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Legalize It: Oregon OK’s Recreational Marijuana Use, Time To Light Up

Oregon Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

As the clock struck midnight Wednesday, marijuana smokers across Oregon lit up their first legal joints to celebrate the legalization of recreational marijuana. The move makes Oregon the fourth state in the country to legalize marijuana following Washington State, Colorado, Alaska, and the District of Columbia, according to Reuters. The legislation, passed by voters last… Read more »

Portland Pesticide Ban Passed To Help Protect Honeybees

portland bans pesticides

Portland banned pesticides in an effort to protect the honeybees. Elected officials in the Oregon city passed the pesticide ban ordinance on Wednesday. The law prohibits any insecticide use on public lands within the municipality. Some Portland farmers argued that pesticide or insecticide use is integral for their crop production. The Portland City Council voted… Read more »

Portland, Oregon Uses Toilet Turbines To Power City – Genius!

lucid energy

Portland, Oregon has started using something called toilet turbines as a source of renewable energy, and it’s one of those ideas that makes everyone slap their forehead and say, “of course!” The idea behind the concept of a toilet turbine is remarkably simple. The turbines are installed in water pipes where water is running downhill…. Read more »

Feral Rabbits Invade Oregon Town


There is a small town in the state of Oregon that is being overrun by rabbits. A resident named Harry Carman recently told the Associated Press that he is terrified at the prospect of spring. Last summer, over 50 rabbits invaded his property adjacent to the Culver schools campus. Carman described the problem with the… Read more »

Kirk Herbstreit Lit Up By FCS Coach

Kirk Herbstreit

ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit got into a bit of hot water with a coach on Saturday. During ESPN’s Gameday broadcast Herbstreit called out the SEC as several schools scheduled lower tier FCS schools this weekend. According to USA Today, Herbstreit called the games “the worst thing that goes on in college football,” and referred to… Read more »