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Cockroaches With Mind-Control Headsets Moved With Precision By Their Masters – Tiny Biological Robot Army to Rise?

Cockroaches With Brain-Control Headsets Moved With Precision By Their Masters

Cockroaches fitted with brain-control devices are being steered with precision by their masters in China. These little biological robots could one day be useful in disaster management and rescue, in regions where it’s impossible for humans to venture. Engineering students in China have devised a brain-to-brain interface to control live cockroaches, transforming these critters into… Read more »

Meet Jibo, The World’s First Family Robot! [Video]

Jibo robot

A video showing Jibo, the world’s first family robot at work, has gone viral. And for good reason. The video shows Jibo, as the robot is called, interacting with family members, clicking group pictures, reminding people about things to do, and even telling bedtime stories to children. All the while acting like a real person…. Read more »

Robot Bees May Be The Future Thanks To The Harvard Robobee Project

Robot bees are being developed at Harvard University. Roboticists have long used insects, fish and small animals as ideal models for building small robots leading to innovations in areas including entomology, computing and electrical engineering. A colony of solar powered flying robot bees may be in our near future. According to the Wyss Institute, “The… Read more »