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Drunk Teen Sets Up Fake DUI Checkpoint, Cops Are Not Happy

Drunk Teen Sets Up DUI Checkpoint

Sometimes teenagers just aren’t smart — like this 19-year-old Pennsylvania man who is in custody today after state troopers found him running a police DUI checkpoint, complete with road flares and flashing blue lights this weekend. To make matters worse, he was drunk at the time. Logan Douglas Shaulis parked his car sideways across Route… Read more »

Rostaver Township: Tri-County Plaza Shooting Suspect Remains At Large

tri-county mall rostraver township

Rostaver Township Tri-County Plaza shooting update – The Westmoreland County police are still searching the area for the gunman after a man allegedly named Drew Molinari, was shot dead at Minniti Motorsports in the Tri-County Plaza. Although the Rostaver Township law enforcement officials have not yet released the victim’s name, he was identified on social… Read more »

Lisa Mearkle: Officer Charged With Killing Unarmed Driver Lying Facedown

Mearkle has been jailed without bail after she was charged with criminal homicide.

Pennsylvania police officer Lisa Mearkle has been charged with criminal homicide, after investigators concluded she shot an unarmed and incapacitated driver twice in the back while he lay facedown on the ground. The incident took place on February 2, according to the Associated Press, when Mearkle attempted to pull over 59-year-old David Kassick for expired… Read more »

Monroeville Mall Shooting Leaves 3 Injured [Breaking]

Shots were fired at the Monroeville Mall Saturday Night.

Three people were shot while shopping at Monroeville Mall in Pennsylvania on Saturday night. Police responded to gunshots at Monroeville Mall at approximately 8:30 p.m. The shooting occurred just outside Macy’s near the Mister Rogers Neighborhood play area. Due to the volume of innocents in the building, several various police departments arrived at the location…. Read more »

Pennsylvania ‘Bonnie And Clyde Of Delaware County’ Burglars Caught In Upper Darby, But You Will Never Guess How

Pennsylvania 'Bonnie And Clyde Of Delaware County' Burglars Caught, But You Will Never Guess How

Bonnie and Clyde, the famous crime-couple of yesteryear, have their names applied to every criminal couple that has followed. Bonnie and Clyde might specifically take issue with their names being bestowed upon Steven Dolceamore and his getaway-driver girlfriend, Kelly Wilkinson, in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania pair, according to ABC 6, have been burglarizing cars… Read more »