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Vladimir Putin Does Not Have Pancreatic Cancer, Confirms Kremlin Spokesman


Vladimir Putin does not have pancreatic cancer, according to a Kremlin spokesman, who warned the inquisitive reporter to “bite their tongue,” after asking him the question. Dmitry Peskov, a representative for Putin, responded to speculation in the media that the President was unwell, telling RIA Novosti journalists they, “shouldn’t bank on it,” adding, less aggressively,… Read more »

Will Putin Divorce Make Vlad More Vicious?

Putin Feeding Animals

With the Putin divorce finally finalized and Russian beefcake Vladimir Putin back on the meat market again, should the world be concerned that the ‘mad dog’ is now a ‘lone wolf”? The Kremlin’s confirmation that the divorce of Putin from his wife of 30 years, Lyudmila, has been finalized, entails that Putin is once more… Read more »