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You Won’t Believe What NYC Paper Headline Calls Barack Obama

A New York City newspaper used a racial slur to describe Barack Obama.

A local community newspaper in New York is receiving intense criticism for an article about Barack Obama entitled “The N*gger In The White House.” Of course, the WestView News didn’t have an asterisk in their title; they actually spelled out the racial slur. The WestView News is a small paper and self-proclaimed “voice of West… Read more »

Fake Buddhist Monks Con New Yorkers

Con Artist Monks

New York is known for its diversity, but this new wave of monks stands out from the rest of the city’s colorful population. Clad in the orange, flowing robes of Buddhist tradition, these men of mostly Chinese descent make their way through the streets of New York asking for donations. However, these men are not… Read more »

Ellen Degeneres And Portia De Rossi Snuggle Up Amid Divorce Rumors

Ellen and Portia were recently seen in NYC loving it up despite divorce rumors

The news has been pretty rough for Ellen and Portia lately. Just about every tabloid has had something to say about the alleged divorce proceedings. If the recent report in the Daily Mail is any indication, the couple are still pretty tight. They were seen in New York City earlier in the week stepping out… Read more »

Lady Gaga Parades Through New York City With A See-Through Bra

Lady Gaga In Bra NYC

Lady Gaga has once again redefined fashion. This time she did it by parading through New York City on June 12 wearing a giant diamond necklace, not to mention a sheer black outfit, a set of diamond earrings and an extraordinarily conspicuous see-through bra, reports the Daily Mail. Irony? This was one of those rare… Read more »

If You Knew Your Son Committed A Crime, Would You Do What This Mom Did?

Carlos Taveras

Why 17-year-old Carlos Taveras did what he did remains a mystery. All police know is that he committed a seemingly pointless and potentially dangerous assault — against a working man just trying to do his job and get home. And Taveras thought he’d gotten away with it, too. Until one law-abiding citizen recognized his picture… Read more »

20 Years in Prison for NYC Payroll Scandal


George B. Daniels was the US District Judge overseeing the massive payroll scandal that was undertaken by three men. On Monday, April 28, 2014, Daniels sentenced each of the defendants to 20 years in prison in an effort to prevent similar future fraud schemes. He also hopes that the sentence will help to improve payroll… Read more »

NYC Explosion: Two Killed, Dozens Hurt, Explosion Caused By Gas Leak

NYC Explosion Aeriel

Earlier today, it was reported here on The Inquisitr that two buildings, located in East Harlem, exploded. Now, it is reported that two women were killed and dozens were injured. Reports also the cause of the explosion, by circumstantial evidence, was a major gas leak. According to Pix 11, the explosion happened on 116th Street… Read more »

Knockout Game Resurfaces In New York City, Kyle Rogers Sure He Was Victim

New York City Knockout Game Victim

A seemingly random New York City assault in the early hours of Sunday morning is being called the latest occurrence of the so-called “knockout game,” in which teenagers sucker-punch unsuspecting pedestrians, attempting to knock them out cold with a single shot. This time, the person making the knockout game charge is the victim himself, 23-year-old… Read more »

New York City Displaced As World’s Greatest City

London at Night

New York City is not the favorite place in the world for the rich and famous to call “home.” tThe city that doesn’t sleep has been displaced by a European metropolis: London. In previous years, the Big Apple has been chosen by those who travel the world and have the opportunity to own homes on… Read more »

New York City Spared Worst Of Storm, Slams Washington D.C. Instead

washington dc snowstorm 8th st se

New York City was braced for yet another heavy snowfall over the weekend, but much to the relief of winter-weary New Yorkers, received just a light dusting as the major storm took a sharp right turn and headed south, directly for Washington D.C. The largest snow accumulation in New York City registered at JFK airport,… Read more »

Liam Neeson Visits Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, Things Get Heated


When Jon Stewart booked Liam Neeson to come on his show, he probably didn’t think much about it. Just another actor coming to talk about his new movie. But things didn’t exactly go smoothly when the British actor stopped by on Wednesday night. While the 61-year-old actor was there to talk about his action movie… Read more »

Netflix, Marvel Invade New York City To Shoot Five Superhero Series

New York City to host Marvel Netflix series

New York City is about to be invaded by Marvel superheroes, and you’ll see the results streaming on Netflix starting next year, when Marvel Comics fans get hit by a bonanza of comic book action via the booming online service. The package of four, full series of 13 one-hour episodes plus a concluding mini-series, bringing… Read more »

Gene Simmons Of KISS: ‘Nothing Ever Came Out Of New York Except KISS’

Gene Simmons of KISS

Gene Simmons, the firebreathing bass player of the legendary rock and roll band KISS, not only breathes flame on stage during the notoriously theatrical KISS live shows, but he can do it in interviews, too. Never afraid to make controversial, even obnoxious comments in public, Gene Simmons’ previous verbal targets have included Muslims, women, and… Read more »

Viral ‘Walking Dead’ Stunt Leads To NYC Investigation [VIDEO]

'The Walking Dead' Viral Prank Leads To Investigation

Law and order is alive and well in the post-zombie-apocalypse New York City, where a viral prank for on the city’s icy streets—heralding the return of “The Walking Dead”—may be brewing hot water for those involved. The incident in question stems from a YouTube video published by “Walking Dead” network AMC on Wednesday, February 5,… Read more »