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Steubenville Rape Lawyer Ignores Victim As Rapist Walks Free Early

Steubenville rape case lawyer Walter Madison

Steubenville rape convict Ma’lik Richmond, who at the age of 16 was “found delinquent” in the rape of 16-year-old girl in Steubenville, Ohio, is out of juvenile detention three months before his one-year sentence is up, WTOV News in Steubenville is reporting today. When the TV station learned that Richmond was walking free to resume… Read more »

Woman Raped By Other Woman

Woman Raped Allegedly By Other Woman

A woman raped in Little Rock has accused another woman of the attack, according to a recent report from According to the website, the accused, Elizabeth Navarro, was charged Saturday with third-degree battery and the rape of an unnamed female victim. Little Rock police said the 24-year-old called 911 after Navarro, 32, raped her… Read more »

Indian Rape PSA Explains To Women ‘It’s Your Fault’ [Video]

its your fault rape PSA

A new rape PSA out of India is pulling no punches with the rampantly rape-responsible female population of the country, explaining how the way females dress, their lack of or presence of male company, and other factors like chow mein and cellphones are driving the country’s rape problem. Citing studies that show that women are… Read more »

Accused Rapist Texts Apology To Victim’s Mother

Accused Rapist Text Asks For Leniency From Mother

An accused rapist texted his apologies to the 13-year-old victim’s mother on the same day of the alleged crime, according to a Wednesday report from the Kansas City Star. Codey J. Everhart, the 22-year-old Lee’s Summit man accused of the crime, sent the girl’s mother the following text message. (NOTE: Tons of misspellings and text-speak… Read more »

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Romanticizes Sexual Abuse, Study

Fifty Shades new study shows the book romanticizes sexual abuse.

Fifty Shades Of Grey, E.L.. James’ raunchy novel is not good for abused women, a study finds. In fact, it romanticizes what can be traumatic experiences. In one such case, Natalie Collins married early, at 17. At first, the man was charming, but she soon discovered a darker side to his personality, he became manipulative… Read more »

‘The Rape Joke’ Poem Goes Viral

The Rape Joke Goes Viral

“The Rape Joke” by Patricia Lockwood has gotten so much attention it just went viral. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Roman Polanski’s rape victim forgave him. Fears about rape is high among the elderly after the Alzheimer’s rape case. Currently living in Florida, Lockwood’s poems have appeared in Gulf Coast, Poetry, Agni, Denver Quarterly,… Read more »

Rape Comment Means End Of The Line For Another Republican

Rape Comment Spells Doom For Republican Celeste Greig

“Rape” and “Republican” have been two terms that have been mixed together with an uncomfortable frequency since the 2012 presidential election season. The first time came via Missouri Rep. Todd Akin, who blew a good chance at a US Senate seat when he “misspoke” about mixing the sex crime with pregnancy. In an August 2012… Read more »

Dozier School For Boys Mass Graves Investigated, Rape Survivor Speaks Out

Dozier School For Boys Mass Graves Investigated, Survivor Speaks Out

The Dozier School for Boys mass graves are being investigated, with Florida politicians pushing for answers. In addition, a Dozier survivor is speaking out for the first time. As previously reported by The Inquisitor, about 50 unmarked graves were found at the Arthur Dozier School for Boys, with around 80 boys who suffered from abuse… Read more »

International Women’s Day: Rape And Violence A Worldwide Problem

International Women's Day: Rape And Violence A Worldwide Problem

International Women’s Day was first commemorated when American women demanded the right to vote in the United States. Now, International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide, but the major problems of rape and violence against women still persist. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, President Obama recently signed an updated version of the Violence Against Women… Read more »

Megyn Kelly Panelist: Joe Salazar’s Rape Comments Were Disgusting [Video]

Megyn Kelly panelist blasts Joe Salazar

Colorado Democrat Joe Salazar has been blasted by a fellow liberal Democrat on Megyn Kelly’s FNC show for what she deemed his disgusting and shameful comments suggesting that a frightened women could misidentify someone as a possible attacker and shoot the wrong person. Salazar remarks came as the Colorado House of Representatives debated (and subsequently… Read more »