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Horrifying Body Camera Footage Shows Cops Attacked With Knife [Video]

Body camera footage

The United States has been debating the issue of body cameras on police officers to hold violent cops accountable for unjustified killings like the deaths of Walter Scott and Eric Garner. Just today, the Inquisitr covered the shocking death of a black man named Sam Dubose who was shot by police officers after a traffic… Read more »

Police Brutality Alleged: Handcuffed Teen Is Slammed Onto Floor, Knocking Her Teeth Out [Video]

Colorado Springs Police Accused Of Police Brutality

Police brutality allegations were prompted when a police officer slammed a teen’s face onto a hospital floor. The young woman suffered significant injuries, including trauma to the head, face, jaw, and teeth. She also sustained concussion, migraine headaches, cognitive and memory function problems, closed head injuries, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD.) The allegation of police… Read more »

Police Find Human Body Parts Wrapped In Plastic Bags [Video]

Human Body Parts Discovered

Police found human body parts wrapped in plastic bags in downtown New Haven, Connecticut. According to police, late Wednesday morning, two human legs were found along a fence in thick foliage on Court Street, near the State Street Railroad Station. Police said that a few hours after the first discovery, they found three severed human… Read more »

Toddler Gets A ‘Parking Ticket’, His Reaction Is Priceless [Video]

Toddler parking ticket

A photo of a Canadian toddler getting a “parking ticket” from a Halifax, Nova Scotia cop has gone viral, and social media is abuzz with the young lad’s priceless reaction. As the New York Daily News reports, 3-year-old Declan Tramley loves riding his red plastic toy motorcycle around the Halifax Pier in Halifax, Nova Scotia…. Read more »

Man Charged With Statutory Sexual Assault And Making Teenage Girls Drink Human Blood

Sexual Assault Charges Filed Against Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Ryan Davis is charged with statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors. Police charged the 21-year-old with committing bizarre crimes in the quiet little town of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. Police told WTAE that Jonathan Ryan Davis admitted to the sexual assault charges, as well as the bloodletting accusations, when investigators questioned him in January. According… Read more »

Unarmed Black Man Killed By Baltimore Co. Police After Suicide Threat

Unarmed black man killed by Baltimore County police after suicide threat

An unarmed black man who said he wanted to commit suicide was shot and killed by Baltimore County police Thursday morning after they responded to a domestic violence call. Officers shot and killed 41-year-old Spencer Lee McCain because they thought he had a weapon, even though he hadn’t fired on them, according to ABC News…. Read more »

New Orleans Police Officer Fatally Shot While Transporting Suspect

Daryle Holloway has been killed

Authorities in Louisiana are searching for a suspect who allegedly took the gun from a New Orleans police officer and fatally shot the police officer in the head. Dozens of law enforcement officials have arrived at the scene in New Orleans to gather evidence from the shooting. reported that authorities have identified the suspect… Read more »

Blacks Should Be Segregated: Facebook Post Gets Teacher Fired, McKinney Elementary Teacher Voices Racist Comments

Teacher who made racist comments fired after McKinney pool party

A Texas elementary school teacher who said she was “almost to the point” of supporting 1950s-style segregation was fired this week after district officials discovered her Facebook post defending controversial action by local police at a pool party. Fourth-grade teacher Karen Fitzgibbons was fired from Bennett Elementary School, the Frenship Independent School District announced Thursday…. Read more »

Nurse Dubbed ‘The Angel Of Death’ Wrongly Accused Of Murder

Nurse Rebecca Leighton

A nurse charged with poisoning and murdering her patients tries to recover after being wrongly accused of the horrific crimes. Staff nurse Rebecca Leighton said she lost complete control of her life and wonders if she’ll ever be the same again. The innocent, once happy-go-lucky and bubbly nurse said, “It was such a horrific time…. Read more »