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President Obama ‘Doomsday’ Scenario Warning Doesn’t Involve Ebola

president obama doomsday

President Barack Obama warned a fundraiser full of wealthy Democrats about a looming doomsday scenario. The potential disaster has nothing to do with an Ebola pandemic, as the president assured the donors that the deadly virus would not spread in America — several days before it actually did. In fact, a Dallas nurse was diagnosed… Read more »

‘Live Free Or Die’ Sneak Preview Of New NatGeo Series

Live Free Or Die NatGeo

Live Free Or Die, a new NatGeo series, takes viewers far beyond the sidewalks of typical daily life. The series focuses on “re-wilding” the human race and getting back to basics – the very basics of life. The new National Geographic series debuts on September 30 at 10 p.m. with the first episode entitled, “Rise… Read more »

Summer Camp For Grown Ups: Survival Expert Rick Austin Hosts Prepper Camp

prepper expos

Best selling author and off the grid living expert Rick Austin and a dedicated group of preppers have been busy “herding cats” for several months in order to pull off perhaps the most hands-on self-reliance event ever hosted in the United States. Prepper Camp™ will be held the picturesque North Carolina hills and could easily… Read more »

‘Doomsday Preppers’ Season Premiere Sneak Peek

doomsday preppers season premiere

Doomsday Preppers Season 4 returns on Thursday night. The new season of the hit NatGeo preparedness series will feature a “Back to Basics” theme. National Geographic has urged the nation to tune in to watch “everyday Americans as they bug out, bunker down, and prepare for the worst.” Season 4 Doomsday Preppers will also dig… Read more »

‘Doomsday Preppers’ Star Jay Blevins Hosts Prepper Convention [Interview]

doomsday preppers

Doomsday Preppers star Jay Blevins was inspired to educate others after his appearance on the National Geographic hit show. Blevins is once again playing host a prepper expo rooted in self-reliance training and informational presentations. Blevins is a former DC area Deputy Sheriff and SWAT officer, current author, business consultant, speaker, prepper, father, husband, and… Read more »

Prepper Martin Winters Surrenders, FBI Manhunt Over

prepper surrenders to police

Martin Winters, a Florida prepper remained at large near the town of Valrico for three days before surrendering. The River Otter Preppers leader became the subject of a massive FBI manhunt after the agency received a tip about homemade bombs and sent an undercover agent to infiltrate the group. Martin Winters and the River Otter… Read more »

Prepper Manhunt In Florida: FBI Says Suspect Making Homemade Bombs

prepper manhunt

A Florida prepper is the subject of a manhunt after the FBI received a tip that he could be crafting homemade bombs on his property. Valrico prepper Martin Winters is a member of the River Otter Preppers group. The federal gun investigation turned into a statewide manhunt on Monday when FBI agents attempted to arrest… Read more »

Off Grid Living Expert Robert Henry Shares Self-Reliance Tips

robert henry survival

A growing portion of Americans are opting to go off the grid and live a more self-reliant lifestyle. Some of the folks who chose a more simplistic existence did so out for environmental reasons, others relocated because they are “preppers” concerned about economic and political issues. Renowned survivalist Robert Henry has a plethora of preparedness… Read more »

‘Doomsday Preppers’ Star Arrested: Prepper Marauder Tyler Smith

prepping marauder arrested

Doomsday Preppers star Tyler Smith was arrested for to his actions on the hit National Geographic series. Smith, 26, was the focus of a very controversial episode of the series, which depicted survival marauders. Facebook and other social media outlets went wild with heated debate after the prepper told the world that he and other… Read more »

‘MAGS’ Author Charley Hogwood Discusses New Preparedness Book [Interview]

prepping groups

Mutual assistance groups and community preparedness are topics of great concern for accomplished military veteran and disaster readiness expert Charley Hogwood, the owner and chief instructor of P.R.E.P. – Personal Readiness Education Programs. He recently sat down with The Inquisitr to discuss the benefits of mutual assistance groups, the emotional aspects of preparedness, and his… Read more »

NatWest Cyber Attack Causes Alarm For Customers And Insurance Industry

cyber warfare

NatWest was hit by a cyber attack that left customers unable to garner access to their online bank accounts. The United Kingdom bank was reportedly the target of a distributed denial of servie (DOS) attack, according to the Mirror. A statement released by the bank maintains that the cyber warfare posed “no risk” to its… Read more »

Sustainable Gardening: Interview With Author Rick Austin

sustainable gardening

Gardening in winter, especially in a sustainable manner can be quite difficult. Bestselling garden design author Rick Austin recently sat down with The Inquisitr to discuss the process and to share some details about his new book, The Secret Greenhouse Of Survival: How to Build the Ultimate Homestead & Prepper Greenhouse. Austin’s latest sustainable gardening… Read more »

‘Doomsday Preppers’ Season 3 Sneak Preview

NatGeo Doomsday Preppers

Doomsday Preppers Season 3 premieres on October 27. The NatGeo original movie, American Blackout premieres the same evening. This season of Doomsday Preppers is focusing more on “builds” and the “How To” aspect of preparedness than ever before. The “Take Back Our Country” season premiere episode features two intelligent and well-trained prepper guys and their… Read more »

‘Lights Out Saga’ Faces Funding Hurdles Over Gun Company Sponsorship

Lights Out Saga

Lights Out is an independent film series based on the popular book by the same title. Executive producer Travis Fox and author David Crawford attempted to utilize popular crowd funding websites to help make their creative collaborative a reality, but faced obstacles at every step because gun companies and tactical gear manufacturers were among their… Read more »