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Hoax? New York Man Allegedly Finds Dead Rodent Inside Chop’t Wrap!

Dead rodent insode wrap

Controversy seems to brewing over picture posted on to Twitter that showed a dead rodent inside a Chop’t wrap ordered by a customer. The incident allegedly took place at the Chop’t store at 80 Pine Street in Manhattan, New York, reports The Gothamist. Originally posted by Twitter user Steve Henderson to his Twitter account (@stevehenderso),… Read more »

Man’s Knife In Shoe Found At Detroit Airport: Passenger Now Faces Charges


A man with a knife in his shoe was arrested after it was found during a security screening. The incident happened at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus on Sunday. The man’s name has not been released. According to Fox News, Sunday morning at approximately 7:22 a.m., Transportation Security Administration officers found “an artfully concealed… Read more »

Ohio Woman Discovers Bird Leg In Her Packet Of Dole Spinach!

Dole Spinach pack

Body parts of animals is the last thing you would expect in a bag of packaged food. But that is exactly what Rose Carducci found inside the bag of Dole Spinach when she ordered her groceries from Buehler’s last Monday. According to WEWS News Channel 5, the 28-year-old Wadsworth woman who has a staple diet… Read more »

Naked Airline Passenger Gets Tasered After Trying To Fight Pilot [Watch]

Naked drunk passenger Tasered at airport

A 52-year-old British holidaymaker who arrived at Manchester Airport on a flight from Malta, was tasered by police after he stripped naked on the runway. The man, who was apparently very drunk (one hopes), began verbally abusing other passengers on the flight. An eye-witness on the flight said: “He’d had an altercation with other passengers… Read more »

Teacher Fired For Putting Out Fire, Saving Kids

teacher fired for putting out fire

Arlington, FL – Today in news that makes you go “whaaaaaat,” a teacher was fired after saving a group of kids by putting out a fire. Michelle Hammack was fired from Little Temples Childcare facility on Wednesday on a protocol technicality. A fire had started in a nearby classroom, causing Hammack to investigate. She found… Read more »

Florida Man Screams ‘Zimmerman!’ Punches Truck, Gets Arrested

Man punches window zimmerman

Melbourne, FL – We understand that emotions are running high after the George Zimmerman verdict, but we do not recommend running and punching random truck windows. Not only could you break something, you will definitely get arrested (especially if the driver is inside). Joseph Vargo, a 57-year-old man, accomplished just that when he punched the… Read more »

Message In A Bottle In New York Beach Belongs To Dead Girl

Message in a bottle dead girl

A message in a bottle that a dead girl wrote 12 years ago came to shore in New York and has been found in the debris from Hurricane Sandy. Sidonie Fery was 10-years-old when she wrote the message in a scrap of paper and threw the bottle into the ocean in Long Island. Twelve years… Read more »

$18k Earrings Accidentally Sold For $20 At Garage Sale

$18k Earrings Accidentally Sold For $20 At Garage Sale

A mother from Huntington Beach has accidentally sold her $18K earrings for just $20 in a garage sale. The earrings were located inside the pocket of an old jean jacket. According to the 38-year-old woman, Dori Rhoades, she had hidden the earrings along with $1,500 and a ring that her husband had bought her in… Read more »