should Never Eat Alone [Video]

Gracie Lynn thinks Santa should never eat alone

Gracie Lynn loves Santa. So when she saw him eating alone at a booth in an Evansville, Indiana, Bob Evans restaurant, she decided he needed some company. Gracie soon joined the Santa look-alike — who had a flowing white beard, red suspenders, and wire-framed glasses — for breakfast after she asked her mom, Lindsey Wilson,… Read more »

Teacher Tells African American Student That ‘Santa Is White’

Teacher Claims Santa Is White

A teacher in New Mexico told an African-American student “Santa is white” and is now in some hot water because of it. The teacher then told the boy to remove his Santa Claus hat and beard because he could never look like the jolly old man from the North Pole. Christopher Rougier, a ninth-grade student… Read more »