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Ebola Virus Epidemic or Outbreak?

The Ebola Virus: Outbreak, Epidemic or Pandemic?

The Ebola virus is also known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF). Although it does not cause the heightened effects noted in the 1995 film, Outbreak, it does lead to haemorrhagic fever, causing diarrhea, vomiting, muscle pain/weakness, organ failure and internal/external bleeding. It’s a deadly disease that, as of this moment, has no cure. Treatments… Read more »

Ebola Virus Hits Canada: Could This Be The Start Of A Pandemic?

ebola Canada

The Ebola virus appears to have hit Canada. One man who recently traveled to West Africa, where the virus is already running rampant, is being kept in isolation as a hospital in Saskatoon. The Canadian man reportedly presented with symptoms of a hemorrhagic fever which Saskatchewan health officials believe resemble the early stages of the… Read more »

Off Grid Living Medical Preparedness Tips [Interview]

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Off grid medical preparedness education can mean the difference between life and death. Folks living on a homestead or in rural areas often have less access to healthcare facilities on a typical day, and during a major disaster, the options for aid become even fewer. During massive natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, even urban… Read more »

New Model For Pandemic Disease Control Announced For U.S. Airpoirts

New Model For Pandemic Disease Control Announced For U.S. Airpoirts

Pandemic experts have announced a new model for disease control that better takes into account the movement of people through airports throughout the United States, reports a press release from MIT Media Relations. In past pandemic models, the roles of certain airports were overestimated while the roles of other airports were underestimated. For example, it… Read more »