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Cuba Releases 53 Political Prisoners Honoring Deal With U.S.


Cuba has completed the release of 53 political prisoners it promised to free as part of its normalization deal with the United States. Over the weekend, Cuban government officials informed the Obama administration that the last of the prisoners had been set free. The U.S. Interests Section in Havana, which handles consular affairs and other… Read more »

Obamacare Winners And Losers [Video]


ObamaCare had some winners and losers last year. A latest Gallup poll found 27 percent of Americans claim the health care law hurt them; whereas, 16 percent said they benefited. Some American families find that ObamaCare is helping to improve their lives, both financially and with respect to their health. On the other hand, others… Read more »

Big Brother Spying Program Is Stripping Away Privacy [Video]

Big Brother Is Watching You

Big brother is watching you and millions of other people around the world. George Orwell’s concept of big brother communicated in his political and science fiction classic novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four is a reality worth careful consideration. Orwell wrote “big brother is watching you”; however, he was actually an optimist. He would not have envisioned that… Read more »

North Korea Cyber Attack Threats – Video Warning Sent To FBI

north korea

North Korea cyber attack threats were issued in response to the Communist nation being blamed for The Interview Sony hack. Late Sunday evening, Kim Jong Un’s nation accused President Barack Obama of “recklessly” spreading gossip that points fingers at Pyongyang. The National Defense Commission of North Korea release said that the Pentagon, the White House,… Read more »

Angela Box: 3rd Grade Teacher Wants Ebola To ‘Take Out Obama’ [Video]

Angela Box Resigns

Angela Box, the former third grade teacher at Ray Daily Elementary school in west Houston, Texas, resigned with pay. Box made racists comments about President Barack Obama and Muslims on a local political program in November. In one episode of the local conservative political show Tommy’s Garage, Box jokingly had this to say. “Can’t Ebola… Read more »

Obama Fears Sasha, Malia, And His Future Grandsons Will Be Racism Victims

president obama

President Obama is worried about Sasha and Malia, as well as his future grandsons, becoming victims of racism and “constant bias.” During an interview with BET, Barack Obama said he fears that his children and grandchildren will be made to feel that America “is not their home.” The president discussed the state of race relations… Read more »

Elizabeth Lauten Illustrates Ugly Side Of Today’s Politics

Elizabeth Lauten illustrates ugly politics

Elizabeth Lauten has had quite a successful career in politics up to this point. It seems likely that Ms. Lauten’s latest antics are going to put a damper in any aspirations Elizabeth had for advancement. By now, most people have heard about Elizabeth Lauten’s comments about President Obama’s daughters. In those comments, she said the… Read more »

‘SNL Schoolhouse Rock’ Obama Parody Goes Viral

snl obama parody

A SNL Schoolhouse Rock “I’m Just A Bill” parody taking aim at President Barack Obama’s illegal immigration executive order has gone viral. The political spoof is based upon the popular 1970s and early 1980s Schoolhouse Rock cartoon videos designed to teach children about how the United States government works and the history of the nation…. Read more »