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Naked Airline Passenger Gets Tasered After Trying To Fight Pilot [Watch]

Naked drunk passenger Tasered at airport

A 52-year-old British holidaymaker who arrived at Manchester Airport on a flight from Malta, was tasered by police after he stripped naked on the runway. The man, who was apparently very drunk (one hopes), began verbally abusing other passengers on the flight. An eye-witness on the flight said: “He’d had an altercation with other passengers… Read more »

Teacher Fired For Putting Out Fire, Saving Kids

teacher fired for putting out fire

Arlington, FL – Today in news that makes you go “whaaaaaat,” a teacher was fired after saving a group of kids by putting out a fire. Michelle Hammack was fired from Little Temples Childcare facility on Wednesday on a protocol technicality. A fire had started in a nearby classroom, causing Hammack to investigate. She found… Read more »

Florida Man Screams ‘Zimmerman!’ Punches Truck, Gets Arrested

Man punches window zimmerman

Melbourne, FL – We understand that emotions are running high after the George Zimmerman verdict, but we do not recommend running and punching random truck windows. Not only could you break something, you will definitely get arrested (especially if the driver is inside). Joseph Vargo, a 57-year-old man, accomplished just that when he punched the… Read more »

Message In A Bottle In New York Beach Belongs To Dead Girl

Message in a bottle dead girl

A message in a bottle that a dead girl wrote 12 years ago came to shore in New York and has been found in the debris from Hurricane Sandy. Sidonie Fery was 10-years-old when she wrote the message in a scrap of paper and threw the bottle into the ocean in Long Island. Twelve years… Read more »

$18k Earrings Accidentally Sold For $20 At Garage Sale

$18k Earrings Accidentally Sold For $20 At Garage Sale

A mother from Huntington Beach has accidentally sold her $18K earrings for just $20 in a garage sale. The earrings were located inside the pocket of an old jean jacket. According to the 38-year-old woman, Dori Rhoades, she had hidden the earrings along with $1,500 and a ring that her husband had bought her in… Read more »

Bee Memorial To Be Held By Oregon Resident

Bee Memorial Held By Oregon Resident

After the news that thousands of bees died last week, an Oregon resident, Rozzell Medina, has decided to hold a bee memorial. For anyone who might have missed the shocking news that had scientists baffled, roughly 25,000 bumble bees were found dead under dozens of European linden trees. Although the cause was initially unknown, the Xerces Society… Read more »

Gutter Pervert Crawled Into Sewers To Look Up Women’s Skirts

Gutter Pervert Crawled Into Sewers To Look Up A Woman's Skirt

Japanese resident, Yasuomi Hirai, has been dubbed a gutter pervert after he allegedly crawled into a sewers just to try and look up a women’s skirts. The 26-year-old was arrested in Kobe, Japan, and has admitted to participating in this taboo behavior several times previously. According to, Hirai said that he had done this… Read more »

Karma Rewards Burglar Who Found Dead Man And Called Police

burglar finds dead man

  A self-confessed burglar won’t face breaking-and-entering charges after ultimately doing the right thing and calling the police when he found a dead man inside a home he intended to rob. The unnamed burglar broke into a Hamilton home in Australia, only to find a dead man hanging early yesterday, reports The 21-year-old broke… Read more »

Catfish Joke Turned Deadly

Catfish Joke Turns Deadly

What started out as a harmless catfish joke during a Father’s Day outing in Maumelle, Arkansas soon turned into a deadly situation for a 13-year-old boy, named Aiden, and his mother, Melissa Menchaca. In a practical joke involving a live catfish, Menchaca tried to get the catfish to cooperate and give her son a “kiss”;… Read more »

‘Marijuana Moms’ Say Toking Up Makes Them Better Parents [Video]

marijuana use

  Beverly Hills, CA – “Marijuana Moms” refers to a huge subculture that has popped up on the West Coast lately. A group of adults have banded together to openly reveal that they smoke weed regularly and that it makes them better parents. Though there are many instances where it might be argued that smoking weed… Read more »

World’s Last Telegram To Be Sent Next Month In India

world's last telegram

  The world’s last telegram ever will be sent next month on July 14 by India’s state-run telecommunications company. For our younger readers, a “telegram” is like your grandpa’s text message. It’s on paper and comes to your mail box. No, not your email inbox. Forget it. Anyway, the world’s last telegram will be sent… Read more »

Goalkeeper With Bullet In Skull Plays Full Game, Wonders Why Head Hurts


  A bullet in the skull wasn’t enough to deter one goalkeeper from finishing his match. Bosnian goalkeeper Duško Krtalica competed in a tournament in the Sarajevo suburb Boljakov Potok, when his head started to hurt. The 51-year-old shrugged it off and kept playing anyway, believing that his headache was caused by knocking his head into a… Read more »

Random London Pavement Explosions Prompt Official Warning [Video]

london pavement explosions

London, UK – London has a pavement explosion problem, which is apparently so severe and dangerous that officials have stepped up and finally warned the public about the unstable walking spaces. Londoners are actually at risk of death from a strange outbreak of pavement explosions, some of which have been captured on video and shared… Read more »