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Red Wine Ingredient Doesn’t Help Obese Men, New Study

red wine ingredient didn't help obese men in new study

A red wine ingredient known as resveratrol didn’t work when obese men took it as a supplement in a controlled study performed in Denmark and published today in the April Diabetes. A group of 24 obese but otherwise healthy men received either a placebo or 1,500 milligrams of the resveratrol each day. Dr. Morten Moller… Read more »

Red Wine Ingredient Key To Living To Age 150?

red wine ingredient may be secret to a whole class of life extending drugs

A red wine ingredient could be the key to extending human life to the age of 150, according to a new paper published in Science today by a team headed by Australian researcher David Sinclair. After studying 117 drugs under development to fight the diseases of aging, they concluded that they all target a single… Read more »