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Charged for Terrorism: Kiev Captures Alleged Russian Soldiers

Ukrainian military soldiers man a highway checkpoint against allegedly Russian insurgents, two of which might be charged for terrorism

Kiev has announced that a pair of allegedly Russian soldiers captured by the Ukrainian Security Service will be charged for terrorism. The two men facing terrorism charges are being detained in Shchastya, a small town near the Russian border. Ukrainian security chief, Vitaliy Naida, stated that the pair are linked to Russia’s foreign military intelligence… Read more »

Russia Debuts Tanks, Putin Claims To Have ‘Most Powerful Tank In The World’

russian tanks

Russia debuted its tanks and showcased the nation’s enhanced military might to the world. Vladimir Putin‘s country is expected to publicly unveil “several high-tech combat vehicles” during the country’s World War II Victory Day celebrations scheduled on May 9. The Russian tanks and other weapons will reportedly be the highlight of the annual celebration to… Read more »

Historic Naval Drills Will Be Held Jointly By Russia And China

Russia and China naval drills

Historic naval drills between Russia and China are scheduled to occur late in May in the Mediterranean Sea. The joint navy drills will reportedly be the first time the two nations will engage in military training exercises together in the region. Naval drills between China and Russia have reportedly been held in the Pacific since… Read more »

WWE News: Lana To Receive Huge Push?

WWE News: Lana To Receive Huge Push?

As her man, the now former WWE United States champion Rusev, struggles in combat against John Cena, Lana is reportedly set to receive a big push from the company, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via LordsofPain). Lana, whose real name is Catherine Joy Perry is currently the on-screen manager for the former “Bulgarian Brute”… Read more »

Russia Warns U.S. Paratroopers’ Arrival In Ukraine Could Escalate Fighting

vladimir putin

Russia is warning the U.S. about the 300 paratroopers dropped into the Ukraine. The soldiers would reportedly be used to train Ukraine National Guard troops. Approximately 300 U.S. Army paratroopers arrived in Ukraine despite warnings from both Russia and pro-Russian rebels stating that such a move would escalate hostilities. The paratroopers were reportedly from the… Read more »

Edward Snowden To John Oliver: The NSA Is Monitoring Your ‘Junk’ Pics

Edward Snowden John Oliver

In a surprising turn of events during last night’s episode of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver revealed that he had taken a recent trip to Russia to interview government tattletale Edward Snowden. Oliver’s nearly 20-minute interview of Snowden discussed a variety of things, from what Snowden misses about the United States, including his… Read more »

Russian Railways Superhighway Would Create 12,910-Mile Road Trip

Russian Railways Superhighway planned

Ever wish you could pack up the kids in the station wagon and drive on over to London to see Big Ben? That may actually be a possibility if a Russian Railways superhighway ever gets built. But right now, critics are calling the grand, trillion-dollar plan a pipe dream. The brains behind this massive superhighway… Read more »

Watch Slow Loris Pole Dance Like Nobody’s Business

slow loris pole dancing

A slow loris, armed with a metal pole and fruit-print shorts, became Instagram famous overnight after it showed off its impressive pole dancing skills over the weekend. Russian Instagram personality Irina Goncharova trained her pet slow loris to hold on to a metal pole and swivel around whilst performing dancer moves like the spinner variation,… Read more »