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Adam Lambert And Queen ‘Kill’ In Front Of New York Fans

Adam Lambert and Queen

Adam Lambert and Queen continue their magical tour, and the latest stop was at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, where Lambert proved once again that he was born for this gig. According to The New York Daily News, the band’s show, the first at MSG since 1982, was warmly received by the New York… Read more »

Lady Gaga Shows Off Her Beard At The Louvre

laday gaga head on a platter

Lady Gaga has never been afraid of a little androgyny. In fact, when she exploded onto the scene, she pretty much shrugged off rumors that she was a hermaphrodite. In fact, in an interview with Barbara Walters, Gaga simply mentioned that the rumor was false and went on to say she was more upset about… Read more »

Mark Malkoff Performs Random Acts Of Kindness To New Yorkers [VIDEO]

Random Acts of Kindness

A random act of kindness can surely brighten someone’s day. It is probably the rarest form of sincerity shown to people that, when it does happen to people, they usually respond with doubt or don’t know how to respond at all. However, Mark Malkoff, a famous comedian and filmmaker, teamed up with Mashable and Asus… Read more »

Emergency Delaware Bridge Repair Gets Steel From NY

Bridge repairs.

The damaged I-495 bridge in Delaware is getting a delivery of $5 million in steel from Tappan Zee Constructors for emergency repairs. According to USA Today, the Tappan Zee team has sent on-hand steel rebar and rebar cages to reinforce the concrete supports installed to fix the crippled bridge that crosses the Christina River. The… Read more »

Federal Marijuana Laws Unconstitutional, New York Bill Claims

medical marijuana

The New York State Assembly approved legislation that initiated the process to allow medical marijuana in the state. The cannabis bill would “effectively nullify” federal pot prohibition laws, according to a Tenth Amendment Center report. Assembly Bill 6357 passed easily in New York earlier this week by a 94-36 margin. Despite the initial and overwhelming… Read more »

Gun Control Laws Are Stupid! This Is Better.

gun control

Today I woke up and, like most people I know went straight to Facebook to see how everyone I know was doing. While I was yawning and skimming over the content, I saw a picture that I read, then verified via other online sources to be an undoctored and legitimate piece. Before I go on,… Read more »

Bob Dylan Is Displaying His Art For The First Time In The US

Bob Dylan is an artist ans musician

Bob Dylan doesn’t just sing and write music, he’s an artist too! For the first time ever a collection of the American singer-songwriter’s artwork is now being shown in the Ross Art Group gallery, New York. “Bob Dylan’s mind is a creative mind and that doesn’t stop just at music,” gallery owner Mickey Ross told… Read more »

Gary Crockett and Nickie Hunt Suicidal Bridge Jump Connected To Homicide

Hunt Crockett

41 year-old Gary Crockett and his girlfriend Nickie Hunt both plunged to their death off the George Washington Bridge on Wednesday, police officials reported, and it appears the reason for the double suicide traces back to a recent homicide. Facing economic hard times, Hunt and her boyfriend moved in with her uncle, William Valenti, 70,… Read more »

Dead Sea Scrolls Case To Be Heard By New York’s Top Court


According to the New York Post, a decision will be made by New York’s highest court in the Dead Sea Scrolls case today (March 25th). The court will decide whether or not to overturn the conviction. In the Dead Sea Scroll case, Raphael Golb argues that mocking scholars in an academic debate about the Scrolls… Read more »

Michael Vick: Weekend Visit With New York Jets

Vicks Weekend With The Jets

Michael Vick makes headlines today, because he is going to visit the New York Jets this weekend as a free agent, according to Eliot Shorr-Parks of Michael Vick is a free agent who currently hasn’t visited any team through this period. However, that is all about to change this weekend. If Vick has a… Read more »

NYC Building Explosion: FDNY Searching For Trapped Victims

nyc fireman fight the blaze at colapsed building

A large NYC building exploded earlier this morning, the cause of the blast is currently unknown. The building is located on the Upper West Side near Third and 114th Streets. Both Police and the FDNY has responded to the three-alarm blaze. Traffic and public transportation has been disrupted and suspended near the New York City… Read more »

Derek Jeter To Retire After 2014 Season

derek jeter

Derek Jeter, 39, has decided to call it quits after one last season with the New York Yankees. Jeter has played his entire career with the Yanks, and will retire as one of the all-time greats in the game. The Yankees franchise boasts some of the most memorable names in baseball history… Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig,… Read more »