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Fox News Sounds Off On Arizona State University For Controversial ‘Problem Of Whiteness’ Class [Video]

Fox News problem of whiteness

Arizona State University has sparked quite a debate with one of its new English classes being offered this semester. The controversial class titled, “Eng. 401 ‘Studies in American Literature/Culture: U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness,’” reportedly touches on the “problem of whiteness” in America. Although the class syllabus is currently unavailable online, it… Read more »

‘Problem With Whiteness’ Class Offered At Arizona State University

arizona state university problem with whiteness

“Problem with Whiteness” is now a course offered by the Arizona State University. The college course is offered through the university’s English department this semester. The class will reportedly explore “critical race theory” and the problem of whiteness in American culture and literature. The Problem with Whiteness course at the Arizona State University began on… Read more »

Michelle Obama: Ask Her For ‘Help’ And You’re Branded A Racist

Michelle Obama Racism

Was Michelle Obama really the victim of racism during her trip to Target? In extracts from an exclusive interview recorded by People magazine, Michelle Obama speaks candidly about racial stereotyping and the Obamas fears for their daughters. During the interview, the first lady described how she was the victim of subtle racism during a trip… Read more »

Obama Fears Sasha, Malia, And His Future Grandsons Will Be Racism Victims

president obama

President Obama is worried about Sasha and Malia, as well as his future grandsons, becoming victims of racism and “constant bias.” During an interview with BET, Barack Obama said he fears that his children and grandchildren will be made to feel that America “is not their home.” The president discussed the state of race relations… Read more »

Chris Rock Calls Out Hollywood: Why Is ‘Liberal’ Town Full Of Racists?

Chris Rock Calls Out Hollywood

Comedic actor Chris Rock wrote a highly controversial essay for the Hollywood Reporter about what he considers the long-standing racism within the entertainment industry and city itself. Rock discussed his early experiences in Hollywood, which came courtesy of Eddie Murphy. “I was probably 19 when I first came to Hollywood. Eddie Murphy brought me out… Read more »