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Taylor Swift Slammed By Pandora Exec, Freelance Photographer For Apple Letter

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been applauded lately for her “victorious” open letter to Apple, explaining why she wouldn’t include her new album 1989 on their new streaming service, Apple Music. In her letter, Swift explained that Apple Music is giving its customers a three-month trial, which means that artists won’t get paid during those three months…. Read more »

Michelle Shocked Attempts To Revive Career With Silent Album


Who would buy a CD with nothing but 11 silent tracks on it? Michelle Shocked, a disgraced folk singer, recently released an album consisting of exactly that. Inaudible Women features 11 seemingly empty tracks named after journalists and music execs that Shocked feels have either played a hand in her downfall or are part of… Read more »

Pandora Royalty Payments To Songwriters Will Not Change, Judge Rules

The Pandora royalty paid to songwriters by the popular streaming music service will not change, a federal judge ruled on Friday. Pandora wanted a lower rate.

The Pandora royalty paid to music publishers by the highly popular internet music streaming service will not go up — or down. So ruled a federal judge Friday, in a case that saw the interests of songwriters pitted against business priorities of a top venue for getting their songs to public ears. The federal case… Read more »

Apple Rumored To Have Finalized iRadio Streaming Music Deals

Apple strikes iRadio deal

Apple’s iRadio proposition can now move forward if the rumored deal with Universal Music and the upcoming deal with Warner is accurate. This new streaming music service is expected to be launching this summer, and, in order to do that, the computing giant has to have at least a couple of the biggest names in… Read more »

Pandora Sues ASCAP, Demands Lower Royalty Rates

The CEO of Pandora quits

Music streaming service Pandora has filed a lawsuit against music royalty clearinghouse ASCAP. The internet based music provider is asking that a court force ASCAP to charge lower fees through 2015. If it gets its way, Pandora will receive a blanket licensing fee that would cover all songs. Executives at Pandora claim that fees set… Read more »