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Donald Trump Leads In Latest CNN Poll

Donald Trump has pulled ahead of Jeb Bush in a new poll by CNN/ORC.

Donald Trump has pulled ahead in a new poll by CNN/ORC, with the tycoon garnering 3 percent more support from Republicans than his nearest rival, Jeb Bush. Since the results of another CNN/ORC poll were published on July 1, his support amongst Republicans has risen by 6 percent to 18 percent. Meanwhile, support for Bush… Read more »

American’s Dissatisfaction With Government Nearing Historic Levels

A new poll shows that Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with their government

American’s dissatisfaction with their government is nearing historic levels, according to a wide-ranging new study reported in The Huffington Post. While the country is sharply divided over a host of issues, its citizenry is united in a belief that the system doesn’t work towards their interests. The poll, conducted by EMC Research and spearheaded by… Read more »

Sen. Bill Nelson Leads Challenger Connie Mack by 8 Points, New Poll Reveals

bill nelson connie mack florida

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) is pulling ahead of Republican challenger Connie Mack in Florida, a Quinnipiac University poll released today indicates. Along with President Barack Obama, Nelson has seen significant gains among Floridian voters- in January, he led Mack 41-40, a lead that has since increased to 44-36. A local news site says that Mack… Read more »