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Ferguson Kids Make ‘Hey White People’ Video To Discuss Racism In 2014

ferguson racism

Kids from Ferguson have made a “Hey White People” video in conjunction with a “for-profit T-shirt company with an activist heart” to address the issue of racism in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting by police officer Darren Wilson. Although claims of a racially motivated shooting abounded during the Ferguson riots, as of yet,… Read more »

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Not Racist

kareem defends levenson

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar insists that Atlanta Hawks controlling owner Bruce Levenson isn’t a racist. As detailed in a previous story in The Inquisitr, Levenson has announced that he will be selling off his stake in the NBA franchise following the self-reported revelation of a racist email he sent regarding Hawks fans in 2012. Levenson… Read more »

San Diego Chargers Broadcaster Suspended For Anti-Semitic Remark


San Diego Chargers radio analyst Hank Bauer was suspended for one game for an anti-Semitic “joke.” At the end of the broadcast of the pre-season game between the Chargers and the San Francisco 49ers, Bauer made an idiotic comment that stereotyped Jews for being cheap. The Chargers subsequently pulled him off the next game’s broadcast…. Read more »

Seminary Professor Calls Barack Obama A ‘Brown-Faced Clinton’

Are Liberals throwing Barack Obama under the bus?

Barack Obama is accused of a good many things, sometimes fairly, sometimes not so fairly. It may come as a shock — especially to anyone who would consider themselves right wing or even moderate in their politics — that someone is criticizing Barack Obama because he’s too conservative. However, that’s exactly what one seminary professor… Read more »

Are Public School Uniform Policies Discriminatory And Racist, Some North Carolina Parents Think So

School uniform controversy

Parents in Guilford County, North Carolina, are taking a stand against school uniform policies, stating the program is discriminatory. They said requiring uniforms is a discriminatory practice allowed primarily at schools with large populations of minority students from low-income families. In Guildford County, each individual school is responsible for determining a school’s dress code. According… Read more »

Texas Principal Fired Over Wanting English Spoken In Classrooms Speaks Out


The Texas principal fired after stating she wanted English spoken in the classroom is now sharing her side of the story. Amy Lacey was the principal of Hempstead Middle School until she made national news headlines earlier this year after instructing students not to speak Spanish in the classroom. The Hempstead Independent School Board placed… Read more »

Kelvyn Park Needs ‘White People’ So Chicago Can Take Care Of It


When someone goes to any park recognized by the city or state, there usually is a list of rules, regulations, and allowances patrons are allowed to do while visiting. However, a controversial “addition” has been added to a sign in one of Chicago’s parks. What is this controversial addition that was penned in? Apparently, in… Read more »

Barack Obama: Black People Need To Be ‘Acting White’ [Video]

Barack Obama Black People Need To Be 'Acting White' [Video]

President Barack Obama may have opened a can of worms when he waded into the deep waters of racism and racial stereotypes when he recently claimed there was an “element of truth” to the notion that black people should be “acting white” in regards to their speech patterns, clothing preferences, and other behaviors. In a… Read more »

Saggy Pants Now Illegal By Florida Ordinance

saggy pants crime ocala

You may find saggy pants to be a sartorial offense, but should they be a real crime? In at least one Florida jurisdiction, a new ordinance will allow for official redress of lower waistlines, local news sources report. The saggy pants ban in Ocala isn’t just an idle threat. In fact, some very real consequences… Read more »

Obama Parade Float Under Investigation By The DOJ

obama parade float

An Obama parade float is under investigation by the Department of Justice. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Nebraska 4th of July parade float poked fun at President Barack Obama. Eric Holder sent members of the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service team to question the creators of the Norfolk Independence Day float. The Obama… Read more »

Confederate Flag License Plate Legal Battle Rages On

sons of confederate veterans

The Confederate Flag license plate legal battle continues to rage on. A federal appeals court has reviewed the lawsuit filed against government officials who rejected a petition for a customized Texas license plate emblazoned with the Confederate Flag. The Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans filed a lawsuit over the Confederate Flag license… Read more »