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Tim Wendelboe Coffee Shop Burglarized – Guess What Thieves Stole?

Thieves Steal Only Coffee From Coffee Shop

Thieves recently broke into world-renowned Tim Wendelboe Coffee Shop in Oslo, Norway. Leaving aside much of the valuable and easily tradable items, they only took what the shop is famous for – coffee. The internationally acclaimed cafe and roastery, owned and operated by World Barista Champion Tim Wendelboe, was the victim of a late-night looting… Read more »

Everyone In Norway Is a Millionaire Thanks to Oil


On Wednesday, Jan. 8, every citizen in Norway became a millionaire! According to the 2013 census, that’s a total of approximately 5,096,300 millionaires in Norway – at least theoretically they are. But, make no mistake about it, the wealth is there! However, most are probably wondering how exactly did such an unprecedented feat occur. The… Read more »

Rjukan Sun Mirrors Will Light Up Dark Village In Norway’s Winter

Rjukan sun mirror

The Rjukan sun mirrors will allow a mountain village in Norway to enjoy sunlight in winter for the first time in human history. According to the Visit Norway tourist website, the popular town known for its waterfall and bungee jumping is deprived of sunlight for five months of the year because of the surrounding mountains…. Read more »

New Breivik Video Shows Him Walking Away Before Van Explodes

New Video Shows Breivik Walking Away Before Explosion

Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Brevik, is certainly getting all the attention he demands from his long suffering nation. Last week, the world was treated to Breivik whining about his prison conditions, comparing them to a “mini Abu Ghraib” in Afghanistan. Now a video has surfaced showing Breivik walking away from a white van moments before… Read more »

Breivik Found Sane And Sentenced to 21 Years

Anders Breivik Gets 21 Years In Prison

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik smiled with apparent self-satisfaction when Judge Wenche Elisabeth Arntzen ruled that Breivik was sane and sentenced him to 10 to 21 years preventive detention. The smirking and smiling Breivik was belligerent from moment he arrived in the courtroom, giving a clenched fist salute as he entered. The sanity ruling… Read more »

High Blood Pressure, Palpitations, May Portend Future Heart Rhythm Disorder

high blood pressure palpitations

High blood pressure and palpitations are bothersome cardiovascular issues just by themselves, but a new study reveals that both conditions could also signal a future and potentially very serious heart problem as well. In a study out of Norway, researchers looked at patients with high blood pressure and palpitations, and tracked the participants for more… Read more »

Anders Behring Breivik Had Planned President Obama Car Bombing

Anders Behring Breivik

Anders Behring Breivik was arrested and found guilty in the murder of 77 people during a July 22, 2011 bombing and if Breivik had his way President Barack Obama would have been his first victim back in 2009. The far-Right extremist during his arrest told Norwegian police that he had planned to pack a car… Read more »

Norway Military Loses Plane During Exercise Mission

C130 Norway Plane Missing

Five people aboard a Norwegian military transport plane went missing on Thursday while performing military exercises. The plane is feared to have crashed in northern Sweden however further investigation is underway. The plane, a C-130 was on its way from Evenes in northern Norway to Kiruna, Sweden where it was set to pick up additional… Read more »

German Retailer Names Store After Infamous Mass Killer

Thor Steinar

A German retailer that’s popular with neo-Nazis caused an uproar this week when they chose to name their new retail location after a famous Norwegian mass killer. The store is known as “Brevik” and is believed to be named after killer Anders Behring Breivik. Following the announcement the stores name sparked public outry with a… Read more »