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Xbox One Will Soon Allow Pirated Movies, What Arrgh They Thinking?

xbox-one-piracy-600x300 (1)

Microsoft is expecting to release some major updates over the next few months that will enhance the overall experience of the Xbox One. One such update may unintentionally support pirated movies and television shows. Many of the upcoming features for the Xbox One are meant to enhance the experience of the gamers and allow a… Read more »

The Pirate Bay Goes Mobile!


Controversial Swedish file sharing website The Pirate Bay just made it easier to illegally download your favorite copyrighted material. According to The New York Times, this week, The Pirate Bay announced a new version of the website specifically geared toward customers using mobile devices. The new website, called The Mobile Bay, will allow users to… Read more »

Flight MH370: China Demands Hard Evidence Plane Crashed In Indian Ocean

tears for the missing

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may indeed have crashed into the Indian Ocean, as Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced Monday morning, but the Chinese government isn’t satisfied. China demanded Monday that Malaysian officials hand over all the hard evidence they’ve found to support the conclusion that Flight MH370 ditched in remote waters about 1,500 miles… Read more »

Malaysia Airlines Plane Found By Courtney Love, Or So She Thinks

Malaysia Airlines plane found by Courtney Love

The Malaysia Airlines plane missing for 10 days now has presented one of the most baffling mysteries in recent memory, leaving intelligence agencies, governments and many of the world’s most skilled airline accident investigators absolutely stumped. But now the mystery has been solved — by Courtney Love. The eccentric 49-year-old rock star and widow of… Read more »

Britney Spears Used By Navy To Scare Somalian Pirates

Britney Spears Scares Somali Pirates

In its fight against piracy on the high seas, the U.S Navy is now employing some pretty radical scare tactics to dissuade pirates. Captains on ships have found that blaring Britney Spears tracks loudly, is very off-putting for the pirates, who are often from the Muslim country of Somalia. Oops! I Did it Again and… Read more »

Piracy Is ‘Better Than An Emmy,’ Time Warner CEO Says

Piracy 'Better Than Emmy,' According To Guy On Left

Piracy is “better than an Emmy,” according to Jeff Bewkes, CEO of Time Warner. The cable head recently made the statement regarding HBO’s series Game Of Thrones when talking about the future of the cable industry, and whether he thought Internet piracy would be a threat to his business moving forward. “Game Of Thrones is… Read more »

Adobe’s Piracy-Proof Software Gets Hacked A Few Days After Release

Adobe Piracy Proof Software Hacked

Adobe claimed before its release that its new software subscription service was piracy-proof. Now just days after the service went live, cracked versions of Photoshop and other Adobe applications are showing up on The Pirate Bay and other torrent networks. Adobe’s creative suite of tools are some of the most pirated in the world because… Read more »

Netflix A ‘Piracy Killer’? BitTorrent Takes Issue

Netflix Piracy Killer Comment Draws Ire From BitTorrent

Netflix as “piracy killer” may make sense on the surface, but BitTorrent has taken exception to some implications from comments made by company representatives last week connecting BitTorrent with piracy. The comments came in a Stuff interview with Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. When asked what the company was doing to combat Internet piracy,… Read more »

Digital Movie Sales Increase Following Piracy Crackdown [Study]

Movie Sales

Movie sales have reportedly increased following a recent crackdown on piracy websites. After Megaupload and Megavideo were forced to close up shop, a large number of people began to purchase legitimate copies of the movies they wanted. The Unites States and 11 other countries reported an increase in digital sales after the cyberlocker site was… Read more »