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Jamall Vaughn: 15-Year-Old Guilty Of Murdering Ohio Couple With Sledgehammer

Jamall Vaughn

A 15-year-old boy, Jamall Vaughn, has pleaded guilty to killing a Ohio couple with a sledgehammer. According to the Mail, Vaughn, who was 14-years-old at the time of the murder, signed a guilty plea for aggravated murder last Friday. Vaughn and his 18-year-old friend, Shawn Ford, Jr., beat 59-year-old Margaret Schobert and 56-year-old Jeffrey Schobert… Read more »

High School Shooter T.J. Lane Escapes From Ohio Prison

TJ Lane escapes prison

An Ohio prison inmate escaped prison tonight. He, along with two other inmates, left the prison around 8 p.m. Thomas “T.J.” Lane murdered three other students during a shooting spree at Chardon High School in 2012. He was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole and was being held at the Allen… Read more »

4 Research University Students Dead In Ohio Plane Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash which killed four students

Four Ohio university students were killed late Monday night when their Cessna 172R crashed near a Cleveland airport and burst into flames, bringing their sightseeing trip to a fiery end. The 1999 Cessna crashed at 10 p.m. local time in Willoughby Hills, near the runway at Richmond Heights’ Cuyahoga County Airport, only 16 miles (25… Read more »

Illegal Immigrants Arrested In Ohio After Knife Fight 911 Call

ohio illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants were arrested in North Olmstead, Ohio after a 911 call about a knife fight. Police officers arrested the two men who reportedly crossed the border illegally after the call about a disturbance at a Brookpark Road apartment building. The Border Patrol has taken custody of the illegal immigrants found in Ohio. A third… Read more »

Walmart Shooting: 2 Dead in Beavercreek, Ohio

2 Dead In Walmart Shooting

Two people are dead in Beavercreek, Ohio, after a man came into a local Walmart store and allegedly waved a rifle at customers. The 2 NEWS website writes that the incident happened at 8:30 pm Tuesday night when a Cincinnati man named John Crawford entered Walmart and was spotted with what looked like a rifle… Read more »

Gun Control: Cleveland Law Would Strictly Limit Gun Buys And Create Registry

second amendment

Cleveland gun control laws will be perhaps the most strict in the United States if the city council approves Mayor Frank Jackson’s ordinance proposal. Cleveland recently celebrated the return of Lebron James and scored the Republican National Convention, a big economic boom to the northern Ohio town. But now the city is incurring backlash from… Read more »

Measles Outbreak In Ohio Amish Country

ohio Amish country

Measles have hit Ohio Amish country and complicated two major events in the Knox County and Homes County community. Local officials have embarked on an educational campaign to combat the spread of the measles in the Amish community and to encourage vaccination. Ohio Amish country is anticipating visitors from around world for two upcoming public… Read more »

Powerball Jackpot Climbs To $173 Million As No Ticket Matches Six Numbers


The Powerball jackpot continues to climb skyward after no ticket matched all six numbers in Wednesday’s drawing, sending the jackpot for Saturday’s Powerball game to an eye-opening $173 million, the first time since February that Powerball has offered a top prize of more than $170 million. Even the single-payment cash value option, the choice preferred… Read more »

Bullied Ohio Girl Commits Suicide, Leaving Only A Note Behind

Bullied Ohio Girl Leaves Behind Heartwrenching Suicide Note

Cora Delille, 15, committed suicide last week after struggling with bullies, boyfriends, and a devastating divorce between her parents. A handwritten note was found in Delille’s room last week that listed all her grievances and “thanked” everyone for the pain caused. Delille’s body was found by a family member in their home in Pickerington, Ohio,… Read more »

Traffic Court In Ohio To Be More Involved With Traffic Camera Tickets

Red Light Cameras: Here To Stay?

The dreaded flash of red light cameras will not be easing up anytime soon, but the process afterwards is facing some scrutiny. In Ohio, that is. If you haven’t had to go through the drill with red light camera citations, then you’re lucky. Right now if the camera programming thinks you’re breaking traffic rules by… Read more »

‘Mono Mono’ Twins Born Holding Hands – Yes, HOLDING HANDS!

mm babies

Talk about an amazing Mother’s Day gift: Mono mono twins? No, not mano y mano where two guys take each other on in a fist fight, but two special little girls who are very rare identical monoamniotic twins, or mono mono, which means they shared one placenta and amniotic sac, the result of the same… Read more »

Dayton VA Hospital Shooting: Suspect Now In Custody

ohio VA hospital shooting

A suspect in the Dayton VA hospital shooting is reportedly now in custody at an area hospital. The shooting at the Ohio Veterans Administration campus occurred approximately one hour ago. According to scanner traffic reviewed by Fox 45 Now, there was at least one victim and a hunt quickly ensued for the suspect. The Dayton… Read more »

Baby Monitor Hacked By Creep So He Could Watch 10-Month-Old Child Sleep


Beware! Hackers and possibly even predators are now hijacking baby monitors. A baby monitor installed by Ohio parents Heather and Adam Schreck was reportedly hacked by a complete stranger, who reportedly watched the couple’s 10-month-old child without their knowledge as she played and slept in her crib. According to Fox 19, mother Heather Schreck was… Read more »