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Russian Bombers Intercepted By NATO, World War 3 Warning?

russian warplanes

Russian bombers were intercepted by NATO jets following a series of “unusual air activity” over the Baltic, North Sea, Atlantic and the Black Sea. NATO planes were reportedly scrambled to “shadow” the Russian bombers flying over the Black Sea and the Atlantic, as well at Vladimir Putin’s fighter planes over the Baltic. The Russian fighters… Read more »

Vladimir Putin And Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Require Another Ronald Reagan?

Vladimir Putin 'Cannot Be Defeated Militarily' Due To Russia's Nuclear Weapons, Claims Garry Kasparov

Vladimir Putin has Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov giving the world strategic advice on how to avoid World War 3. Kasparov also criticizes President Barack Obama for the handling of the Ukraine crisis, warning the United States government that they cannot hope to deal with Putin’s threats with military force due to Russia’s nuclear weapons…. Read more »

Six Russian Aircrafts Intercepted Near Alaska, Canada

Six Russian Aircrafts Intercepted Near Alaska, Canada And U.S. Say

Russian and American relations have been excessively strained over past few years, due to Russian military exercises and the Ukraine crisis. The biggest turning point was the Russian takeover, and occupation, of the Crimean peninsula. Though the continued tensions at face value have been exercised rhetorically, much more seems to be going on behind the… Read more »