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Friday Night Office Sex Romp Caught On Camera In New Zealand [Video]

Friday Night Office Sex Romp

Two office colleagues at an insurance brokers company in Christchurch, New Zealand, were caught on camera having a Friday night office sex romp after they forgot to turn the lights off. The two inadvertently put on an impressive hour-long show for at least 50 revelers at a bar across the road. The club-goers cheered as… Read more »

Dirty Deeds: AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Charged In Murder Plot

AC/DC drummer arrested

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was charged with attempting to arrange a murder. Police raided the drummer’s home in Tarunga, New Zealand, on Thursday morning. According to the BBC News, officials found methamphetamine and marijuana at Rudd’s home during the raid and he has been charged accordingly. While full details have not yet emerged, it appears… Read more »

Google Maps Overrun By Cats? Hacker Leaves Easter Egg

Google Maps cat baffles, gets taken down

Google Maps is becoming notorious for its real life Easter eggs, but a recent discovery has even Google baffled. Apparently a hacker has gone in and left a cat in the online mapping service. When Google discovered the hack, New Zealand head of communications Annie Baxter admitted she didn’t know how it got there. “We… Read more »

Janelle Monae Cancels Australian Tour

Monae and Kimbra.

American R&B and soul singer Janelle Monae has canceled all shows on her Australian tour due to an unexpected illness. Monae had to back out of her first two shows with New Zealand pop star Kimbra, according to The New Zealand Herald, initially postponing the rest of her shows until she could get medical attention…. Read more »

Nigella Lawson Allowed To Enter New Zealand


Nigella Lawson may be banned from entering the US, but there is one other country at the other end of the map that is willing to have the celebrity chef on board. According to Yahoo, Nigella has been granted a special visa and is now currently allowed to enter New Zealand. In an interview, Immigration… Read more »

Bruno Mars Leaves Down Under In A “Frenzy”

bruno mars on tour down under

Bruno Mars and his Jungle Men continued grooving through their Moonshine Jungle Tour, wrapping up the Australia/New Zealand leg with a sold out Saturday Night crowd at Auckland’s Vector Arena – A crowd that Grammy winner Mars and his very capable band worked into a “frenzy”, according to the New Zealand Herald. Following an illness… Read more »

Vitamin D Supplements May Be Useless

Vitamin D

According to a new study funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand, vitamin D supplements may be completely useless. Vitamin D has long been associated with many ailments such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, fractures, and depression. The supplements are commonly prescribed to millions of people each year, however this new study shows… Read more »

Justin Bieber Allegedly Signs Good Behavior Hotel ‘Contract’

Justin Bieber Signs New Zealand Hotel Contract?

Justin Bieber allegedly signed a contract “forcing” him to behave at a New Zealand hotel ahead of his tour stop in Auckland last week, according to a new report by the The Daily Star. It’s claimed Auckland’s five-star Langham Hotel, where Bieber reportedly stayed during his visit to New Zealand last weekend, insisted Bieber sign… Read more »

Facebook ‘Rape Club’ Gets Police Attention

Facebook Rape Club Takes Disgusting To New Heights

A Facebook “rape club” has gained police attention in New Zealand. Law enforcement officials say they are looking into a group of young men who’ve formed an online group to boast about luring underage girls and raping them as a group. Unfortunately, police do not seem to yet have hard evidence to prosecute. As Raw… Read more »

New Zealand 6.5 Earthquake Hits Near Wellington, Several Aftershocks

New Zealand 6.5 earthquake hits near capital of Wellington

A strong earthquake has hit the the South Island near New Zealand’s capital of Wellington, followed by several aftershocks. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) the quake measured 6.5 on the Richter Scale and was followed by similarly strong aftershocks ranging from 5.9 to 4.5 in intensity. GeoNet states the first earthquake was… Read more »

Nike Samoan Tattoo Tech Tights Line Gets Yanked After Outcry

Nike Samoan Tattoo

Nike’s Samoan tattoo designs for their Nike Pro Tattoo Tech Tights for women runners were released last week. Now they’ve already been yanked from the market, thanks to complaints from the native Samoan community. The black and white traditional tattoos were featured on tights, sports bras, and other athletic gear for women. However, the Samoan… Read more »