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Pandora Royalty Payments To Songwriters Will Not Change, Judge Rules

The Pandora royalty paid to songwriters by the popular streaming music service will not change, a federal judge ruled on Friday. Pandora wanted a lower rate.

The Pandora royalty paid to music publishers by the highly popular internet music streaming service will not go up — or down. So ruled a federal judge Friday, in a case that saw the interests of songwriters pitted against business priorities of a top venue for getting their songs to public ears. The federal case… Read more »

Pandora Sues ASCAP, Demands Lower Royalty Rates

The CEO of Pandora quits

Music streaming service Pandora has filed a lawsuit against music royalty clearinghouse ASCAP. The internet based music provider is asking that a court force ASCAP to charge lower fees through 2015. If it gets its way, Pandora will receive a blanket licensing fee that would cover all songs. Executives at Pandora claim that fees set… Read more »