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Another Heroic Pit Bull Saves Owner From A House Fire, Reports Say

Another Heroic Pit Bull Saves Owner From a House Fire, Reports Say

Pit bulls have been known for many things, like many other breeds of man’s best friend, they can be just as heroic. Sadly, their heroism is seldom reported. Whether in Seattle, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, or Oklahoma, pit bulls have been saving their owners from fires for some time. According to WZZM13, a similar situation happened… Read more »

Pit Bull That Saved Owner From Domestic Assault Thrown Out Of Town

Pit Bull Dog Shown The Door By Hazel Park After Heroic Act

A pit bull named Isis is no longer welcome in the township of Hazel Park, Michigan, but the decision to remove her has nothing to do with aggressive behavior or a horrific attack. In fact, Isis, or “Ice,” as owner Jamie Kraczkowski calls her, reportedly saved her owner from an abusive boyfriend. Kraczkowski alleged that… Read more »

Rami The Odd Pit Bull Dachshund Mix Gains ‘Ambassador’ Status


Pit bulls rarely attract much attention, besides maybe some apprehension, due to various misconceptions. However, when a pit bull mated with a Dachshund, heads began turning and the newly created creature went viral. The Pit bull-Dachshund mix named Rami, hailing from the deep south of South Georgia, has become something of an internet celebrity. He… Read more »

Pit Bull Puppy Set On Fire, Denied Care By Owner

Scott Cusson and Edward Turner Jr. were arrested for setting a 9-month-old pit bull puppy on fire and then denying her care.

A 9-month-old pit bull was set on fire in Albany on February 9. The responsible party, Scott Cusson, 19, and the owner of the dog, Edward Turner Jr., 19, were both arrested on Thursday. On the day of the horrifying incident, Cusson threw flammable liquid onto the pit bull puppy, Roxy. He then used a… Read more »

Pit Bull Quarantined After Heroic Deed

Tank, the heroic pit bull, saved his young owner from a rabid raccoon.

Even though the pit bull breeds are erroneously thought of as dangerous by certain groups, a great many of them are loyal to their owners and quick to protect their families. Such is the case with the 21-month-old pit bull puppy, Tank. Tank is being held in quarantine at the Norwich Animal Shelter in Connecticut…. Read more »

Pit Bull Puppy Beaten With Shovel And Buried

Hennessy the pit bull was beaten brutally and left for dead.

Early this past Friday, NYPD officers were called to the scene of a brutal beating. The victim was a six-month-old brown brindle pit bull mix named Hennessy. Several neighbors saw the terrible scene. One witness called 911 while another recorded the vicious owner beating the pit bull. The video was released only to the police…. Read more »

‘Patriots’ Open Carry AR-15 Into Mississippi Police Station [Video]

Open Carry

Following the fatal shooting of a family’s pit bull, two open-carry activists went to a police station in Jackson, Mississippi, to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. They recorded one of themselves on video walking into a police station openly carrying an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. The fatal shooting of a 4-year-old pit bull… Read more »