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South Carolina Toddler Dies After Playing In Hot Car

Dad left six year old in hot car for 30 minutes

The annual spate of toddlers left, forgotten, or otherwise found inside hot cars has claimed another victim. Three-year-old Logan Cox of South Carolina climbed into a hot car last week, and was hospitalized for injuries sustained during the incident. On Sunday, Logan passed away. According to police Cox, of Lancaster County, South Carolina, was located… Read more »

What Now For Elmo After Puppeteer Kevin Clash Resigns?

what will happen to elmo

With the confirmation that Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash resigned yesterday amid allegations he engaged in two relationships with young men that may have skirted or fell afoul of legal boundaries, there was much reporting of the scandal involving one of America’s most trusted brands, Sesame Street. The exact timeline after news broke that Kevin Clash,… Read more »

Elmo Puppeteer Resigns, Kevin Clash Addresses Sesame Street Departure

elmo kevin clash resigns

Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash has resigned from Sesame Street, as we reported earlier, as a second accuser has stepped forward to claim an inappropriate relationship with Clash, filing a suit demanding $5 million from the man who voices Elmo. Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash first became the subject of sex allegations last week when an aspiring… Read more »

Lane Goodwin, Kentucky Teen With 366K Facebook Fans, Dies Of Cancer

lane goodwin died facebook

Lane Goodwin, a 13-year-old Kentucky boy who drew more than 300,000 fans to his Facebook page following a battle with cancer, died of the disease Wednesday night after nearly three years of illness. Lane Goodwin became a face of childhood cancer awareness as social media allowed hundreds of thousands of well-wishers to send their thoughts… Read more »

Facebook Murder in Chicago Leads to Arrest of Three Teens

facebook attack delfino mora

A Facebook murder in Chicago is as senseless as it was cruel, and now three teens are under arrest after they beat a 62-year-old grandfather to death for kicks and footage of the attack wound up on the social network. Facebook bragging about murders, robberies, drug trade and other serious crimes have been more commonplace… Read more »

Kentucky Couple Trades Truck For Baby, Cops Say

mom trades baby for truck

Corbin, KY — A Kentucky couple is under arrest for trading a truck for a baby, and police say their intentions were good but their methodology was poor. The baby’s biological mom, 30-year-old Heather Kaminskey, is said to have accepted a 1999 Dodge Dakota pickup in exchange for the baby boy she gave birth to… Read more »

President Obama Visits Restaurant, Owner Dies an Hour Later

ann's place owner dies

Earlier today, 70-year-old Josephine Harris met President Obama, and hosted the Commander-in-Chief at her Akron, Ohio restaurant. Sadly, scant hours later, the grandma and restaurant owner has died — and her family members say that meeting the President was something she treasured intensely. What may have happened to Harris isn’t even an entirely unknown phenomenon… Read more »

Bald Eagle Electrocuted in Iowa, Wildlife Experts Explain

bald eagle electrocuted

A bald eagle was electrocuted earlier this week in Iowa, one of the eaglets eagerly watched online from the world-famous Decorah nest in Iowa. The bald eagle electrocuted was known as D12, one of several eaglets recently born as wildlife enthusiasts the world over watched from a webcam. The story of the Decorah eaglets, even… Read more »