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David Arquette Sober? Actor Falls Off The Wagon Again

David Arquette sober

Seeing David Arquette sober may be a thing of the past. The actor, who has struggled with addiction issues in the past, has admitted that he’s still drinking four months after the birth of his son. According to Radar Online, David Arquette says that his involvement in the nightclub scene as a business owner is… Read more »

Trace Adkins’ Wife Files For Divorce


Rhonda Adkins, wife of deep-voiced country music star and Celebrity Apprentice winner Trace Adkins, has filed for divorce after nearly 17 years of marriage. Rhonda Adkins filed the divorce paperwork in Tennessee, and cited the ever popular irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. According to the filing, the couple separated on Monday, March… Read more »

Is Chris Brown Coming Home Early from Rehab for Girlfriend Tran?

Chris Brown Music

Things are looking up for Chris Brown. He has a scheduled rehab release date of February 19, and after completing 90-days of anger management, it seems that Brown believes he is ready to get back to the basics by doing what he does best; focusing on music. In addition, it appears that he’s ready to… Read more »

Zac Efron’s Coke Addiction Forces Rehab Stint

Zac Efron Coke Addiction

Zac Efron has a cocaine problem, and that addiction led the A-List actor to check himself into rehab. Earlier reports suggested that Efron was suffered from alcohol abuse. TMZ’s sources claim that his coke problem is “huge” and spiraled out of control while he was filming Seth Rogen’s movie Neighbors.Neighbors was filmed over a short… Read more »

Oscar De La Hoya Enters Rehab To Battle Substance Abuse

Oscar De La Hoya Enters Rehab

Oscar De La Hoya has entered a rehab facility in order to fight substance abuse. In a statement released on Tuesday, De La Hoya said he was voluntarily admitting himself into an unnamed facility to deal with his addiction. In his public statement, De La Hoya writes: “Canelo Alvarez and I have big fights coming… Read more »

Lindsay Lohan Might Stay In Rehab Longer Than Expected

Lohan Rehab

Lindsay Lohan might stay in a rehab a little longer than she originally anticipated. The Mean Girls star was originally ordered to receive treatment for a total of 90 days. However, the folks at Cliffside Malibu believe the actress could require a little extra time at the facility if she truly wants to recover from… Read more »

Hospitals Should Require Drug And Alcohol Tests For Physicians

Require Drug And Alcohol Tests For Physicians

Although medical professionals are seen as models of health and wellness, they are not immune to substance abuse. Doctors are just as susceptible to alcohol, narcotic and sedative addiction as the general public. Statistics have shown at least one in 10 physicians will develop a problem with drugs or alcohol at some time during their… Read more »

Former LSU Star Tyrann Mathieu Enters Rehab Following Drug Policy Violation

Tyrann Mathieu Enters Rehab Following Drug Policy Violation At LSU

Former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu ‘Honey Badger’ was released from the team after testing positive for drugs. Now the 20-year-old cornerback and punt returner has checked himself into the Right Step recovery center where he is being counseled by former NBA player and recovering drug addict John Lucas. The rehab admittance was first report to… Read more »

Bobby Brown Enters Rehab…Again

Bobby Brown Enters Rehab Again

Singer Bobby Brown, ex-husband to the late Whitney Houston, has once again entered rehab. The singers newest stint in rehab was confirmed by his wife, Alicia Etheredge; the couple has been married for just short of two months. Speaking to Radar Online, Etheredge says “he’s doing great.” Brown has had a long addiction to alcohol… Read more »