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Newtown Students Still Live With Fear And Nightmares

Sandy Hook Massacre Survivors Nightmares

Newtown, CT — Students from Sandy Hook Elementary are still experiencing fear and nightmares about the day they watched their classmates and friends die at the hand of a gunman. Hundreds of children survived the shooting at their school on December 14, 2012. While they were moved to a new school and went through the… Read more »

New Jersey Town To Go With Armed School Security

MarlboroTownship Municipal Complex

Marlboro Township New Jersey will assign an armed police officer to patrol each of its nine public schools starting when the kids come back on January 2. In the aftermath of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Marlboro is reportedly the fist school district in the country to reach this decision… Read more »

Church Bells Across America Toll 26 Times For Sandy Hook Victims

Church Bells Rings for 26 Victims Of Adman Lanza

At 9:30 am in villages, towns, and cities across the great land of America, church bells rang 26 times to pay tribute to the six teachers and 20 small children who were gunned down last week at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut by a disturbed young man named Adam Lanza. Some churches… Read more »

Newtown School Shootings: Sandy Hook Memorials [Pics]

Newtown CT Sandy Hook 1 memorials

Newtown, CT — The state of Connecticut and the nation observed a moment of silence at 9:30 am this morning for the 20 children and six adults murdered in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting rampage seven days ago almost to the minute. Church bells in the state and around the country pealed 26 times… Read more »

Asperger’s Syndrome A Scapegoat In Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Asperger's Syndrome A Scapegoat In Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Following the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, some people are worried that those suffering from Asperger’s syndrome may become stigmatized. Many people are wanting a scapegoat for the tragedy, with some blaming guns, some saying that we should arm the teachers, and others saying that the shooting is a symptom of societal issues. Another target… Read more »

Fox News Blames Sandy Hook Shooting On ‘Online Gaming’

Sandy Hook tragedy

Leave it to Fox to have a unique take on a tragedy that has struck the Sandy Hook community. Fox anchor, Megyn Kelly and analyst Keith Ablow decided to talk out what might have made alleged gunman Adam Lanza to commit such a heinous crime. The Fox anchor had suggested because the men who commit… Read more »

27 Dead In Newtown School Shooting, Official Confirms [Updated]

newport shooting deaths

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is still a breaking story, but new reports have revealed some tragic bits of information about the rampage and its aftermath — including multiple reports that young children at the school are among the dead. [UPDATE, 12:58 pm] Police confirm 18 of 27 killed were children…. Read more »