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U.S. National Shot Dead In Saudi Arabian Capital

The city of Riyadh

A U.S. national has reportedly been shot dead and another injured in the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. A brief statement from Saudi Arabian Press Agency stated that the police later shot, wounded and arrested an assailant shortly afterwards. The statement alleged that the attack resulted in the killing of one person and the… Read more »

[Breaking] Ferguson Police Officer And Civilian Shot

Police officer and armed citizen said to have been shot in Ferguson.

This is a breaking story. Updates will be added as available. UPDATE: Police Captian Johnson is said to have denied to protesters that anyone was shot besides the police officer. Further information, and confirmation of whether the suspect was shot, will be available after press conference. [Initial Story] Reports say a Ferguson, Missouri police officer… Read more »

Cocaine Bust In Peru Breaks Record, 8.5 Tons Seized

Largest cocaine bust in Peruvian history.

The largest cocaine haul ever found in Peru has been obtained by police officials. A total of 7.7 metric tons (8.5 tons) were displayed in a Lima airport hangar on Monday, seized from a massive drug bust last week. According to The Washington Post, the incredible quantity of cocaine was flown to the Peruvian capital… Read more »

Police Departments Acquiring Military, ‘War’ Weapons

Do military weapons belong in the hands of law enforcement?

A rising trend of military surplus purchases is sparking a debate about the militarization of police departments, raising questions about whether weapons meant for war belong in America’s small towns. M-16 rifles, grenade launchers, and silencers are among the weapons making their way into police departments. Surprisingly, the military surplus buys don’t end there. In… Read more »

Texas Police Officer Uses Taser On Teenager To Break Up Fight

Taser Used on Teenager

A Texas police officer has landed in fresh controversy after he used a taser on a 16-year-old student in a bid to break up a lunchtime fight. Commander Jim Stuart from the Round Rock Police Department had been called in after two students from the Stony Point high school started a brawl at the cafeteria…. Read more »