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NYC Explosion: Two Killed, Dozens Hurt, Explosion Caused By Gas Leak

NYC Explosion Aeriel

Earlier today, it was reported here on The Inquisitr that two buildings, located in East Harlem, exploded. Now, it is reported that two women were killed and dozens were injured. Reports also the cause of the explosion, by circumstantial evidence, was a major gas leak. According to Pix 11, the explosion happened on 116th Street… Read more »

Knockout Game Resurfaces In New York City, Kyle Rogers Sure He Was Victim

New York City Knockout Game Victim

A seemingly random New York City assault in the early hours of Sunday morning is being called the latest occurrence of the so-called “knockout game,” in which teenagers sucker-punch unsuspecting pedestrians, attempting to knock them out cold with a single shot. This time, the person making the knockout game charge is the victim himself, 23-year-old… Read more »

New York City Displaced As World’s Greatest City

London at Night

New York City is not the favorite place in the world for the rich and famous to call “home.” tThe city that doesn’t sleep has been displaced by a European metropolis: London. In previous years, the Big Apple has been chosen by those who travel the world and have the opportunity to own homes on… Read more »

New York City Spared Worst Of Storm, Slams Washington D.C. Instead

washington dc snowstorm 8th st se

New York City was braced for yet another heavy snowfall over the weekend, but much to the relief of winter-weary New Yorkers, received just a light dusting as the major storm took a sharp right turn and headed south, directly for Washington D.C. The largest snow accumulation in New York City registered at JFK airport,… Read more »

Liam Neeson Visits Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, Things Get Heated


When Jon Stewart booked Liam Neeson to come on his show, he probably didn’t think much about it. Just another actor coming to talk about his new movie. But things didn’t exactly go smoothly when the British actor stopped by on Wednesday night. While the 61-year-old actor was there to talk about his action movie… Read more »

Netflix, Marvel Invade New York City To Shoot Five Superhero Series

New York City to host Marvel Netflix series

New York City is about to be invaded by Marvel superheroes, and you’ll see the results streaming on Netflix starting next year, when Marvel Comics fans get hit by a bonanza of comic book action via the booming online service. The package of four, full series of 13 one-hour episodes plus a concluding mini-series, bringing… Read more »

Gene Simmons Of KISS: ‘Nothing Ever Came Out Of New York Except KISS’

Gene Simmons of KISS

Gene Simmons, the firebreathing bass player of the legendary rock and roll band KISS, not only breathes flame on stage during the notoriously theatrical KISS live shows, but he can do it in interviews, too. Never afraid to make controversial, even obnoxious comments in public, Gene Simmons’ previous verbal targets have included Muslims, women, and… Read more »

Viral ‘Walking Dead’ Stunt Leads To NYC Investigation [VIDEO]

'The Walking Dead' Viral Prank Leads To Investigation

Law and order is alive and well in the post-zombie-apocalypse New York City, where a viral prank for on the city’s icy streets—heralding the return of “The Walking Dead”—may be brewing hot water for those involved. The incident in question stems from a YouTube video published by “Walking Dead” network AMC on Wednesday, February 5,… Read more »

NYC Explosion: Gramercy Park Evacuated


An explosion in New York City was reported and breaking news details indicate law enforcement officers believe the Gramercy Park incident may not be an accident. The FDNY has confirmed the ongoing evacuation of a building located at 88 Lexington Avenue. The NYC explosion is believed to have occurred in the lobby of the building…. Read more »

Did New York City Mayor Let Rich People Suffer Through Snowstorm?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio shoveling snow

Many of New York City’s richest residents griped yesterday that new Mayor Bill de Blasio, an outspoken critic of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s handling of previous snow emergencies, let them suffer with unplowed streets as Winter Storm Janus bombarded the Big Apple with nearly a foot of snow. A map on the city’s own web… Read more »

New York City Slammed With New Storm, 15 Inches Of Snow By Morning


New York City was pounded Tuesday with up to 15 inches of snow, as Winter Storm Janus raked the United States east coast as the region’s brutal winter weather continued. But despite the gridlocked conditions in some parts of city caused by the snowstorm, New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina announced that schools will… Read more »

Liam Neeson To NYC Mayor: Leave Horse-Drawn Carriages Alone

Liam Neeson blasts NYC horse carriage ban

Actor Liam Neeson is not “taken” with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s idea of banning horse-drawn carriages. The new mayor, a progressive Democrat, has vowed to get rid of the iconic Central Park horse carriages becasuse they aren’t humane. As The Inquisitr has previously reported, De Blasio says that he is going to… Read more »

Jay Z And Beyonce Spend $6,000 On Sex Toys [Video]

Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay Z ditched Blue Ivy for a little while this weekend and ventured into the more risqué adult world. The couple was spotted at a New York City sex shop where they supposedly spent more than $6,000 on various sex toys. Beyonce and Jay Z were seen heading into famed Lower Manhattan sex… Read more »

George Washington Bridge Nightmare As Lanes Shut Before Holiday

George Washington Bridge

The George Washington Bridge cast a dark shadow over Christmas revelry this weekend as emergency lane closings caused a traffic nightmare for thousands of drivers struggling just to make it between New York City and New Jersey. As traffic crowded their upper Manhattan neighborhood, residents of New York’s Washington Heights district told radio station 1010… Read more »

New York City Bans E-Cigarettes In Public [Video]


New York City has voted to include E-cigarettes and vaporizers in its public smoking ban. The measure was voted in by a huge majority of the city council during their last legislative session of the year this past Thursday. New York City currently bans all forms of smoking in public places including bars, restaurants, parks… Read more »

New York Sees 8 Inches Of Snow During Weekend Winter Storm

New York 8 Inches Of Snow

New York received around eight inches of snow during the winter storm that passed through the tri-state area over the weekend. Although parts of NYC received several inches of snow when the system hit the area Saturday night and Sunday morning, NBC News reports that counties to the north and west received the most accumulation…. Read more »

Pit Bull Attack: Dog Bites Off 5 Year Old’s Penis [Video]

Pit Bull Attack

A pit bull attack has left a 5 year old New York boy mutilated and in serious condition. The boy suffered multiple bite wounds, lacerations and a severed penis according to his mother. The five year old boy was visiting his aunt when he tried to climb onto the bed with the six year old… Read more »

Batkid Strikes Again, Saves Rapper Pitbull In New York City

Batkid saves Pitbull in New York City

In what is becoming a regular occurrence, Batkid strikes again, this time in New York City, where he saved the rapper Pittbull on Tuesday. Miles Scott, 5, who is a Leukemia survivor, did it again, he saved Gotham, located in the east coast to the delight of his many fans. Batkid was granted a wish… Read more »