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Sodomy: Chris Jones Charges Shock University Of Louisville

chris jones univrsity of louisville

Sodomy and rape charges were filed against University of Louisville basketball star Chris Jones. The attack allegedly occurred just a few hours after he helped his team achieve victory in a hard-fought game against Miami. Chris Jones, along with two other men, allegedly committed rape and sodomy against one woman. On Thursday, the University of… Read more »

Teenage Girl Dies After Rapist Forces Her To Take Abortion Pills

forced abortion

A teenager in India has died after her rapist allegedly forced her to consume abortion pills. According to reports from the Times of India, a teenager from the Fatehpur district in northern India has died after her rapist, identified only as Monu, forced her to take abortion pills after discovering that she was pregnant. Monu,… Read more »

Treon Harris In Trouble With The Law, Again

Treon Harris pulled over for speeding, marijunna found in the car.

Florida Gators quarterback Treon Harris is facing charges again, after having another run in with campus police who are giving him a pass on the more serious charges. Last month, Harris was pulled over by University police late at night for speeding on campus when a strong odor of marijuana was pouring out of the… Read more »

Japanese Woman Raped Repeatedly For A Month In India, Five Arrested

Japanese woman raped in India

Police officials in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal have arrested five individuals after a 23-year-old Japanese student was raped repeatedly for nearly a month. According to BBC News, the woman was abducted on November 23 and was only able to escape in mid-December. The story of the brutal assault came to light after… Read more »

Lena Dunham’s Rapist Identified, But The Truth Is Making Conservatives Even Angrier

Lena Dunham rape

Maybe it’s Lena Dunham’s blissfully ignorant Girls character’s privilege or maybe it’s her outspoken feminist persona, but either way, Lena has managed to make herself one of the most controversial famous young women out there. Dunham’s recent book, Not That Kind Of Girl, has exacerbated this reputation, beginning with conservative media’s interpretation of a certain… Read more »

Uber Driver From Massachusetts Arrested, Accused Of Rape

Massachusetts rape by Uber driver

A Massachusetts-based Uber taxi driver has been arrested for sexually assaulting a woman, reports USA Today. Authorities have arrested a man identified as Alejandro Done, after a woman reported that she was sexually assaulted a woman. The 46-year-old man was arraigned at the Cambridge District Court on Wednesday following his arrest. According to Fox News,… Read more »

Bill Cosby’s Own University Shuns Him Due To Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby at Temple University

With rape accusations piling up against Bill Cosby, more and more people are cutting ties with the entertainer. First, NBC decided to drop the new Bill Cosby sitcom in the midst of rape allegations. Now, Cosby’s own alma matter has asked the comedian to step down from his position as honorary co-chair of the school’s… Read more »