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Sandy Hook Fund Distribution Causes Frustration In Newtown

Sandy Hook fund distribution causes frustration

The Sandy Hook Fund was the topic of a town hall meeting in Newtown on Thursday. Victims’ families and other members of the community expressed outrage and frustration regarding the manner in which the funds collected would be distributed. The main complaint by the community members and the victim’s families regarding the distribution of the… Read more »

Geneticists to Study Adam Lanza’s DNA

Geneticists will Study Lanza's DNA

Will studying Adam Lanza’s DNA help prevent future tragedies? That may be Connecticut Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver’s motive after requesting that the University of Connecticut study Adam Lanza’s DNA. While the exact details of the research project remain hush-hush, experts believe that Lanza’s DNA will be studied in order to detect genetic mutations or… Read more »

Carlee Soto Haunted By Iconic Sandy Hook Photo

Carlee Soto haunted

The woman pictured in anguish above is Carlee Soto, the sister of Sandy Hook Elementary massacre hero Vicki Soto. Though the image above has become iconic nationwide since the Newtown, Connecticut shooting, Carlee Soto says that it is a painful reminder of the moment she learned that her sister had been killed. Vicki Soto, 27,… Read more »

Golden Retrievers Sent To Newton To Comfort Survivors

Golden Retreivers

In the wake of the horrible massacre that left 20 children and 8 adults dead in Newton, Connecticut, there is another problem of dealing with the trauma those still alive are facing. One Lutheran group, Lutheran Church Charities of Addison, Illinois, is sending in the dogs … literally. The group has sent eight golden retrievers… Read more »