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Passenger Gives Birth Aboard Southwest Airlines Flight 623

Woman in labor Southwest Airlines

Passengers aboard a Southwest Airlines flight did not expect anything out of the ordinary to happen on what was a routine flight from San Francisco to Phoenix. However, when the plane finally landed, there was one extra passenger on board the plane. According to Yahoo News, a passenger aboard the flight went into labor shortly… Read more »

Paul Kitterman: Broncos Fan Who Went Missing Is Safe, Back With Family

Missing Colorado man Paul Kitterman has been found

Paul Kitterman, the Broncos fan who mysteriously vanished in the midst of a Denver Broncos game against the San Diego Chargers on Thursday, October 23 has been found safe. According to ABC News, the Denver Police Department has officially announced that Kitterman was found safe and unharmed in Pueblo, Colorado – over 100 miles away… Read more »

Miami Coast Guard Rescues Man Trapped Inside Inflatable Hydro Bubble!

Hydro bubble rescue

A man trapped inside an inflatable hydro bubble – off the Miami coast was rescued by U.S. Coast guard officials after they received reports of a middle aged man who went missing. The man, later identified as Reza Balunchi was reportedly disoriented inside the hydro bubble and was asking for directions to Bermuda! The man… Read more »

Crabs Delay US Airways Flight From New York’s LaGuardia Airport

US Airways flight crabs

Officials at New York’s LaGuardia Airport were faced with a unique predicament when they had to delay a U.S. Airways flight for over 30 minutes owing to a strange reason. According to The Trentonian, the U.S. Airways Flight 890, which was scheduled to depart LaGuardia at 7 p.m. on Friday, did not take off until… Read more »

Dutch Girl Fakes Five-Week-Long Vacation To The Far East On Facebook!

Facebook fake posts

Zilla van den Born, a Dutch girl, recently told her friends and family members about her exciting five-week-long vacation to South East Asia. As expected of any modern-day youngster who decides to go traveling, her friends and family members watched, liked, and commented on the pictures she uploaded to Facebook that showed her having a… Read more »

Texas Dog Brings Home Human Skull, Leaves Owners Terrified!

Dog brings home human skull

A Texas dog gave a nasty surprise to its owners on Monday morning when the beloved pet bought home something really terrifying. How would you feel if you played fetch with your dog, and instead of getting back the ball you threw, it brings home a human skull? That’s somewhat similar to what happened with… Read more »