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Baby In A Tube: Bizarre Viral Photo Leaves Internet Dumbfounded

Baby In A Tube

A recent picture going viral on the Internet has many wondering, why is that baby squished in a tube? Turns out, the answer isn’t as strange as you might think. The Huffington Post reports that this photo posted to reddit actually shows a baby getting an X-ray. Nevertheless, the image left Internet users dumbfounded, confused,… Read more »

Godzilla: Hero Or Villain? It Depends On Who You Ask [Video]

Godzilla as portrayed in the 2014 adaptation from Warner Bros Pictures.

Technically, Godzilla is a classic antihero, but, if you ask Tokyo’s civic leaders, the gigantic lizard responsible for hundreds of thousands of fictional deaths in Japan and abroad couldn’t be more welcome on the streets of Japan. It seems the leaders have not only granted Godzilla citizenship, but a project has been completed to create… Read more »

NASA — New Photos Of Epic Solar Flare


NASA has released pictures and a video of the eruption of an epic solar flare. On Cinco de Mayo, the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory was watching the sun and caught epic images of the sun releasing a category X-2.7 solar flare. NASA classifies solar flares with a letter according to its size and strength. From… Read more »

Astronauts Bound For Mars Could Suffer Brain Damage From Cosmic Rays

By studying the effects of radiation on mice, researchers have concluded that asronauts may become cognitively impaired during their journey.

Astronauts traveling to Mars may face more dangers than previously realized, according to a new study which contends that long-term exposure to radiation from cosmic rays could result in brain damage among space explorers. Recent experiments on mice have shed light on the potential dangers that astronauts bound for Mars could face, the LA Times… Read more »

Cell Phones May Cause Cancer? Here Are A Few Facts To Consider

cell phone radiation

Most of us are never really far from our cell phones – they’re usually in our pockets, palms or a convenient reachable distance. However, these nifty devices are said to emit radiation that may escalate our chance of getting cancer. Cell phones produce microwave radio-frequency radiation, which has the ability to penetrate our bodies. And… Read more »

Smart Grid Funding Dwindles As Energy Industry Reviews The Power Grid Project

first aid tips

The Obama administration funding for a smart grid is winding down. Energy leaders are now assessing how the project has progressed. Opponents to the smart grid and smart meters remain vocal in their opposition to the project, citing privacy, national security, and health issues among the reasons for their views. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association… Read more »

Nuclear Butterflies Spotted In Japan After Fukushima Fallout


Over the last year, scientists in Japan have spotted several butterflies sporting “abnormalities.” These nuclear butterflies are believed to be a result of the radioactive fallout that occurred at the Fukushima nuclear plant last year. The study, published in Scientific Reports, reads: “We conclude that artificial radionuclides from the Fukushima (No. 1) nuclear power plant… Read more »