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Boxing Day Sales Will Be HUGE! 26th December will be Deal Day

Shopping Mayhem

Expect a line at the checkout on December 26th as America goes shopping! Retailers are getting ready for a huge day on December 26th, they say that because it falls on a Monday, so there is no reason for anyone to stay at home with the family, like they did on Sunday December 26th last… Read more »

Wii U Basic Pulled From GameStop

Gamestop pulls Wii U Basic console package from shelves

Wii U Basic is being pulled from GameStop shelves. Following significantly disappointing sales of Wii U, used game retailer GameStop is pulling Wii U Basic off their shelves. Even in spite of Xbox One’s equally disappointing reveal unleashing a legion of gamers on an unsuspecting Nintendo to boost the sales of the failing console, Wii… Read more »

Fake J.C. Penney Prices Spark Shopper Scandal

Fake J.C. Penney Prices

An allegation of fake J.C. Penney prices has been traversing the web after a charged column in a conservative New York newspaper published detailed accusations pegging the retailer as chronically dishonest in their pricing methods. The allegation of fake J.C. Penney prices follows a year of controversies for the chain, which came under fire and… Read more »

Apple iPhone 5 Doomsday Is A Myth

Apple iPhone 5 Sales

Apple’s time has not yet come, nor do iPhone 5 sales show any sign of subsiding, says Yahoo News. With the rising popularity of Android due to price and the availability of many applications that iPhone users enjoy, Apple’s flagship phone series would appear to be looking for the exit. However, similar to Nintendo, Apple… Read more »

Neiman Marcus Joins Target For Holiday Shopping Sales Bonanza

Neiman Marcus Partners With Target for Holiday

Neiman Marcus is known for its high-priced designer goods and Target is known for carrying lower-end and lower-priced lines from many of those same designers, now the two company’s are partnering for a holiday sales bonanza. Both Target and Neiman Marcus will sell the same 50-plus limited-edition items from big-time designers including Marc Jacobs and… Read more »