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WWE News: JTG Talks Racism In WWE, Triple H’s Ego, And More

WWE News: JTG Talks Racism In WWE, Triple H's Ego And More

After being on WWE payroll for several years, former WWE superstar JTG was released from the organization last year. At the time of his release, the Brooklyn, New York, native had been on the roster for nearly eight years. And now, as he continues his career on the independent circuit, JTG isn’t short on words… Read more »

Natalie Portman Speaks Out Against Israeli Prime Minister

Natalie Portman attends the after party for the screening of 'Thor: The Dark World' hosted by The Cinema Society and Dior Beauty at The Marlton

Born to a Jewish family in Jerusalem, Israel, it’s understandable why Natalie Portman takes such a strong interest and such a strong position in foreign politics, particularly where issues involve racism and anti-semitism. In a recent interview, Natalie spoke out against the reelection of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, though Ms. Portman did temper her… Read more »

Abercrombie & Fitch Racism Claims Revolve Around Use Of Black Models

Abercrombie and fitch models

Abercrombie & Fitch engages in racism tactics when is comes to the hiring and use of “sale clerks or models,” one unnamed employee claims. The young woman is reportedly a part-time sales clerk at one of the popular brand’s flagship stores. The Abercrombie & Fitch staffer also maintains that she has been subjected to sexual… Read more »

‘Cosmopolitan’ Addresses Racism On Twitter With A ‘Note’

Cosmopolitan's Racists Editorial Has Twitter In A Frenzy II

Cosmopolitan has responded to the racist allegations. However, it did not happen the way people thought it should. An editorial note was given. This morning has been busy with the onslaught on Cosmopolitan via Twitter. Generally, companies that are concerned with public relations will offer an apology of some sort after making a public mistake…. Read more »

‘Cosmopolitan’s Racist Twitter Backlash Brews

Cosmopolitan's Racists Editorial Has Twitter In A Frenzy

Cosmopolitan finds itself in a bit of a pickle via Twitter. The magazine’s “R.I.P.” feature in one of the latest posts received a lot of social backlash. In this Cosmopolitan feature, the idea was to give a comparison of how and how not to contour makeup, mostly. That was the “idea.” However, Twitter followers didn’t… Read more »