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Trump Obama Announcement Today Rumored To Be About Imminent Divorce

trump obama announcement

The Donald Trump Obama announcement bombshell that the fameball real estate mogul has planned for at around noon today has been creating a buzz, mostly among tired Obama fans who are bored of Trump’s attention whoring and hopeful Obama detractors who are gleefully anticipating a longed-for dint in the President’s clean record. But the Trump… Read more »

Trump’s Obama Announcement Is Not Being Taken Too Seriously By Anyone

trump obama announcement

Donald Trump’s Obama announcement is expected tomorrow at around noon, but, even in this divisive American election season, no one has been bothered to get too worked up over Trump’s latest gold-plated, hair-plugged nonsense. Trump’s Obama announcement seems a bit sour grapes-y considering the fact the reality show star desperately wanted to run for the… Read more »

Donald Trump Claims To Have Barack Obama Bombshell

Donald Trump claims to have big news about president Obama

Former rumored presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on Fox & Friends Monday and told viewers that he had “very big” news concerning President of the United States Barack Obama. Always a showman, Trump did not divulge the details, but said he would do so on Wednesday, most likely via Twitter. So what is the big… Read more »