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Pit bulls Left For Dead In Paterson, One Finds A New Home

Pit bull, Left For Dead In Paterson, Finds A Home

Pit bulls, you either love them or hate them, but there is no mistaking the fact that they are constantly being used for fighting or are severely mistreated. Just last month, The Inquisitr reported on two brothers who tortured and murdered their own family’s Pit bull. As part of their testimony before open court, they… Read more »

Pit Bulls: Animal Behaviorist Dispels Myths About The Breed

Pit Bulls-Animal Behaviorist Dispels Myths About Breed's Agression

Pit bull is a slang term that encompasses a few different breeds of dogs. Often times, the term “Pit bull” is used for animals that are not even purebred. In fact, in rare cases, what has been reported as a Pit bull was not a Pit bull. The Inquisitr reported on the bizarre incident that… Read more »

Rescued Ohio Pit Bull Saves Owner From House Fire

Rescued Ohio Pit bull Saves Owner From House Fire

An Ohio Pit bull becomes the third to start to make one wonder, should Pit bulls replace Dalmatians as fire rescue dogs. The Inquisitr reported in May about a Pit bull saving a woman from a burning building. “A pit bull saved a woman whose home had caught fire, barking to alert her as flames… Read more »

Adopted Pit Bull Saves Boy From Attacking Bees

Pit Bull Saves BOys From Bees

A family in Oregon is hailing their adopted pit bull a hero. The pit bull is responsible for saving the family’s little boy from attacking bees. The bees attacked a group of children playing by a creek, but as the children fled from the bees, one boy was left behind. This is when the family… Read more »

Des Moines’s “Vicious” Pit bull Might Get Pardon From Death

Des Moines Vicious Pit bull Possible Pardon From Death

Pit bulls have far too often shown up in the media, when being discussed in attacks or death, but Jimmy’s story is a hard one to track down. Despite the Des Moines, Iowa pit bull having his own Facebook page dedicated to his rescue, only the most recent information seems easily accessible. Jimmy, formerly known… Read more »

Utah Pit bull, Shot With An Arrow, Recovering And Owners Come Forward

Utah Pit bull Found Shot With An Arrow Recovering, Owners Have Forward

As The Inquisitr reported this past Saturday, there was a Pit bull that was found badly wounded with an arrow puncturing it. Twenty minutes from Ivin, Utah, a sergeant with the Washington Country Sheriff’s office found the injured pit bull on old Highway 91. The officer called Ivin animal control officer Aggie Smith to respond… Read more »

Animal Cruelty: Pit Bull Shot With Arrow In Utah, Left For Dead


In recent months, pit bulls have been subject to violence against there breed, whether the dog was a pit bull or not. Most often, the violence has been in form of shootings, but at least one case, a knife was used. In the prior cases, there were at least alleged reasons or predication, whether true… Read more »

The Danger Of Pit Bulls In Shelters

Pit Bulls in shelters are often put to death at a staggering rate.

The reputation of pit bulls is one of the biggest debates centered on pets. Are pit bulls dangerous? Are they child-friendly? Are they dog-friendly? Are they predictable? Can they be trained? The truth of the matter is that every pit bull is different. It depends on how the pit bull was raised, its personality and,… Read more »

Pit Bull That Suffered 30-Foot Fall Is Reunited With Owner

Wookie the pit bull was thrown off a 30-foot overpass.

Pit bulls have a bad reputation. Whether people believe the hype or not, there’s no denying that there’s a higher rate of violence toward the breed because of it. The story of Wookie is one that speaks toward that cruelty, but he’s only one of many pit bulls that became victims this week. On Tuesday,… Read more »

Unprovoked: Pitbull And Owner’s Friend Stabbed By Another Dog Owner In San Francisco


Pit bulls, American StaffordShire Terrier, StaffordShire Bull Terrier, “Man’s best friend,” sometimes victim of negative press and breed specific bans. Normally, the word “pit bull” and “attack” prompt images of vicious, blood thirsty canines slaughtering innocent children. This has not been the case in San Francisco, California. Early Friday morning, two young men were walking… Read more »

Dancing Pit Bull Struts His Stuff And Wins Hearts


When people think of pit bulls, it would likely be a safe bet that most do not think of dancing pit bulls or even playful pit bulls. But as the video above shows, the animals can be friendly and apparently trained to do adorable dances. According to Yahoo! News, the video above “raises the bar.”… Read more »

Misty ‘The Farting Pit Bull’ Returned To Shelter

Misty the pit bull was almost given a death sentence for farting too much.

Many dogs are adopted from shelters and given a second chance at life. If an animal has a good personality, and is well trained, it’s possible for the creature to develop a bond with a caretaker looking for a pet. Unfortunately, being adopted does not necessarily give that animal a happy ending. Misty is a… Read more »

Pit Bull Brutally Stabbed To Death After Failed Petnapping


A pit bull was killed after being brutally stabbed when its owner tried to fight off its would-be kidnappers, according to a report by the NBC Bay Area. The pit bull was out on a walk with its owner last Friday morning in San Francisco’s Mission district when two men, both in their 20s, threatened… Read more »

Pit bull Rescued From Lot Shows The Heart Of Forgiveness

Abandoned pit bull, Gideon, was rescued and is recovering well.

A substantial number of pets get abandoned and abused every day. Gideon was one of those pets. He was found in a dirt lot near the Coachella desert, shaking, sick and hungry. The pit bull was brought to the attention of Annie Hart of the Bill Foundation, who took the two-hour long drive from Los… Read more »

Pit Bulls Attack And Kill An Elderly Woman Inside Her Home

Pit Bulls Attack Elderly Woman

Two pit bulls attacked and killed an elderly woman inside her Kaufman, Texas, home. Authorities said 85-year-old Dorothy Hamilton’s mauled body was found on the floor her living room Monday morning. Both dogs were standing next to the woman’s body when police entered the home. Although the cause of death is being investigated, authorities said… Read more »

Pit Bull Mauls, Kills Four-Year-Old Girl Days Before Her Birthday


A pit bull was shot dead after it mauled and killed a four-year-old girl inside their house in Houma, Louisiana, WAFB reports. According to official statements, four-year-old Mia DeRouen was sitting inside their living room with her mother, 27-year-old Megan Touchet, when their 130-pound pet pit bull suddenly pounced on little Mia, severely injuring her… Read more »

Pit Bull Mauls Three-Year-Old Little Girl To Death

Pit Bull Dog

The pit bull that mauled a three-year-old little girl, in High Point, North Carolina on Monday, has been euthanized. The dog was a family pet that had been known to be aggressive. Braelynn Rayne Coulter was the victim of the vicious attack. Family members immediately called 911 and took Braelynn to the High Point Regional… Read more »

Pit Bull Means More To Family Than Their Home

beloved companion

Pit bulls can be the stuff of nightmares…… or they can be devoted, lovable family members. In this story, the fearsome pit bull plays the latter role. Meet the Devia family: Carol, her husband Peter, and her sons Leandro and Christoffer. They have a labrador mix, Camilla, and a pit bull, Rocco. They also had… Read more »