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Texas Secession Movement Catching On In 15 Other States

Lone Star State

The Texas secession movement has caught on in at least 15 other states, according to the Houston Chronicle. A group of folks in Vermont want to join Canada, and multiple states from South Carolina to Alaska are reportedly prepared to “go it alone” if their respective movements garner enough steam to be considered for a… Read more »

Gun Control Laws Prompt Firearms Companies To Relocate

Gun Control

Anti-gun lawmakers seem determined to chip away at the Second Amendment despite the loss of millions of dollars of important tax revenues and hundreds of jobs. As a result, several major firearms companies have made a rapid exit from Colorado and New York since the passage of new gun control laws. Less than a year… Read more »

‘Flea Market’ Abortions Replacing Clinics For Texas Women

Flea Market Abortions Becoming More Common For Texas Women

Women in Texas are turning to “flea market” abortions as state legislature moves toward one of the most expansive and restrictive abortion bans in the union. The new laws, which have already passed the Texas House, will see the closure of almost all women’s health clinics in the large southern state. Though clinics where abortions… Read more »

Rick Perry Won’t Run Again, May Seek White House In 2016

Failed Abortion Bill To Get A Second Chance After Order From Texas Governor Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry confirmed today that he will not seek re-election during a rally in San Antonio. Rick Perry is the longest serving governor of Texas, and his seat is up again for new contenders in 2014. Perry, who was one of several early White House hopefuls for the GOP, will leave office in… Read more »

Boy Scouts Delay Decision To Admit Gays

Boy Scouts delay decision to end gay ban

Irving, TX – The Boy Scouts of America delayed making a decision on whether to lift a ban on gay members and leaders, saying the issue would be raised at the national meeting in Grapevine, Texas in May. Deron Smith, director of public relations for the Boy Scouts, said in a statement: “After careful consideration… Read more »