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EMP Attack By North Korea Possible, Former CIA Director Says

north korea

EMP attack threats from North Korea should be taken very seriously, according to former CIA Director James Woolsey. The long-time foe of the United States will reportedly soon be capable of launching an electromagnetic pulse attack against America, if the former intelligence expert is correct. Pry is calling for the Obama administration and Congress to… Read more »

Russia Loses Control Of Gecko Sex Satellite

Russian scientists launched five geckos into orbit to study their mating habits in zero gravity, but have lost control of the satellite

A Russian satellite filled with geckos who were shot into space to have sex in zero gravity has gone rogue, as controllers on the ground have lost their ability to direct the wayward spacecraft. The reptilian satellite of love was launched this past Friday, July 18, Gizmodo reports, carrying a payload of five geckos, several… Read more »

‘History Will Not Forgive Us’: Ukraine Prime Minister Shames Parliament

The Ukraine Prime Minister quits and offers harsh words to parliament.

Ukraine has been suffering through terrifying difficulties for months. Now, the parliament is undergoing its first changes since pro-Russian President Vikto Yanukovich was removed from office in February. Early Thursday, two parties quit the government coalition which will force new elections to the parliament. Soon after, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk resigned, and he didn’t go… Read more »

New Russia Sanctions Expected After MH17 Crash, Say Economists

Russia Sanctions Expected

According to a survey of 29 economists conducted by Bloomberg, the United States will add to its existing sanctions on Russia in the wake of last week’s tragic shoot down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. “In the U.S. and Europe, the readiness to incur short-term economic costs and impose more punitive sanctions on Russia has… Read more »

John Kerry: Malaysia Airlines Jet Brought Down By Russian Missile

John Kerry Malaysia Airlines

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that a Russian missile brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, according to Reuters. Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, Kerry said that “it’s pretty clear that this is a [missile] system that was transferred from Russia.” He declined to say Russian President Vladimir Putin was “culpable”… Read more »

Kelly Ayotte Sees Russian Fingerprints On Downed Airliner

Kelly Ayotte thinks Russia is behind downed plane

Kelly Ayotte isn’t buying Russia’s claim that it wants to find the people responsible for downing a Malaysia Airlines jetliner as it flew over the Ukraine. In fact, the Republican Senator believes Russia is responsible for the plane being shot down in the first place. While Kelly Ayotte says she isn’t sure of the exact… Read more »

Low-Tech ‘OPSEC’: Germany And Russia Buying Typewriters To Avoid NSA Spying

germany typewriters

Germany and Russia are frantically seeking old-fashioned typewriters to embark on a low-tech OPSEC approach to communications to avoid NSA spying. Portions of the German government are going retro to avoid high-tech snooping by the United States government. The head of the German parliament’s NSA investigative committee stated during a news show segment earlier this… Read more »

Divers Discover WWI Era Russian Tsarist Submarine

The Akula vanished with all hands in 1915, taking 35 men to a watery grave

Wreckage on the bottom of the Baltic Sea has been identified by divers as one of Russia’s earliest submarines. The Akula (Russian for Shark) vanished during the First World War. Dispatched on a mission in 1915 with 35 sailors aboard, the submarine never returned to port, The Telegraph notes. One of the biggest ships in… Read more »

Step Aside Audi And Harley Davidson, Russia Has An Electric Submarine

Russia Submarine

The Russian navy has just inducted an all new electric submarine into their growing fleet of advanced war machines. This forewarns a new era of large undersea vehicles that can run on electrical power instead of nuclear, enhancing the submarine’s stealth capabilities The world seemed to have gotten a little greener when Harley Davidson, the… Read more »

Russian Tanks Enter Ukraine, Officials Claim

Russian Tank

CNN is reporting that the Ukrainian Interior Minister, Arsen Avakov, has issued a statement accusing the Russian government of ordering tanks to enter Ukraine through a border checkpoint controlled by pro-Russian separatists. According to CNN, Avakov’s statement described two columns of armored vehicles entering Ukraine and claimed that two tanks split off from the main… Read more »

USAF Intercepts Russian Bombers 50 Miles Off California Coast


USAF jets scrambled earlier this week when four Russian bombers triggered American air defense systems by coming within 50 miles of the Pacific coastline. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) confirmed Wednesday that United States air defenses were deployed twice on Monday in response to four Russian Tu-95 Bear H strategic bombers. The first… Read more »