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Pit Bull Brutally Stabbed To Death After Failed Petnapping


A pit bull was killed after being brutally stabbed when its owner tried to fight off its would-be kidnappers, according to a report by the NBC Bay Area. The pit bull was out on a walk with its owner last Friday morning in San Francisco’s Mission district when two men, both in their 20s, threatened… Read more »

Pit bull Rescued From Lot Shows The Heart Of Forgiveness

Abandoned pit bull, Gideon, was rescued and is recovering well.

A substantial number of pets get abandoned and abused every day. Gideon was one of those pets. He was found in a dirt lot near the Coachella desert, shaking, sick and hungry. The pit bull was brought to the attention of Annie Hart of the Bill Foundation, who took the two-hour long drive from Los… Read more »

Pit Bulls Attack And Kill An Elderly Woman Inside Her Home

Pit Bulls Attack Elderly Woman

Two pit bulls attacked and killed an elderly woman inside her Kaufman, Texas, home. Authorities said 85-year-old Dorothy Hamilton’s mauled body was found on the floor her living room Monday morning. Both dogs were standing next to the woman’s body when police entered the home. Although the cause of death is being investigated, authorities said… Read more »

Pit Bull Mauls, Kills Four-Year-Old Girl Days Before Her Birthday


A pit bull was shot dead after it mauled and killed a four-year-old girl inside their house in Houma, Louisiana, WAFB reports. According to official statements, four-year-old Mia DeRouen was sitting inside their living room with her mother, 27-year-old Megan Touchet, when their 130-pound pet pit bull suddenly pounced on little Mia, severely injuring her… Read more »

Pit Bull Mauls Three-Year-Old Little Girl To Death

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The pit bull that mauled a three-year-old little girl, in High Point, North Carolina on Monday, has been euthanized. The dog was a family pet that had been known to be aggressive. Braelynn Rayne Coulter was the victim of the vicious attack. Family members immediately called 911 and took Braelynn to the High Point Regional… Read more »

Pit Bull Means More To Family Than Their Home

beloved companion

Pit bulls can be the stuff of nightmares…… or they can be devoted, lovable family members. In this story, the fearsome pit bull plays the latter role. Meet the Devia family: Carol, her husband Peter, and her sons Leandro and Christoffer. They have a labrador mix, Camilla, and a pit bull, Rocco. They also had… Read more »

Pit Bull Attacks, Bites Police Officer After Suspect’s Command

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A pit bull chomped on a police officer’s leg in Camden, New Jersey last week. Now a 19-year-old faces serious charges, even though he claims that he did nothing to cause the dog to attack. Police say that Thomas Wright, 19, ordered his family’s pet pit bull, Missy, to attack officers who were chasing him… Read more »

Rescued Pit Bull Saves Four-Year-Old Boy [Video]

Pit Bull Saves Boy After Rescue

A pit bull saved a four-year-old boy just days after the dog was rescued from certain death. TaterTot detected a dangerous drop in the boy’s blood sugar and alerted his mother to the life-threatening situation. Christie Smith took the pit bull from Minneapolis Animal Care and Control just hours before he was supposed to be… Read more »

Owner Slices Open Pit Bull To Get Heroin Stash

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Gloucester, MA — A man who allegedly “completely disembowled” his pet pit bull because the dog swallowed a bag of heroin has been charged with animal cruelty, according to police. The Gloucester Times, which identified the owner as John “Jack” Duggan, reports what allegedly happened to the pit bull that was gutted: “Police said that… Read more »