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Cell Phones May Cause Cancer? Here Are A Few Facts To Consider

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Most of us are never really far from our cell phones – they’re usually in our pockets, palms or a convenient reachable distance. However, these nifty devices are said to emit radiation that may escalate our chance of getting cancer. Cell phones produce microwave radio-frequency radiation, which has the ability to penetrate our bodies. And… Read more »

Smart Grid Funding Dwindles As Energy Industry Reviews The Power Grid Project

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The Obama administration funding for a smart grid is winding down. Energy leaders are now assessing how the project has progressed. Opponents to the smart grid and smart meters remain vocal in their opposition to the project, citing privacy, national security, and health issues among the reasons for their views. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association… Read more »

Nuclear Butterflies Spotted In Japan After Fukushima Fallout


Over the last year, scientists in Japan have spotted several butterflies sporting “abnormalities.” These nuclear butterflies are believed to be a result of the radioactive fallout that occurred at the Fukushima nuclear plant last year. The study, published in Scientific Reports, reads: “We conclude that artificial radionuclides from the Fukushima (No. 1) nuclear power plant… Read more »