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Kendra Wilkinson Defends Hugh Hefner Against Holly Madison In Playboy Bunny Battle: Hef Abusive Or Awesome? [Photos]

Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner battle.

Kendra Wilkinson is defending Hugh Hefner after Holly Madison attacked Playboy king Hugh Hefner in a new tell-all. Despite Holly’s accusations that life in the Playboy Mansion was horrible, Kendra argues that everything was fabulous. As for Madison’s views? Wilkinson contends that she’s just trying to get revenge, reported MSN. While Holly argued that Playboy… Read more »

Madonna To Feature In Playboy, But Nude Photos Date From 1979

Madonna to appear in playboy

Madonna, the original “material girl,” is to feature in a forthcoming issue of men’s magazine Playboy. The 56-year-old Madonna has recently been in dispute with the BBC over Radio 1’s refusal to playl her latest single. Madonna claimed that the BBC were being “ageist” by refusing to play the record, but the BBC hit back… Read more »

Azealia Banks Bares Her Opinion About America In Latest ‘Playboy,’ Says ‘I Hate Everything About This Country!’

Azealia Banks Playboy Cover

With every generation of new musical artists, there will always be those outspoken individuals recognized by mainstream entertainment as controversial. In the late 80s to 90s, artists like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson fit the controversial mold with their blasphemous presentations of faith, either through songs or character. Today, the controversial musicians are the… Read more »

Anna Nicole Smith Loses Estate Battle, Millions

Anna Nicole Smith and Marshall

Although the famous Playboy Playmate and reality television star has been dead for seven years, Anna Nicole Smith has carried on an estate battle with her late husband. The Anna Nicole Smith estate lost a final bid to obtain about $44 million from J. Howard Marshall’s estate, which was left entirely to his son despite… Read more »

Kate Upton Talks Posing Nude: Will She Or Won’t She?

Kate Upton Nude

Kate Upton finally answered a question millions of men want to know the answer to: Will she ever pose nude? The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl recently chatted to Details magazine about her modeling career, and she was asked about the possibility of doing a nude photo shoot. Many famous models have stripped down… Read more »

Kate Upton’s Smell Used To Scare Boys Away

Kate Upton's Smell Used To Be A Turn-Off

In The Other Woman, Kate Upton plays a character named Carly who smells really, really good. When Leslie Mann’s character asks her what fragrance she’s wearing, Carly responds by saying, “I think it’s just sweat.” Unfortunately, the model hasn’t always impressed people with her scent in real life. In fact, Kate Upton used to smell… Read more »

Kate Moss Nude In Playboy 60th Anniversary Issue… Still Not Sexy Enough?

Kate Moss Nude In Playboy 60th Anniversary Issue... Still Not Sexy Enough?

With Kate Moss nude in Playboy’s 60th anniversary issue, is anyone surprised? Well, some people are… As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Johnny Depp and Kate used to date, but now they are back together for a music video. Playboy director Jimmy Jellinek claims this year’s 60 anniversary celebratory edition needed to feature Kate Moss… Read more »

Lisa Hochstein Nude Video Leaked? RHOM Star Denies Porn Star Rumors

Lisa Hochstein Nude Video

As the Lisa Hochstein nude video is leaked, the Real Housewives of Miami star is denying she was a Playboy porn star. But is this allegation simply a vicious false rumor? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lisa Hochstein recently sued someone for saying she was an escort. RHOM star Lisa Hochstein has apparently been… Read more »