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Sandy Hook: Killer’s House To Be Torn Down

Sandy Hook Elementary School Killers Home

The home of Sandy Hook Elementary School Killer Adam Lanza is to be torn down and destroyed. Officials in Newtown, Connecticut, have voted to tear down the home where Lanza lived before he carried out the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Lanza killed his mother in the house, before going on to murder… Read more »

Gun Control Support Plummets To Near-Record Lows [Poll]

Gun Control Support Is In Decline

Gun control support has taken a tumble since 2012. According to a new poll from Gallup, the numbers have fallen to near-record lows in just a two-year period from 58 percent to 47 percent. This 11-point drop was due to both Republicans and Democrats easing on support. On the Democrat side, it represents a drop… Read more »

Gun Control: New Jersey Going Forward With High-Capacity Magazine Ban

gun control

New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney has changed his mind about the state’s high-capacity magazine ban. Last year State Senator Sweeney was a vocal proponent of the gun control law which angered Second Amendment supporters. Now, the lawmaker has reconsidered enacting additional and more stringent limits on magazines gun owners can possess. Beginning last Spring… Read more »

Newtown Students Still Live With Fear And Nightmares

Sandy Hook Massacre Survivors Nightmares

Newtown, CT — Students from Sandy Hook Elementary are still experiencing fear and nightmares about the day they watched their classmates and friends die at the hand of a gunman. Hundreds of children survived the shooting at their school on December 14, 2012. While they were moved to a new school and went through the… Read more »

Sandy Hook Fund Distribution Causes Frustration In Newtown

Sandy Hook fund distribution causes frustration

The Sandy Hook Fund was the topic of a town hall meeting in Newtown on Thursday. Victims’ families and other members of the community expressed outrage and frustration regarding the manner in which the funds collected would be distributed. The main complaint by the community members and the victim’s families regarding the distribution of the… Read more »

New Yorker With AR-15 Faces Down Robber With A Handgun

second amendment

A New York college student grabbed his AR-15 when he heard his roommate scream. The scream was not a mere, “I tripped and sprained my ankle” kind of sound. The fast-thinking Rochester Institute of Technology student grabbed his semi-automatic rifle to protect himself, his friend, and his property. When roommate Christopher Boise heard noise coming… Read more »