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Barack Obama Fighting Two-Front War At Home

Barack Obama Fighting Two Front War

Barack Obama certainly isn’t wending his way towards the end of his Presidency quietly. Instead, Barack Obama is fighting a kind of war on two different fronts: a Republican Congress and a court system. The president is fighting the Republicans in regards to his attorney general nominee, Loretta Lynch. When it comes to the courts,… Read more »

Ben Carson On Israeli Gov’t: ‘Sounds Complex, Why Don’t They Just Adopt The System We Have?’

Ben Carson Israel

Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon-turned-political pundit who has not yet officially announced his expected candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, appeared puzzled by the Israeli governmental system, and unsure what role the Israeli parliament, known as the Knesset, plays in governing that country, according to an incident reported in a new magazine profile of… Read more »

Work On Weekends: GOP Bill Takes Away Right To Weekend Day Off In Wisconsin

Weekends work wisconsin

Should you be forced to work on weekends? Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin think so, and they have introduced legislation to strip workers in that state of their right to a single, 24-hour “rest period,” once every seven days. Amazingly, though most American workers take for granted their right to take weekends for themselves and their… Read more »

Why Ted Cruz Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Ted Cruz

Republican senator Ted Cruz recently announced his candidacy for the presidency in 2016. While this ambitious and dramatic mouthpiece for the far right does have a small pack of devoted followers, his ubiquitous poor reputation will almost certainly keep him from the White House, and probably even from the Republican nomination. The news story alone… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Unsecured Email Scandal – A Lot Of Hot Air Over Nothing?

Calls For Clinton To Hand Over Server In Private Email Scandal

Giving her first press conference in over two years, Hillary Clinton faced the cameras yesterday, denying any illegality in her actions concerning use of a private, unsecured email account for business purposes. Journalists are hungry for the truth, as is America, following Mrs Clinton’s refusal to hand over the server employed while using the email… Read more »

Presidential Candidate Scott Walker Hires Experts In Foreign Policy After “Punting” On Policy Questions

Scott Walker

Controversial Wisconsin Governor and possible 2016 Presidential candidate Scott Walker recently traveled to England to bolster the appearance that he understands foreign policy and global issues. However, once he got there, according to the Washington Post, Walker passed on several questions from the BBC about foreign policy and evolution, leading to a condemnation even from… Read more »

Donald Trump: The U.S. Is ‘Getting Laughed At By Everybody’

Donald Trump hints at a presidential run in 2016

The Inquisitr reported Saturday that Donald Trump is once again hinting that he may run for president, saying he could “do the job” in a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit – now he is saying he is really considering a presidential bid on 2016. In an interview with Fox News, Trump responded to doubts… Read more »

GOP Women Revolt Over Popular Abortion Bill

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers derails abortion bill at the last minute.

A popular but somewhat controversial abortion bill that was due to hit the House floor this week has been dropped, after a small number of GOP women revolted on Capitol Hill, sparking outrage from pro-life supporters and the Republican mainstream. A bill that would have addressed what many have termed as the “barbaric” practice of… Read more »