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Obama On Voter Fraud – Blame The Republicans


President Obama had some sharp accusations against the GOP friday while making a speech at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference, naming the Republicans as the reason for the voter fraud problems. As crowds cheered before him, Obama boldly told the nation that the problem with voter fraud isn’t actual fraud, but vile politicians attempting… Read more »

Russian Officials Take To Twitter To Mock ‘Comrade Obama’ Sanctions

comrade obama

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin took to Twitter to mock President Barack Obama and the sanctions he levied against the former USSR yesterday. Rogozin called the president, “Comrade Obama” and basically stated the sanctions designed to be repercussions for ongoing actions in Crimea, will have no negative impact at all. Shortly after President Obama announced… Read more »

Obama Signing Overtime Executive Order For Salaried Workers

obama executive order

President Barack Obama is reportedly set to sign an executive ordering overtime pay for millions of American workers employed on a salary. A senior Obama administration official confirmed the Thursday overtime expansion signing ceremony with Fox News earlier this morning. The president is once again using the power of his pen to alter existing law… Read more »

Health Insurance Deadline Extension Not Likely, Obama Targets Latinos

health insurance deadline extension not likely obama latinos

The health insurance deadline is quickly approaching on March 31st and the Obama administration is trying to avoid having to offer an extension. President Obama hit the road on Thursday to raise awareness about the health insurance deadline among the Latino population. Many are questioning if the move to target Latinos is a desperate move… Read more »

What Ted Cruz Said At CPAC Shocked Liberals Across America


Ted Cruz appears to never shy away from saying what is on his mind and remained true to form during his CPAC speech. The Senator took to the podium an announced that the United States should abolish the IRS. The Tea Party Republican feels that American should be able to file their taxes on the… Read more »

Russia Recalling Ambassador To The United States Over Obama’s Ukraine Comments

vladimir putin

Russia is considering recalling Moscow’s Ambassador to the United States. President Vladimir Putin is reportedly being advised by Russian Senators to recall their diplomat due to President Barack Obama’s “aggressive” comments about the evolving situation in the Ukraine. The Federation Council, the upper house of the Russian parliament, has reportedly ordered an international affairs committee… Read more »

President Obama Holds Press Conference On Russian Military Movments In Ukraine

president obama press conference

President Barack Obama held a very brief press conference about Russian military movements in the Ukraine. The president read a short statement without an expression of emotion and left the podium without answering any questions posed by shouting reporters. Obama said that the “Ukriane has the right to determine their own future,” during the Ukraine… Read more »

Barack Obama: US ‘Moving Forward’ With Afghanistan Drawdown

Barack Obama says the US is continuing with Afghanistan withdrawal

Barack Obama made it clear to Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai on Tuesday that unless the two countries could arrive on a “bilateral security agreement,” US forces would move forward with plans for a draw down. The departure of American troops will continue throughout 2014 and the White House claims the end goal is to have… Read more »

Minimum Wage To Jump To $10 An Hour Sooner Than Expected?

Minimum Wage Increase

It’s obvious that money makes the world go ’round. The issue with that is, business today are trying to save money more and more. That means, they pay the workers as little as they can. Over time, businesses move up prices which allows others to raise prices. So even a discount is a raised item… Read more »

‘True Detective’ Continues To Earn Critical Praise

True Detective Critical Praise

True Detective, the new HBO serialized drama, is only halfway through its first season, but is already considered one of the best shows on television. Everyone seems to be on board with this sentiment, including President Obama, who has revealed he is a big fan of the show. True Detective tells the story of two… Read more »

Less Government Is Good For The Economoy [Poll]

state of the union

The majority of Americans believe that less government is good for the economy, according to a new Rasmussen poll. The survey asked respondents how they felt about government involvement in the economy and income inequality. The results may not be music to the ears of President Barack Obama’s speech writers who are busy putting the… Read more »

Student Loans: Senator Says Debt Is Crippling Young People


Student loans. For many Americans, they are a way of life. On the one hand, they’re a ticket to a better future, offering the hope of more satisfying – and often more lucrative – career options open to college graduates. On the other hand, Americans often spend many of their productive years scrimping to pay… Read more »

Bill Of Rights: Mark Dice Third Amendment Video Goes Viral

Bill of Rights viral video

A new viral video by Mark Dice illustrates how quickly some California residents are to give up their Third Amendment rights. The Bill of Rights says, “No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be… Read more »

Dinesh D’Souza Releases Trailer For New Film – ‘America’

patriotism movie

Dinesh D’Souza just released the trailer for America, a film about “true patriotism.” The controversial producer quotes political theorist Edmund Burke’s classic definition of patriotism in the movie. Burke felt that loving your country should be focus not because the nation is yours, but because it is good. D’Souza’s America revolves around the premise that… Read more »

Dianne Feinstein Says Americans Indifferent Over Bill Of Rights Destruction

dianne feinstein

Dianne Feinstein feels that Americans have become indifferent over the destruction of the Bill of Rights and actions which some consider infringements upon the Fourth Amendment. The California Democrat is the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. During a recent interview, Senator Feinstein also stated that in spite of President Barack Obama’s comments about NSA… Read more »

NSA Poll Shows Americans Really Don’t Care About Being Watched

NSA poll

A new NSA poll revealed that most Americans really don’t seem to care they’re being watched. In a related report from The Inquisitr, the last NSA related poll showed that many have changed their view of whistleblower Edward Snowden. Those that do care, are usually opposed to being listened to by the government, and President… Read more »

EPA Climate Change Rule Showdown Coming In US Senate

mitch mcconnell

EPA climate change regulations proposed as a part of President Barack Obama’s climate change plans will soon be the focus of a vote on the Senate floor. Republican Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is pushing for Democrats in “vulnerable states” to take a sand publicly on the controversial global warming guidelines ahead of midterms elections. Approximately… Read more »

Obama On Pot: ‘ I Don’t Think It’s More Dangerous Than Alcohol’

Obama on pot: 'i don't think it's any more dangerous than alcohol"

President Barack Obama is sharing his thoughts on pot, saying he doesn’t think marijuana is necessarily more dangerous than alcohol “in terms of its impact on the individual consumer.” Obama acknowledged — once again — his experience smoking pot as a youngster during an interview with The New Yorker: “As has been well documented, I… Read more »

Fall Of Fallujah, ‘A Tough Pill To Swallow’ For US Veterans


The fall of Fallujah, the city the US fought so hard to free, has been a tough thing to witness for veterans and family members of those killed. The soldiers that risked their lives fighting for the Anbar province strategic city are questioning what they were fighting for nearly 10 years ago, in 2004. The… Read more »

‘Game Of Thrones,’ ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Among Obama’s Favorite Shows

President Obama TV Shows

Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire are among President Obama’s favorite shows. The President of the United States of America spends a lot of time watching HBO original programming. Two of the cable network’s most popular endeavors were counted among Mr. Obama’s favorite choices this year. However, apparently oversexed vampires aren’t the President’s cup of… Read more »

SNL Mocks Obama ‘Selfie’, Fake Interpreter At Mandela Memorial

SNL mocks Obama 'selfie', Fake Interpreter At Mandela memorial

Saturday Night Live went to the unusual step of mocking President’s Obama recent trip to South Africa, which made more headlines for his “selfie” and the fake sign language interpreter than his speech. NBC’s long-running late night show has been supportive of the President, although it has poked fun at the Obamacare woes. Unfortunately for… Read more »

Obama Heckler Cleared By White House Interrupts President’s Speech

Obama heckler interrupts President's immigration speech

An Obama heckler who was supposedly cleared by the White House as part of the group appearing in the background (which normally includes supporters) interrupted the President mid-speech. The unusual situation is making headlines on cable TV news shows and the internet. Footage shows a young man boldly speaking about his personal situation during Obama’s… Read more »

Climate Change Executive Order May Impact Construction Industry

global warming

The climate change executive order recently signed by President Barack Obama created a task force which will have the power to influence the construction industry and home building regulations in America.The task force created when President Obama signed the global warming order could eventually have control over where, when and how you build or add… Read more »

Miley Cyrus, President Obama Make GQ’s Least Influential 2013 List

Miley Cyrus GQ Magazine

Miley Cyrus, Paula Deen, and the President of the United States are among the famous faces who made GQ’s 2013 Least Influential list. Although the aforementioned celebrities graced this year’s collection of people who have lost their hold on the general public, they weren’t the worst offenders. According to The Associated Press, former basketball star… Read more »