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Republican President Hopefuls Must Find New Voice

2016 Republican President Hopefuls

The 2016 Republican President hopefuls are a list of 10-11 names that many of us have heard before. Names like Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz all show the new blood of the Republican Party. However, the voice remains the same. At each candidate’s core remains similar beliefs including, smaller government, free market… Read more »

What Ted Cruz Said At CPAC Shocked Liberals Across America


Ted Cruz appears to never shy away from saying what is on his mind and remained true to form during his CPAC speech. The Senator took to the podium an announced that the United States should abolish the IRS. The Tea Party Republican feels that American should be able to file their taxes on the… Read more »

American Lawmakers Attack Violent Video Game Developers

American Lawmakers are trying to attack violent video games. This time, they're going after developers and publishers through voiding tax exemptions.

American lawmakers are at it again when it comes to violent video games. This time, they plan to attack the developers themselves through taxation. The Washington Examiner reported that the GOP tax plan singles out violent video game makers on the upcoming tax reform bill. How they do this is by removing the proposed research… Read more »

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Will Not Be Louisiana’s Next Senator

Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has his ticket punched to Washington D.C. — if he wants it. According to a poll released Tuesday, the Roberston family patriarch is the only Republican currently leading Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu in the race for the Unite States Senate seat up for grabs in Louisiana this November. The only… Read more »

CBO Says Relax Everyone, Obamacare Will Not Cost 2.5 Million Jobs

Obamacare not cost jobs

Last week, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office issued its analysis of Obamacare — the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act — finding that under the act, about 2.5 million workers would leave the workforce by 2024 as a result of the act’s provisions. Republicans immediately seized on the CBO finding, claiming the report proved that… Read more »

MSNBC Tweet Calling Republicans Racist Deleted After Online Backlash

republicans racist

MSNBC deleted a tweet calling Republicans racist just moments after it was published and an outpouring of backlash began. The controversial tweet from the news network referred to a biracial Cheerios boxcover photo which was just launched. The MSNBC tweet read: “Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable… Read more »

Duck Dynasty Star Sparks CNN Reporter Spat At State Of The Union

Willie Robertson's ownership claim over a G.I. Joe doll sets off paintball war on Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty star Willie “Boss Hog” Robertson showed up at the State of the Union 2014 speech Tuesday night, and had Republican congressmen falling over themselves like little girls at a One Direction concert to get their pictures taken with him. I stand with Duck Dynasty! Chatted with Willie Robertson today. @williebosshog — Rep…. Read more »

Republicans Think Poor People Don’t Work Hard Enough, Poll Says

Republicans say poor don't work hard

Most Republicans believe that if you are poor, it’s your own fault. Your poverty is the result of your own “lack of effort.” At the same time, most Republicans think that rich people got that way because they “worked harder than others.” Those results come from a new survey about income inequality conducted by the… Read more »

Food Stamps Slashed In New Farm Bill, But Less Than GOP Demanded


Food stamps took another hit today as negotiators from both parties in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives agreed on a long-delayed Farm Bill that cuts spending on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — but not nearly as much as Republicans wanted to slash the food aid to struggling workers and families, Bloomberg Businessweek… Read more »

Texas Secession Movement Catching On In 15 Other States

Lone Star State

The Texas secession movement has caught on in at least 15 other states, according to the Houston Chronicle. A group of folks in Vermont want to join Canada, and multiple states from South Carolina to Alaska are reportedly prepared to “go it alone” if their respective movements garner enough steam to be considered for a… Read more »

GOP Candidate Calls For Barack Obama To Be Hanged

Barack Obama attacker Joshua Black

President Barack Obama has been the target of all sorts of outrageous and bizarre verbal attacks from Republicans in his five years as the nation’s chief executive. Now, a GOP candidate for the House of Representatives has done them all one better. Joshua Black may be expecting a visit from the Secret Service soon. On… Read more »

Unemployment Benefits: Harry Reid Promises Vote This Week

Unemployment benefits extension

An unemployment benefits extension for the 1.3 million Americans who have been out of work for more than 26 weeks should come to a vote in the United States Senate this week if Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid has his way. Because Congress left for the holidays without bothering to pass an unemployment benefits extension,… Read more »

Evolution: Republicans Reject Theory 20 Percent More Than 2009


Evolution, among scientists, is a relatively non-controversial topic. While there are different schools of thought about how evolution happened, scientists largely agree that it did happen. The rest of the public, however, isn’t nearly as sure and a new poll from Pew Research Center finds that members of the Republican party really have their doubts…. Read more »

Unemployment Benefits Suddenly End, Job-Seekers Suffering

Unemployment benefits end

Unemployment benefits suddenly ended for 1.3 million American job-seekers today, thanks to the failure of congress to include a new extension of help to the long-term unemployed in the budget it passed just before going on Christmas vacation. The cutoff, pressed by congressional Republicans who believe, according to GOP Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, that… Read more »

Farm Bill Defeat Stuns House Republicans, Food Stamp Cuts Rejected

Farm Bill Defeated In House, Food Stamp Cuts Rejection Stuns Republicans

A farm bill‘s failure to pass in the US House of Representatives Thursday has stunned Republicans. The legislation was expected to pass without difficulty but additions to the bill, which included food stamp cuts, proved to split the Republican dominated House. The farm bill was intended as an important overhaul that would eliminate billions of… Read more »