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Couple Take Homemade Personal ‘Shark Cages’ To North Carolina Beach

The "cages" were made from PVC, and intended to be used in a spoof photograph.

A couple visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina made waves this weekend when they were filmed stepping into the ocean wearing homemade, personal shark cages as part of an intended spoof video. Scott and Sandi Bergman, who hail from Richmond, Virginia, were filmed in Kill Devil Hills, according to the Huffington Post. On Sunday,… Read more »

Shark Attacks Marine Off North Carolina Coast Over July 4 Weekend

The incident left a Marine's arm lacerated, though authorities were not alerted.

The unusual rash of shark attacks that have plagued the North Carolina coast continued unabated over the holiday weekend, as a marine was injured in an incident at Surf City. Medical staff at Camp Lejeune naval hospital revealed on Monday that a 32-year-old marine had sought treatment for injuries sustained in a shark attack over… Read more »

Shark Expert On Attacks: ‘Something Strange Is Going On’

Seven shark attacks have happened so far this year in North Carolina alone, a state that usually sees one or two such incidents.

A recent outbreak of shark attacks has gripped some regions of the East Coast with fear heading into the Fourth of July weekend, and experts assert that while the phenomenon is likely to be temporary, something “strange” is most certainly going on. The attacks began last month along the coast of North Carolina and continued… Read more »

Debbie Dills: Meet The Good Samaritan Who Led Police To Dylann Roof

Good samaritan's actions led to the arrest of Dylan Roof.

A 911 call from a North Carolina woman on her way to work brought an end to the desperate search for alleged murderer Dylann Roof. Roof, the alleged gunman who killed nine people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday, was apprehended after Debbie Dills not only spotted him, but followed him for… Read more »

Carolina Butcher: Massive Crocodile Ancestor Discovered In North Carolina

crocodile ancestor found

The Carolina Butcher is a long-lost and massive relative of the crocodile. The new species of reptile found in North Carolina is believed to predate dinosaurs. The Carnufex carolinensis, or the Carolina Butcher, walked on its hind legs and was nine feet long. The crocodile ancestor’s bones were recently unearthed in an old quarry. The… Read more »

Three Young Brothers Stabbed To Death In New Bern, North Carolina

new bern north carolina

Three young brothers were stabbed to death in New Bern, North Carolina. Two other members of the same family were injured in the grizzly attack. The boys, aged 1, 5, and 12, were reportedly killed with a “machete-like” knife during the late evening hours on Tuesday. New Bern, North Carolina police found the dead bodies… Read more »