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Nigella Lawson Allowed To Enter New Zealand


Nigella Lawson may be banned from entering the US, but there is one other country at the other end of the map that is willing to have the celebrity chef on board. According to Yahoo, Nigella has been granted a special visa and is now currently allowed to enter New Zealand. In an interview, Immigration… Read more »

Nigella Lawson Banned From Entering US, Friends Blame Charles Saatchi

Nigella Lawson US

Nigella Lawson was recently banned from entering the US due to a drug confession she made in court last year. The “domestic goddess” was attempting to board a flight to Los Angeles when officials reportedly turned her away. Although she didn’t face charges in the UK after admitting she used cocaine, apparently officials in the… Read more »

Nigella Lawson’s Rom Com Villain Hubby Blames Chef For Divorce

Charles Saatchi Divorce

Nigella Lawson’s husband and soon-to-be ex sent a scathing and blame-filled letter to a British news outlet, announcing that he’d been left with no choice but to divorce his wife after she allowed herself to be photographed with his hand around her throat. (Women, can’t live with them, can’t choke them without people getting all sensitive… Read more »

Nigella Lawson Divorce: How Nasty Will It Get?

Nigella Lawson

The Nigella Lawson divorce from Charles Saatchi is likely to get nasty. That’s the overwhelming response to the 70-year-old art collector’s statement on Sunday to UK tabloid The Daily Mail that he had filed for divorce to end their 10-year marriage. In the shocking open statement aimed at the celebrity chef, Saatchi said: “I am… Read more »

Nigella Lawson’s Husband Charles Saatchi Files For Divorce

Charles Saatchi Divorce

Nigella Lawson’s husband Charles Saatchi has reportedly filed for divorce. News of the split arrived weeks after controversial photos of the couple were published in a UK tabloid. Saatchi was caught by a photographer with his hand around Lawson’s throat. The art collector later turned himself over to police after news of the incident spread… Read more »

Nigella Lawson Is Rumored To Want a Divorce

Nigella Lawson Is Rumored To Want a Divorce

According to reports, Nigella Lawson is rumored to want a divorce from her husband, Charles Saatchi. Since the shocking pictures were released revealing her 70-year-old spouse “throttling” her in a restaurant, there has been many questions asked about their relationship. The “domestic goddess” of cooking has reportedly told close family and friends that she is nearing… Read more »