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Lennon Lacy Death Might Be A Lynching Not Suicide, FBI Says

lyncihng north carolina

Lennon Lacy, 17, was found hanged with a dog leash and a belt on a swing set in North Carolina in August. His death was initially ruled a suicide, but an FBI probe into the matter indicate Lacy’s death may have been a lynching and a hate crime. The FBI launched an investigation into the… Read more »

Illegal Immigrants Boycott Threatened In North Carolina

north carolina illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants are putting a major strain on public resources, according to Surry County, North Carolina officials. The county is threatening to boycott products from the home countries of the illegal aliens if the federal government does not do something to stem the wave of border crossings. Surry County Commissioner Larry Phillips said the North… Read more »

Summer Camp For Grown Ups: Survival Expert Rick Austin Hosts Prepper Camp

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Best selling author and off the grid living expert Rick Austin and a dedicated group of preppers have been busy “herding cats” for several months in order to pull off perhaps the most hands-on self-reliance event ever hosted in the United States. Prepper Camp™ will be held the picturesque North Carolina hills and could easily… Read more »

Supreme Court Rules Against Water Contamination Victims

well water lawsuit

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled against victims in a well water contamination lawsuit. The CTS Corporation v. Waldburger case decision reportedly makes it far more difficult for those sickened by water contamination to garner restitution. A group of property owners in Asheville, North Carolina sued after allegedly suffering health issues due to toxic pollution… Read more »

Nuclear Bomb Nearly Detonated Over North Carolina

mk 39 atomic bomb

A B-52 Bomber crash in 1961 dropped two hydrogen bombs on North Carolina, and recently declassified documents have revealed a chilling fact: One of the weapons was armed when it hit the ground. The incident, which took place in the skies above Goldsboro, North Carolina, came to light last year, as The Inquisitr reported. A… Read more »

Marine Opens Fire On Colleague At Camp Lejeune, One Dead

Camp Lejeune Shooting

Tragedy struck Camp Lejeune, North Carolina when a Marine stationed there shot and killed another of his colleague near the facility’s main gate, early Tuesday afternoon. According to the Washington Post, the shooter was taken in to custody and is being questioned by authorities. According to a report by Stars and Stripes, both the men… Read more »

Dunkin’ Donuts’ Plumbing Problem Reportedly Leaves 12 People Sick

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Six employees and six of their family members have suffereAll Postsd from a gastrointestinal illness since the January 31, 2014 grand opening of the Dunkin’ Donuts in Monroe, North Carolina. Health officials are also concerned that other individuals may have contracted the stomach bug after visiting the new store. Now, union officials are investigating the… Read more »

DOJ Suing North Carolina Over Voter ID Law

Voter ID lawsuit

The Justice Department is suing the State of North Carolina over voter ID laws. Eric Holder’s agency filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the Tar Heel State. The voter ID lawsuit claims that North Carolina violated provisions in Section 2 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act when passing the ballot casting legislation.The North Carolina voter… Read more »

Abortion Law Requiring Ultrasounds Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Judge

A NC law requiring clinics to show pregnant women an ultrasound was declared unconstitutional.

An abortion law requiring clinics to show pregnant women ultrasounds in North Carolina was ruled unconstitutional on Friday. The provision in the law required abortion and pregnancy clinics to reveal the images from ultrasounds so women could see them. They were then supposed to describe the dimensions of an embryo or fetus and other information… Read more »

Police Killing Of Mentally Ill Boy Keith Vidal ‘Appropriate,’ Lawyer Says

Keith Vidal

The detective who shot and killed schizophrenic teen Keith Vidal in his own home in front of his parents “acted appropriately,” a lawyer for the cop told CNN today. North Carolina authorities are now investigating Sunday’s fatal shooting and, when those investigations are finished, “All folks — everybody — will conclude that the officers acted… Read more »

Elk Euthanized After Hazing Failed 28 Times [Viral Video]

Elk euthanized

An Elk was euthanized on Friday after an amateur video, which went viral, showed it headbutting a nature photographer in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in North Carolina. The one-year-old elk can be seen in the video jabbing the sitting photographer with its antlers almost in a playful way as opposed to a violent… Read more »