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Sexy Russian Spy Ordered To Seduce Edward Snowden

Anna Chapman ordered to seduce Edward Snowden

Former intelligence agent Anna Chapman was ordered by Russian spy chiefs at the Kremlin to seduce defector Edward Snowden, as reported by the Daily Mail. The plan, according to ex-KGB agent Boris Karpichkov, was for Chapman, 32, to light a spark with Snowden, 32, in an effort to detain the United States “whistleblower” in order… Read more »

Mickey Rourke Fight Reportedly Fixed: Opponent Mentally Ill And Homeless

Mickey Rourke, Elliot Seymour, boxing, Russia, 'Sin City,' 'The Expendables,' acting, celebrity, boxing

Mickey Rourke, the 62-year-old star of films such as Diner, Sin City, and The Expendables, defeated former California Golden Gloves champion 29-year-old Elliot Seymour Saturday night with a knockout win in the second round after a 20-plus year absence from the ring, reports the New York Daily News. However, an exclusive report from the Daily… Read more »