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A Wisconsin Pit Bull Puppy Is Found Shot And Stabbed

A Wisconsin Pit Bull Puppy Is found Shot And Stabbed

Sadly, animal cruelty is no closer to being banished from the earth, and the pit bull breed is all too familiar with the despicable act. They are no stranger to sexual assault, being viciously slashed and beaten with a shovel, and even shot with an arrow. The Inquisitr reported on Sarge the pit bull and… Read more »

A City In Kansas Considers Repealing Their Pit Bull Ban

A City In Kansas Considers Repealing Their Pit Bull Ban

Over the past year, pit bull bans are being rescinded across America as advocacy groups, owners, and animal rights groups are stepping up to defend the breed against “Breed Specific Legislation.” The Inquisitr reported on an Ohio town that is trying to fight back against its ban on pit bull breeds. With owners facing potential… Read more »

Animal Cruelty: Gaunt, Neglected Pit Bull Puppy Found In Ohio

Animal Cruelty-Gaunt, Neglected Pit Bull Puppy Found Ohio

Pit bulls and animal cruelty, unfortunately, seem to go hand in hand, as much or more than all breeds of canines. In a month meant to bring awareness to what many see as misinformation about a specific breed of dog, it is unfortunate to see another case of animal cruelty. WKYC 3 News reports that… Read more »

Watch What Happens When Pit Bull Meets Bubbles [Video]

Watch What Happens When Pit Bull Meets Bubbles

Pit bulls, not unlike cats, end up in some unusual and often humorous situations. Sometimes, it is their owners that put them there. Gremlin was put into this situation with her music video that takes on Taylor Swift’s song “Shake it Off“, The Inquisitr reports. “The YouTube video of Gremlin the pit bull is from… Read more »

Photos Of Pit Bull Rescues At Heart Of Not A Bully Campaign

Not A Bully Campaign Shows Pit Bulls In Positive Light.

Douglas Sonders, pit bull owner and voice to the misunderstood breed, began his Not A Bully campaign in 2012. Since then, he’s posted many portraits of pit bulls that managed to find forever homes after being given every reason to lose faith in mankind. Many of the bully breeds may be recognizable because of their… Read more »

Another Expert Dispels Myths, California Vet Expert Weighs In On Pit Bulls

Another Expert Dispels Myths, California Vet Expert Weighs In On Pit Bulls

With all the violent pit bull imagery, especially with the recent Modesto case, it is hard to imagine sometimes that pit bulls are anything other than the vicious, savage animals. The Inquisitr previously reported on the case in central California. KCRA in Davis, California, reported on Dr. Liz Stelow, a behavior specialist at the U.C…. Read more »

Meet Sharky, The Pit Bull Who Is Friends With Bunnies, Cats, And Ducks

Meet Sharky, The Pit bull Who Is Friends With Bunnies, Cats, And Ducks

Despite the bad rap, pit bulls seem to keep proving they are anything but instinctual killers. They have saved their owners, positively affected autistic children’s lives, and love to kiss. Sometimes, they perform pop songs. The Inquisitr reported on Gremlin the pit bull, whose parents brought her fame from putting her in a spoof video… Read more »

A Pit Bull Named Gremlin ‘Shakes It Off’ Better Than Taylor Swift

A Pit Bull Named 'Gremlin' Does It Better Than Taylor Swift

What does a gremlin, a pit bull, and Taylor Swift have in common? A pit bull named “Gremlin” just managed to outdo Taylor Swift. Now, to be fair, Taylor Swift does have her fair share of criticism. The Inquisitr recently reported on the most recent offense. “Poor Taylor Swift. Whether it’s getting abuse for dating… Read more »

A Pit Bull Mix Is The 2014 American Hero Dog

Pit bull Mix Is The 2014 American Hero Dog

Pit bulls tend to fall in either the heroic or dangerous category when spoken of or heard about. The Inquisitr reported on a pit bull last month that saved a boy from a swarm of bees. These polar opposite titles are the popular opinion on either side of the aisle. It is possible that the… Read more »

Sarge The Pit Bull: Animal Cruelty Suspect Named And Formally Charged

Sarge The Pit bull- Suspect Named

The Inquisitr has been following the Sarge the pit bull saga that began in early August. Sarge the pit bull, previously known under three different names, was left for dead with an arrow piercing his belly. “Twenty minutes from Ivin, Utah, a sergeant with the Washington Country Sheriff’s office found the injured pit bull on… Read more »

Kissed By A Pit Bull Challenge: Will You Take It?

Pit bulls get their own awareness challenge: Kissed By a Pit!

Most people have likely heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The charity was able to raise millions of dollars toward research because of the viral explosion of the challenge. There’s no wonder that it inspired another charity to do something similar. The Kissed by a Pit challenge was launched August 20 by the people… Read more »

Watch How This Pit Bull Reacts To His Rescuer! [Video]

This pit bull definitely recognized his rescuer.

A video has been circulating social media of a rescued pit bull being exposed to his rescuer after medical treatment. The pit bull, named Mojo, seems slightly nervous at first, but then realizes who is standing at the end of the exam table. Immediately, the pit bull can be seen getting excited and jumping all… Read more »

Pit bulls Left For Dead In Paterson, One Finds A New Home

Pit bull, Left For Dead In Paterson, Finds A Home

Pit bulls, you either love them or hate them, but there is no mistaking the fact that they are constantly being used for fighting or are severely mistreated. Just last month, The Inquisitr reported on two brothers who tortured and murdered their own family’s Pit bull. As part of their testimony before open court, they… Read more »

Pit Bulls: Animal Behaviorist Dispels Myths About The Breed

Pit Bulls-Animal Behaviorist Dispels Myths About Breed's Agression

Pit bull is a slang term that encompasses a few different breeds of dogs. Often times, the term “Pit bull” is used for animals that are not even purebred. In fact, in rare cases, what has been reported as a Pit bull was not a Pit bull. The Inquisitr reported on the bizarre incident that… Read more »

Rescued Ohio Pit Bull Saves Owner From House Fire

Rescued Ohio Pit bull Saves Owner From House Fire

An Ohio Pit bull becomes the third to start to make one wonder, should Pit bulls replace Dalmatians as fire rescue dogs. The Inquisitr reported in May about a Pit bull saving a woman from a burning building. “A pit bull saved a woman whose home had caught fire, barking to alert her as flames… Read more »

Adopted Pit Bull Saves Boy From Attacking Bees

Pit Bull Saves BOys From Bees

A family in Oregon is hailing their adopted pit bull a hero. The pit bull is responsible for saving the family’s little boy from attacking bees. The bees attacked a group of children playing by a creek, but as the children fled from the bees, one boy was left behind. This is when the family… Read more »

Des Moines’s “Vicious” Pit bull Might Get Pardon From Death

Des Moines Vicious Pit bull Possible Pardon From Death

Pit bulls have far too often shown up in the media, when being discussed in attacks or death, but Jimmy’s story is a hard one to track down. Despite the Des Moines, Iowa pit bull having his own Facebook page dedicated to his rescue, only the most recent information seems easily accessible. Jimmy, formerly known… Read more »

Utah Pit bull, Shot With An Arrow, Recovering And Owners Come Forward

Utah Pit bull Found Shot With An Arrow Recovering, Owners Have Forward

As The Inquisitr reported this past Saturday, there was a Pit bull that was found badly wounded with an arrow puncturing it. Twenty minutes from Ivin, Utah, a sergeant with the Washington Country Sheriff’s office found the injured pit bull on old Highway 91. The officer called Ivin animal control officer Aggie Smith to respond… Read more »