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The Rage About Engagement Rings

engagement rings

An engagement ring is a lifetime investment, so you want to be sure you are making the best possible purchase. The top two questions a man has in his mind when searching for the perfect engagement ring for his lady is how much should he spend and what style of ring should he buy? It… Read more »

Gracie Gold Says “Yes” To Prom Date [VIDEO]

Gracie Gold said "yes" to Dyer Pettijohn's proposal to take her to his prom.

Olympic skater, Gracie Gold, has made the dreams of Dyer Pettijohn come true by saying “yes” to being his date at his prom. The events that led to this amazing moment is quite a story by itself. Pettijohn first directed a very clever Youtube video asking Gracie to his prom. It had many entertaining lines… Read more »