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Russia Sending More Troops, Heavy Weapons Into Ukraine As Conflict Intensifies

Russia Ukraine Conflict

Russia is reportedly sending troops and heavy weapons into areas of Ukraine controlled by pro-Russia rebels, intensifying the conflict and stoking fears that Russia could invade further into Europe. On Sunday, the Ukrainian military reported “intensive” movement of troops and equipment, with reports of 20 trucks headed to the rebel-held city of Donetsk. AFP reporters… Read more »

Russian Bombers Intercepted By NATO, World War 3 Warning?

russian warplanes

Russian bombers were intercepted by NATO jets following a series of “unusual air activity” over the Baltic, North Sea, Atlantic and the Black Sea. NATO planes were reportedly scrambled to “shadow” the Russian bombers flying over the Black Sea and the Atlantic, as well at Vladimir Putin’s fighter planes over the Baltic. The Russian fighters… Read more »