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Ohio Man Claims Deputies Executed Search Warrant On Wrong House

ohio search warrant

John Collins was reportedly watching some television when he heard a man’s voice yell, “Huron County Sheriff” outside of his front door. Ohio law enforcement officers allegedly executed a search warrant on the wrong home and reportedly kept the occupant handcuffed on the floor for more than 20 minutes before discovering their mistake. John Collins,… Read more »

Death Row Inmate Prohibited From Donating Kidney To Ailing Mother


Death row inmate Ronald Phillips got turned downed by the state of Ohio after he requested to donate his kidney to his ailing mother, Reuters reports. Philips, 40, requested for his kidney and other organs to be transplanted to those who needed them, including the inmate’s mother who suffered from kidney complications. The inmate’s request… Read more »

Couple OD On Heroin At McDonald’s As Kids Play

McDonalds OD

An Indiana couple were found unresponsive at a McDonald’s play area. After a closer look, it was found out the couple had overdosed on heroin. According to the Washington Post, the fire department in Green Township, just west of Cincinnati, responded to a call on Sunday about two unresponsive adults in a McDonald’s indoor play… Read more »

‘We Don’t Need Another Black President,’ Ohio Teacher Tells Student

Barack Obama, first black president

America elected the first black president in the country’s 232-year history, Barack Obama, on November 4, 2008, setting off wild, joyous celebrations in the nation’s capital and in streets across the United States that night. This week, a teacher in Ohio was hit with an unpaid suspension for telling a high school student that the… Read more »

Ohio Child Killer Wants Organs Donated After Execution

ohio child killer

Ohio child killer and rapist Ronald Phillips is scheduled to be executed on Thursday, November 14, 2013. Phillips has made a request that his organs be donated to help his sick mother and sister. His mother has kidney disease and is on dialysis, and his sister has a heart condition While the child killer is… Read more »

‘Ghostbusters 3’ Could Begin Filming In Cleveland Next Spring

Ghostbusters 3 2014

Ghostbusters 3 could begin filming in Cleveland early next year. After years of being kicked around the gutters of Hollywood, it would appear that the long-awaited third installment of the beloved franchise is finally headed to the big screen. If recent reports are accurate, then the movie could start shooting in Ohio this spring. The… Read more »

Dom Hugs [Video]

dom hugs

Dom Tiberi, a sports director at WBNS-TV returns to work a week after his ...

Ohio Kidnap Victims Kept Detailed Diaries, Speak At Sentencing

Ariel Castro Kidnapping

Ohio kidnap victims Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight came one step closer to recovery today with the sentencing of Ariel Castro in their abduction and captivity. Castro opted for a plea in the case of the Ohio kidnap victims, sparing him a date with the chair and ensuring his three former captives would… Read more »

Three Ohio Kidnap Victims Thank Public For Support [Video]

Ohio kidnap victims video

Three Ohio kidnap victims who were held for a decade, released a Youtube video on Monday night, to thank the public for their support after their incredible escape. The women, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight broke their silence in the three-minute, 30-second video posted at midnight. They thank supporters for their encouragement and… Read more »

Toddler Killed, Two Ohio Men Found Guilty

Toddler Killed, Jury Reaches Verdict On Her Killers

A toddler killed last fall has received justice, according to prosecutors and a jury of 12. The one-year-old child was gunned down by two alleged gang members last August, The News-Herald noted on Friday shortly following the verdict. The convicted shooters — 21-year-old Keshawn Jennings and 19-year-old Antwaine Jones — were described as gang members… Read more »

Red Light Camera Ban Passed In Ohio

Red Light Camera Ban Passed In Ohio

A red light camera ban has been passed by the Ohio house, putting an end to traffic light and speed cameras across the state. The law requires all municipalities in the state to remove law-enforcement cameras, except fpor mobile units in school zones during restricted hours, though this is only applicable in the presence of… Read more »

David Oliver, Police Chief, Develops Facebook Following For Shaming Criminals

David Oliver

Brimfield Township, OH – Police Chief David Oliver has developed quite a significant social following on Facebook for posting entertaining updates about the Ohio beat. Criminals seem to be the biggest butt of Oliver’s online behavior too. The department enjoys some 51,000 Facebook fans, all tuning in for amusing stories about the “mopes” (the term… Read more »

Charles Ramsey: No Burgers, Thanks

ramsey no burgers

Charles Ramsey wants no burgers after his unlikely fame following the rescue of three women and a child imprisoned in the home of Ariel Castro in Cleveland — and the dishwasher, who had been about to eat a Big Mac when he was called upon to help victim Amanda Berry escape, kind of takes exception… Read more »