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Portland, Oregon Uses Toilet Turbines To Power City – Genius!

lucid energy

Portland, Oregon has started using something called toilet turbines as a source of renewable energy, and it’s one of those ideas that makes everyone slap their forehead and say, “of course!” The idea behind the concept of a toilet turbine is remarkably simple. The turbines are installed in water pipes where water is running downhill…. Read more »

Feral Rabbits Invade Oregon Town


There is a small town in the state of Oregon that is being overrun by rabbits. A resident named Harry Carman recently told the Associated Press that he is terrified at the prospect of spring. Last summer, over 50 rabbits invaded his property adjacent to the Culver schools campus. Carman described the problem with the… Read more »

Kirk Herbstreit Lit Up By FCS Coach

Kirk Herbstreit

ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit got into a bit of hot water with a coach on Saturday. During ESPN’s Gameday broadcast Herbstreit called out the SEC as several schools scheduled lower tier FCS schools this weekend. According to USA Today, Herbstreit called the games “the worst thing that goes on in college football,” and referred to… Read more »

West Coast Invasion Of Jellyfish-Like Creatures

Jellyfish-like creatures have been washing ashore all along the North American West Coast.

Jellyfish-like creatures have been washing up on the west coast shores of North America all summer. It started in Washington and Oregon, billions of small creatures began washing up on the beaches. They could easily be mistaken for jellyfish, but they are actually called “by-the-wind sailors” or “Velella velella.” “The scientific name is Velella velella,”… Read more »

Free Condoms For Sixth Graders Plan Postponed In Oregon

condoms for sixth graders

Plans to hand out free condoms to sixth graders at the Gervais School District in Gervais, Oregon have been postponed. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the school board recently approved initiating a program to have “trained teachers” give condoms to children after speaking with them first, presumably about safe sex. The implementation of the… Read more »

Raw Milk Advertising Restrictions Eased After Free Speech Lawsuit Win

raw milk study

Raw milk advertising regulations have been eased in Oregon after the state Department of Agriculture settled a First Amendment lawsuit pertaining to unpasteurized dairy promotions. The free speech lawsuit was brought by a Libertarian public interest firm, The Institute for Justice, on behalf of Christine Anderson, a McMinnville dairy farmer. The Oregon Department of Agriculture… Read more »

State Of Jefferson: Californians May Get Vote On Secession Movement In June

state of jefferson

Californians might get two different types of secession ballot measures to vote upon in June. During the most recent Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors meeting local officials approved a resolution to allow citizens to decide whether or not they want to pursue a Republic of Jefferson Territory. The “competing” California secession endeavor known as the… Read more »

Half-Naked Woman Leaps On Car, Caves In Windshield On I-5

near naked woman who attacked car

A half-naked woman attacked a stalled car on a busy Interstate 5 in Oregon January 4 in a bizarre incident that police suspect could be drug-related — or it could just be a highly unorthodox outburst of road rage. Cops said they found a controlled substance in the possession of Victoria Dawn Lohmann, 24, of… Read more »