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Milk Bust Coming? Farmers Pouring Milk Down The Drain

milk bust

Milk sales boomed and hit a record high in 2014, but now some agricultural experts are predicting a milk bust in 2015. Dairy farmers are pouring milk down the drain as milk prices plummet. Global overproduction of milk is largely being blamed for the anticipated milk bust. Dairy farmers are worried about losing their businesses… Read more »

Living In Russia Is Great, Says Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden speaks about life in Russia.

Speaking during an interview that he recently did for the PBS show NOVA, Edward Snowden wants critics to know that life in Russia is far from the depressing void that most Americans think that it is, and to spite personal attacks against him and Russian life, living in Russia does not actually turn you into… Read more »

Pharrell Williams Song ‘Happy’ Covered By Russia’s Red Army Choir

Red Army Choir cover Pharrell Williams Happy

The Independent is reporting this morning of a bizarre turn of events, with the Russian Red Army Choir posting a cover of the Pharrell Williams song “Happy” on video sharing site YouTube. The bizarre video of Williams “Happy,” uploaded to YouTube three days ago, shows the famous Russian choir in full decorated uniforms letting loose… Read more »

President Barack Obama On Vladimir Putin: Russian Leader ‘Not So Smart’

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin

President Barack Obama mentioned that his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, made a critical mistake when he decided to annex Crimea against the wishes of many Western leaders such as himself. In an interview with NPR, President Obama criticized the short-sightedness of some U.S. politicians. “You’ll recall that three or four months ago, everybody in Washington… Read more »

‘The Interview': Russia Backs North Korea, Says Film Is ‘Scandalous’

Sony Hacks

The hacking of Sony Studios, allegedly committed by North Korea in response to the impending release of Sony’s film The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, is being fully backed by Russia. The plot of The Interview involves the CIA asking Rogen and Franco’s characters to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un when they… Read more »

Sexy Russian Spy Ordered To Seduce Edward Snowden

Anna Chapman ordered to seduce Edward Snowden

Former intelligence agent Anna Chapman was ordered by Russian spy chiefs at the Kremlin to seduce defector Edward Snowden, as reported by the Daily Mail. The plan, according to ex-KGB agent Boris Karpichkov, was for Chapman, 32, to light a spark with Snowden, 32, in an effort to detain the United States “whistleblower” in order… Read more »