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Penelope Cruz Explains Her ‘Genocide Perpetrated By Israel Against Palestine’ Statements

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem

Yesterday, Spanish Oscar-winners Penelope Cruz, her husband Javier Bardem, and Pedro Almodovar signed a letter regarding the fighting currently taking place in the Gaza Strip, according to Deadline. In the statement, Cruz, Bardem and Almodovar express outrage over “the genocide perpetrated by the Israeli occupation army in the Gaza Strip against Palestinian civilians.” That statement… Read more »

Three Israelis Charged In Murder Of Mohammed Abu Khdeir

Khdeir's Killers Indicted, Names Withheld For Public Safety

Three Israeli suspects have been indicted for the grisly murder of Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir. Their names are being currently withheld, to protect their families from violent reprisals which could further inflame a small region already at war with itself. One Jewish man and two minors, both 17 years old, reenacted the murder at… Read more »

Israeli Troops Enter Gaza To Raid Missile Sites

captured Israeli soldier, Hamas

The United Nations, along with the United States, are doing all they can for a cease-fire to happen between Palestine and Israel as the death toll reaches 135. Even Palestine-supporters, whether they be Muslim, Jew, or Christian, are calling for Palestinian peace, especially in front of the Israeli Embassy in London. Despite this, the next… Read more »

Thousands Of Pro-Palestine Rioters Swarm Israeli Embassy In London

Israeli Embassy in London

The amplified conflict between Israel and Palestine has drawn a line in the sand pertaining to how people outside of the war zone. Because of certain situations, such as the Israeli Air Force showing their dominance in less than thirty minutes and Benjamin Netanyahu directly calling out Barack Obama and John Kerry, the world in… Read more »

Three Kidnapped Israeli Teenagers Reported Dead


The three kidnapped Israeli teenagers, Eyal Yifrach, Gil-ad Shaar and Naftali Fraenkel are dead. According to reports, their bodies were found between Halhul and Karmei Tzu on Monday. The remains of the three teens were found in a shallow grave in an open field by an Israeli search party. According to Fox News: “Binyamin Proper,… Read more »

Killed Jordanian Judge Threatened Israeli Soldiers, Witnesses Say


A Jordanian judge was shot dead by Israeli soldiers at the King Hussein Bridge after he allegedly threatened the troop with a metal bar and tried to grab the gun of one of the soldier, New York Times reports. According to Colonel Yaron Beit-On, officer-in-charge of the Israeli troops in the Jordan Valley, witnesses recounted… Read more »

Scarlett Johansson Supports Israel And The Palestinians

Scarlett Johansson didn't expect to be nominated for Her

Scarlett Johansson has received a lot of flack for the new ad campaign she did for the Israeli beverage company SodaStream, which operates in the disputed West Bank. She promptly responded to the criticism by expressing her support for both Israel and the Palestinians. In a statement she released to The Huffington Post on Friday,… Read more »

Organized Treachery vs. Organized Hypocrisy: A 35-Year Study of Israel’s Dysfunctional Government [With Dr. Paul Eidelberg]

Bibi Netanyahu

There are few Israelis who are able to speak with more authority about Israel’s dysfunctional government than Dr. Paul Eidelberg. For more than three decades, Dr. Eidelberg has been “the voice of one crying in the wilderness,” imploring Israel’s leaders to draft the nation’s first Constitution and replace the current system of Proportional Representation with… Read more »

Stevie Wonder Pulls Out Of Israel Fundraiser Concert, Makes A Statement

Steve Wonder Has Pulled Out Of The 'Friends Of The Israel Defense Forces' Gala Planned For December 6

Legendary singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder has pulled out of an upcoming concert to raise money for the ‘Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.’ The singer was scheduled to perform at the Los Angeles event on December 6. In a statement Wonder said: “I am and have always been against war, any war, anywhere.” Wonder’s statement comes… Read more »

UN Teachers Refuse To Teach About The Holocaust In Palestinian Schools

UN Teachers Refuse to teach Holocaust Studies To Palestinian Students

The ugly specter of Holocaust denial has raised its bitter head once again. The Jordanian teachers employed by UNRWA — the United Nations Relief and Works Agency — have refused to teach their Palestinian students the history of the Holocaust that killed six million Jews. The UN teachers are responsible for educating more than 125,000… Read more »

Jimmy Carter To Address The Democratic National Convention Over Jewish Objections

Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter will be addressing the Democratic National Convention via video link on September 4. Carter will be addressing the crowd over the objection of multiple liberal Jewish groups over his involvement with anti-Israel activism. Convention Chairman Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said in a statement, “A lifelong champion of human rights and… Read more »

Romney Arrives in Israel To Meet With Prime Minister Netanyahu


Mitt Romney, the man everyone but Ron Paul expects to be the next Republican candidate for president, will meet this morning, Sunday, July 29, 2012, with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The meeting is seen by many observers as an attempt by Romney to attract Jewish and Evangelical Christian Voters. At the same time, officials… Read more »

Hamas Leader: Palestinians Not From Palestine [VIDEO]


Hamas Minister of Interior and National Security Fathi Hammad recently announced on Egyptian Al-Hekma television that the Palestinian-Arabs do not actually come from the land of Israel, renamed Palestina by the Romans following the suppression of a Jewish revolt in Judea some two millennia past. This is in line with the obscure and politically incorrect… Read more »

Middle East War? Israel Mobilizes Reserve Battalions On Egyptian Border

Middle East War? Israel Mobilizes Reserve Battalions On Egyptian Border

Is the Middle East headed towards a war? It sure looks that way. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have mobilized six battalions of reserve duty troops to meet what Israelis have termed a “growing threat” on the Egyptian and Syrian borders. The Knesset, Israel’s parliament, has approved the mobilization of an additional sixteen combat battalions,… Read more »