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Donald Rumsfeld Compares Barack Obama To ‘Trained Ape’

Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld, the Bush Administration defense secretary and architect of the disastrous $2 trillion Iraq War which killed almost 4,500 American soldiers and wounded about 28,000 more, lashed out at President Barack Obama’s handling of U.S. foreign policy with regard to Afghanistan in a Fox News appearance Monday, comparing Obama’s performance to that of “a… Read more »

Racist ‘White Man March’ Happened, Nobody Cares

White Man March Featured

Yesterday, March 15, 2014, was a very important day for white supremacists. For over the course of the week, they planned to hold a worldwide “White Man March”. It happened, but there was one unfortunate detail they did not expect: nobody cares! According to Yahoo News, Kyle Hunt organized a worldwide march in support of… Read more »

Paul Ryan Blasted For Racially Charged Attack On ‘Inner City’ Men

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan, the 2012 Republican vice-presidential candidate who remains a congressman from Wisconsin, went on a conservative radio program Wednesday morning to launch an attack on the work ethic and “culture” of what he called “inner city” men. He was immediately hit with criticism charging that his comments were intended as as a derogatory stereotype… Read more »

Hoodie Policy At Indiana Mall Sparks Controversy And Racism Claims

mounds mall hoodie policy

A no hoodie sign hanging at the entrance of an Indian mall has sparked controversy and claims of racism by some shoppers and local citizens. The Anderson retail complex new hoodie policy says, “For the safety & well-being of everyone, please lower your hoodie.” The Mounds Mall no hoodie policy is being applauded by some,… Read more »

Man Sues McDonald’s For $1.5 Million Over Napkin


A California man is the newest enemy to McDonald’s. He is suing the large fast-food restaurant chain for $1.5 million dollars, over one napkin! Webster Lucas claims he was stiffed on napkins when he came in for a quarter pounder deluxe. When he found out he had only one napkin, he went back to the… Read more »

Agenda 21 Bill Proposed In Kentucky State Senate To Thwart UN Control

UN Agenda 21

An Agenda 21 bill will soon be heard by the full Kentucky State Senate. The bill is designed to thwart United Nations environmental regulations in the state. The Agenda 21 United Nations program is a voluntary, non-binding action plan which is allegedly focused solely on sustainable development. Adopted by 178 countries in 1992, the plan… Read more »

MSNBC Tweet Calling Republicans Racist Deleted After Online Backlash

republicans racist

MSNBC deleted a tweet calling Republicans racist just moments after it was published and an outpouring of backlash began. The controversial tweet from the news network referred to a biracial Cheerios boxcover photo which was just launched. The MSNBC tweet read: “Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable… Read more »

Arizona State Fraternity: ‘It Was Just A Raucous, Racist Rally’

Arizona State fraternity

An Arizona State fraternity is under investigation after being accused of hosting a racist party coinciding with Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter even wore racist costumes, poking fun at African-Americans. Officials from the University met yesterday with fraternity reps regarding the party. Sharon Keeler, a spokesperson from the ASU said:… Read more »

On MLK Holiday This Super-Rich Fashionista Sat On A Black Woman

MLK Holiday fashion editor sits on black woman

On the MLK holiday Monday, commemorating the birthday of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., the girlfriend of Russian multi-billionaire Roman Abramovich was pictured on a fashion web site seated on a chair designed to look like a lifelike, half-nude black woman. Dasha Zhukova, 32, is the longtime domestic partner of the 47-year… Read more »

Toddler Thug Video Posted By Police Union Causes Outrage [Watch]

toddler thug cycle video omaha police officer association union

The Omaha Police Officer Association posted a video to their website this week that is causing outrage around the country. In an attempt to show “the cycle of violence and thuggery” that young children being raised by gang members and “thugs” are trapped in, the OPOA shared a video they had received from a concerned… Read more »

Scott Nusbaum: Blackface Halloween Costume Called Racist

scott nusbaum blackface

Scott Nusbaum’s blackface costume for Halloween has the Ohio judge apologizing. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, another Judge’s sentence was questioned after he stated an Iraq vet was a “threat to society“. The usage of blackface in a Travyon Martin Halloween costume had many claiming the makeup needs to be permanently retired. Other famous… Read more »

Home Depot Apology And Firing After Racist Tweet

Home Depot ends part-time health coverage

An unequivocal apology has been issued by Home Depot following a racist Tweet sent from its own official Twitter account.The Tweet depicted a man in a gorilla mask alongside two African-Americans. The picture was of two African-American drummers and a person in a gorilla mask standing between them. The offensive caption accompanying the strange picture… Read more »

Invisible Man Ban Lifted In North Carolina Schools

invisible man ban lifted in north carolina

The Invisible Man ban was lifted in North Carolina schools yesterday evening, after a six to one vote by the Randolph County School board. As reported by The Inquisitr, North Carolina was set to reconsider their Invisible Man ban after facing national criticism over the decision to ban the book. The Invisible Man was written… Read more »