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San Francisco Cops Sending Racist Texts Could Go Unpunished

San Francisco cops who sent racist text messages could go free

When a San Francisco police bureau decided to protect its officers and delay in reporting their racist text messages to officials they could have been laying the groundwork to shield them from discipline. The delay in punishing the officers means the one-year deadline for disciplining the 14 officers involved in texting racist and homophobic messages… Read more »

San Francisco Drug Task Force Only Arresting Black People

San Francisco Drug Task Force Only Arresting Black People

San Francisco police and the Drug Enforcement Agency are on a mission to rid city streets of drug dealers; the only problem is, they’ve only arrested black people. During a joint mission dubbed “Operation Safe Schools” designed to crack down on drug dealing near elementary schools, 37 suspects were arrested, all of them black, according… Read more »

Claudia Lawrence Still Missing, Suspect Arrested For Murder

Claudia Lawrence Suspect Arrested

Claudia Lawrence has been missing for more than six years. However, police have arrested a 50-year-old man on suspicion of murdering the young woman. Miss Lawrence’s father, Peter Lawrence, reported his 35-year-old daughter missing on March 19, 2009. Claudia was last seen leaving her work as a chef the day before, but when she didn’t… Read more »

Sheriffs Arrest Man, 73: Dead Wife Found In Chicken Coup

Sheriffs Arrest Sigfredo Concepcion

Sheriffs arrested a 73-year-old man on suspicion of murdering his wife. Sigfredo Concepcion was taken into custody for the murder of his 64-year-old wife, Linda Concepcion. Sheriffs charged the elder with shooting his wife to death. The sheriff’s report alleges Sigfredo shot and killed his wife and then placed her dead body in a chicken… Read more »

Bomb Squad Dispatched A Short Distance From Academy Awards [Video]

Bomb Squad Near Academy Awards

Bomb squad investigators and Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) arrested a man with explosives driving erratically in Hollywood. A witness sent KTLA a video of the man driving in circles in the middle of the roadway. The man parked his car near Hollywood Boulevard and Yucca Street. According to LAPD Officer Nuria Venegas, the man… Read more »

Treon Harris In Trouble With The Law, Again

Treon Harris pulled over for speeding, marijunna found in the car.

Florida Gators quarterback Treon Harris is facing charges again, after having another run in with campus police who are giving him a pass on the more serious charges. Last month, Harris was pulled over by University police late at night for speeding on campus when a strong odor of marijuana was pouring out of the… Read more »

Hundreds Of Police Killings Go Unaccounted For According To FBI Data

Ferguson police

Last year, the United States was rocked by the incident in Ferguson, Missouri between Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. The situation picked up more steam thanks to figureheads such as Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan utilizing the race card. Eventually, the situation became the linchpin for most people to see all police conflicts as a… Read more »

After Monday, New Orleans Will Be On Its Own

NOLA, New Orleans, police, troopers, state police

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has received another request from New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu to establish a permanent state police presence in the city of New Orleans, just days before a contingent of 40 state officers are scheduled to vacate their duties in the city, reports The New Orleans Advocate. The state troopers being recalled… Read more »