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Angry Birds Epic Is Here, How Is It?

Angry Birds Title Screen

Angry Birds developer Rovio has released yet another installment in the popular smart phone game franchise. This time, Angry Birds fans will don helmets and swords in an “epic” Angry Birds RPG (role-playing game). Angry Birds Epic has been officially released for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. According to the official Angry Birds website, Angry… Read more »

New ‘Angry Birds’ Game Epic Soft Launch

New Angry Birds Game

A new Angry Birds game may have already launched in Australia, Canada and New Zealand with the most epic soft launch ever according to developer Rovio. With no fanfare, big social media push or in game ads as would befit a new Angry Birds game, a YouTube video has quietly appeared on the official RovioMobile… Read more »

Rovio Games Are The Most Addicting For Kids, Study Finds

Angry Birds and Addicting Rovio Games For Children

Does your child play hours of Angry Birds, Star Wars, Bad Piggies, or Angry Birds Seasons? If they do, they are not alone. A new study by the team at Kytephone has found that games developed by Rovio are among the most addictive for kid gamers. Kytephone is uniquely positioned to examine child gamers because… Read more »

New Angry Birds Soda Is Number One In Finland

Angry Birds Soda

The new Angry Birds soda is warming hearts all over Finland. The Fins are so beak over claws for the icy drink that it is outselling both Coke and Pepsi in the country. This high carbonated fact comes from the annual Slush conference taking place in Helsinki this week. Peter Vesterbacka, the CMO for Rovio,… Read more »

Bad Piggies Out Today For iOS, Already Nabs No. 1 Download Spot

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies, the newest game from Angry Birds creator Rovio, is now available for Apple iOS users, and the game has already nabbed the top spot on Apple’s download charts. The game was released simultaneously today for iOS and Android device, and it is already the most-downloaded paid app for both iPhone and iPad users…. Read more »

Mars Rover Curiosity To Appear In Angry Birds Game

Mars Rover appears in angry birds game

Rovio’s Angry Birds continues to be one of the most popular games on the market, and NASA’s Mars Rover has been a hot topic in its own right. Now the two are teaming up, and the well known NASA craft will make an appearance in an expansion of Angry Birds Space. The expansion is titled… Read more »

Angry Birds Franchise Tops One Billion Downloads


You probably don’t need anyone to tell you that the Angry Birds franchise is a monumental success–chances are, you know of at least one person who has played it at some point–but these numbers may still surprise you. Just a few days after Rovio reported an 800 million download count for the Angry Birds franchise,… Read more »