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Uber Driver From Massachusetts Arrested, Accused Of Rape

Massachusetts rape by Uber driver

A Massachusetts-based Uber taxi driver has been arrested for sexually assaulting a woman, reports USA Today. Authorities have arrested a man identified as Alejandro Done, after a woman reported that she was sexually assaulted a woman. The 46-year-old man was arraigned at the Cambridge District Court on Wednesday following his arrest. According to Fox News,… Read more »

Bill Cosby’s Own University Shuns Him Due To Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby at Temple University

With rape accusations piling up against Bill Cosby, more and more people are cutting ties with the entertainer. First, NBC decided to drop the new Bill Cosby sitcom in the midst of rape allegations. Now, Cosby’s own alma matter has asked the comedian to step down from his position as honorary co-chair of the school’s… Read more »

Sheila Copps Shines Light On Sexual Assault Within Parliament

Sheila Copps shines a light on sexual abuse on Parliament Hill.

On November 10, Sheila Copps, a former Deputy Prime Minister in Canada, published an article for The Hill Times Online shining a light on sexual abuse within Parliament. In the wake of Jian Ghomeshi being fired from the CBC due to complaints of abuse and possible rape, Copps defended him. Now, she is recanting that… Read more »

Police Report Released In The Treon Harris Rape Investigation


The University of Florida Police Department has released their report in the rape investigation against Treon Harris. Early in October, University of Florida quarterback, Treon Harris, was named in a rape investigation by the University of Florida police after a female student came forward with details of an attack. Few details of the report were… Read more »

Josh Gordon: Why The NFL’s Drug Policy Is Stupid, Exhibit A

Football Marijuana

Yesterday, the NFL handed down a one-year suspension to Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon (see this Inquisitr article) for violating the league’s drug policy (for the third time, it should be noted). You heard that right: a one-year suspension. For smoking pot. Let’s be clear about something from the outset: I am in no… Read more »