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Piers Morgan Went Looking For A Fight On Twitter

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Piers Morgan is seeing his career with CNN come to an end, and he apparently wants to go out swinging. Morgan has had a long standing feud with BBC 2 presenter Jeremy Clarkson and Piers took to Twitter to challenge the TV man to a boxing match. Let’s make this interesting @JeremyClarkson – £100k to… Read more »

Piers Morgan’s Replacement Could Be A Surprise Pick

Piers Morgan to be replaced

Piers Morgan’s stint as the main interviewer on CNN didn’t last long, but the news company isn’t wasting any time in trying to find a replacement for the host. Certainly the network wants to find somebody who has a big name who will attract viewers, but it also is important that the new host has… Read more »

Why ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ Was Cancelled

Piers Morgan

It was obvious when Larry King left the desk, someone had to take his spot on CNN. The man who seemed to be ready to take the reigns was Englishman Piers Morgan. The issue with this was, Morgan didn’t seem to do well with American crowds. It was said that Morgan routinely seemed to pass… Read more »

Piers Morgan Shot Down By CNN, Ted Nugent, and the 2nd Amendment

Piers Morgan gets the boot

Piers Morgan’s relentless attacks on gun rights and the 2nd Amendment appear to be the real reason behind CNN’s asking him to take a long walk off a short pier. Show ratings have tanked, and rocker Ted Nugent claims credit. It’s not like Piers was well-liked, either in the USA or in his native land,… Read more »