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Statue Of Liberty Evacuated Over Suspicious Package [Breaking News]

statue of liberty evacuated

The Statue of Liberty has been evacuated over concerns about a “suspicious package” found on Liberty Island. Shocked visitors are quickly being ushered out of the Statue of Liberty in New York City. A National Parks Service representative has confirmed that agents are currently doing security sweeps during the Liberty Island evacuation. The NYPD bomb… Read more »

Watch Shocking Video Of NYPD Police Officer Verbally Abusing Uber Driver

Uber police abuse

Cell phone footage has emerged of a plainclothes New York City police officer angrily berating an Uber driver in a profanity-laced, xenophobic tirade over an innocuous parking issue. The incident, which happened on Manhattan’s West Side Highway in the West Village, was captured by a passenger in the backseat of the Uber car and shows… Read more »

No Vacations Or Sick Days Until The NYPD Work Slowdown Ends

Stock photo of NYPD.

As the NYPD work stoppage enters its third week, police bosses throughout the city are threatening the rank and file officers with loss of vacation time and sick time unless they go back to work writing summonses, the New York Post is reporting. The NYPD has been involved in a de facto work stoppage since… Read more »

Bill De Blasio Rips Funeral Protests, Calls Them ‘Disrespectful’

Bill de Blasio

Bill de Blasio gave his second speech for a fallen police officer within a week’s time. And for the second time, police turned their backs on him in protest. The mayor and the police commissioner responded in a press conference on Monday, saying that the display was “disrespectful.” As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the… Read more »