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Marine Opens Fire On Colleague At Camp Lejeune, One Dead

Camp Lejeune Shooting

Tragedy struck Camp Lejeune, North Carolina when a Marine stationed there shot and killed another of his colleague near the facility’s main gate, early Tuesday afternoon. According to the Washington Post, the shooter was taken in to custody and is being questioned by authorities. According to a report by Stars and Stripes, both the men… Read more »

Dunkin’ Donuts’ Plumbing Problem Reportedly Leaves 12 People Sick

dunkin donuts 2

Six employees and six of their family members have suffereAll Postsd from a gastrointestinal illness since the January 31, 2014 grand opening of the Dunkin’ Donuts in Monroe, North Carolina. Health officials are also concerned that other individuals may have contracted the stomach bug after visiting the new store. Now, union officials are investigating the… Read more »

DOJ Suing North Carolina Over Voter ID Law

Voter ID lawsuit

The Justice Department is suing the State of North Carolina over voter ID laws. Eric Holder’s agency filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the Tar Heel State. The voter ID lawsuit claims that North Carolina violated provisions in Section 2 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act when passing the ballot casting legislation.The North Carolina voter… Read more »

Abortion Law Requiring Ultrasounds Ruled Unconstitutional By Federal Judge

A NC law requiring clinics to show pregnant women an ultrasound was declared unconstitutional.

An abortion law requiring clinics to show pregnant women ultrasounds in North Carolina was ruled unconstitutional on Friday. The provision in the law required abortion and pregnancy clinics to reveal the images from ultrasounds so women could see them. They were then supposed to describe the dimensions of an embryo or fetus and other information… Read more »

Police Killing Of Mentally Ill Boy Keith Vidal ‘Appropriate,’ Lawyer Says

Keith Vidal

The detective who shot and killed schizophrenic teen Keith Vidal in his own home in front of his parents “acted appropriately,” a lawyer for the cop told CNN today. North Carolina authorities are now investigating Sunday’s fatal shooting and, when those investigations are finished, “All folks — everybody — will conclude that the officers acted… Read more »

Elk Euthanized After Hazing Failed 28 Times [Viral Video]

Elk euthanized

An Elk was euthanized on Friday after an amateur video, which went viral, showed it headbutting a nature photographer in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in North Carolina. The one-year-old elk can be seen in the video jabbing the sitting photographer with its antlers almost in a playful way as opposed to a violent… Read more »

Goldsboro, North Carolina Nearly Destroyed By Hydrogen Bomb In 1961

North Carolina and Atomic Bomb

The United States government nearly blew up Goldsboro, North Carolina with a hydrogen bomb during a botched B-52 bomber flight in 1961. According to newly declassified documents two hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over Goldsboro on January 23, 1961 when the B-52 bomber carrying them broke up in mid-air. One of the atomic bombs actually… Read more »

Flooding In North Carolina Kills Man And Child

Flooding In North Carolina Kills Man And Child

Flooding In North Carolina is being blamed for the deaths of two people. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, flash flooding in North Carolina closed roads through out the region. The North Carolina flooding caused officials to declare a state of emergency in Catawba County. At least 10 people needed to be rescued from the… Read more »

North Carolina Passes Controversial Voter ID Laws

North Carolina Lawmakers Require Voting ID With New Bill

North Carolina passed a controversial new voter bill Thursday night. The new laws require citizens to present photo identification before being allowed to vote. The state joins several others who have recently passed controversial voting laws. The new laws passed through the North Carolina House after approval from the state senate, CNN reports. Republicans in… Read more »

Motorcycle Safety Bill Used To Sneak In North Carolina Abortion Laws

Motorcycle Safety Bill In North Carolina Just A Cover For Radical Abortion Laws

A motorcycle safety bill is being used as cover for radical new abortion laws in North Carolina. This comes after the state’s governor threatened to veto the anti-abortion proposals previously attached to a bill intended to ban Sharia law. After that bill fell apart on Wednesday, state legislators in North Carolina were swift to pin… Read more »

North Carolina Attempts To Declare ‘Official State Religion’

North Carolina proposes official state religion

What would happen if a state like North Carolina declared an “official state religion?” It would be pretty messy for a lot of reasons, but one of the big “benefits” to doing so would be exemption from the Constitution and court rulings (otherwise known as “America” and “the law”). But that’s exactly what Republican state… Read more »

Rick Ross Cancels North Carolina Tour After Receiving Death Threats

The Gangster Disciples

Rapper Rick Ross has canceled a number of appearances in North Carolina after receiving death threats from a gang, according to The Huffington Post A group known as The Gangster Disciples posted a series of YouTube videos which were targeted at the rapper and his Maybach Music Group. The gang, which describes themselves as “Maybach… Read more »

Woman Goes To Court In Order To Keep Her Beloved Pet Chicken

Woman Goes To Court For Pet Chicken

Bluffington, NC – How far would you go to keep the family pet? According to UPI, 41-year-old chicken owner Stephanie Stewart will appear in to court to battle an town ordinance that says her fine feathered friend is nothing more than livestock. If the city decides that the chicken doesn’t qualify as a pet, the… Read more »

Generous Panhandler Hands Out $5 Bills On His Birthday

Man gives away free money on his birthday

Who ever heard of a panhandler actually giving away money instead of asking for it? Rather than beg for money while standing at a busy intersection, North Carolina resident Bill Blackley actually gave his own money away to complete strangers last Thursday, which, incidentally, was also his birthday. We pass panhandlers all the time on… Read more »