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Kamil Stoch Wins Large Hill Ski Jumping, Completes Rare Double Sweep

Kamil Stoch

Poland’s Kamil Stoch has completed a rare double in ski jumping when he captured the gold for both large and normal hill at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Stoch achieved the unusual feat by taking the gold from 41-year-old Japanese veteran Noriaki Kasai’s in the very last jump during the large hill event at Sochi. Slovenia’s… Read more »

Epic ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Prank Halts Train In Poland [Video]

Lord of the Rings You Shall Not Pass

There are Lord of the Rings-inspired pranks, and then there are legendary Lord of the Rings-inspired pranks. The one embedded below definitely qualifies as the latter. If you haven’t seen director Peter Jackson’s trilogy — or at the very least Fellowship of the Ring — then the goof perpetrated by some fans in Poland probably… Read more »

Archbishop Seemingly Blames The Children For Sex Abuse In The Church

Archbishop Michalik

Poland’s Archbishop has sparked wide criticism and uproar after seemingly suggesting that sex abuse in the Catholic Church is caused, at least in part, by children from broken families. Jozef Michalik, the head of Poland’s Episcopate and a highly influential Catholic leader, spoke about a recent spate of revelations concerning Polish pedophile priests this month…. Read more »

Romney Arrives in Israel To Meet With Prime Minister Netanyahu


Mitt Romney, the man everyone but Ron Paul expects to be the next Republican candidate for president, will meet this morning, Sunday, July 29, 2012, with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The meeting is seen by many observers as an attempt by Romney to attract Jewish and Evangelical Christian Voters. At the same time, officials… Read more »