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Samsung Galaxy Note Explodes, Injures Customer

Samsung Galaxy Note Explosion

A 55-year-old man in South Korea was injured after his Samsung Galaxy Note exploded. The smartphone was stored in the mans pocket when it suddenly ruptured and caused damage to his clothing and body. The customer was left with second-degree burns to his right thigh. The phone’s explosion involved a spare battery, which may have… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Goes On Sale In August [Video]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was unveiled during Mobile World Congress in February and now the Android-powered tablet is set to finally release in the United States next month. When the tablet first showed up at CES it featured a slot for an S Pen and ran on a dual-core processor. The model going on… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note Reaches 2 Million Sales In South Korea

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Million Sales

The Samsung Galaxy Note has sold more than two million units in Samsung’s home base of South Korea, a popular sales destination for the company’s various Google Android based cell phones. The stylus-enabled smartphone which has been given the nickname “phablet” has become the fasted selling device to reach the two million mark when compared… Read more »