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Natural Gas Explosion In New Jersey Caught on Dashcam [Video]

Natural gas explosion rips through Stafford Township, NJ, injuring 15

On a quiet Tuesday morning in Stafford Township, New Jersey, a blast ripped through the street and injured 15 people in an instant. The cause? A mysterious natural gas explosion. Firefighters, police officers, and gas company workers were already in the neighborhood, hunting down the source of the smell of rotten eggs, Fox News reported…. Read more »

Disney ‘Frozen’ Lawsuit Laughed Out Of Court By Judge

Disney's Frozen lawsuit tossed

Disney’s Frozen did not, it turns out, rip off a New Jersey author’s story about her life in Peru. Isabella Tanikumi filed suit in October against Disney regarding Frozen, saying that the film was a takeoff from her memoirs, particularly one titled Yearnings of the Heart. This particular version depicted her family’s struggles in the… Read more »

New Jersey Mom Allegedly Burns Baby Alive

Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier

A New Jersey mom allegedly burned her newborn baby alive, police said when arresting Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier. Horrified and shocked witnesses thought Dorvilier was merely burning trash. The baby was found burning alive in Pemberton Township, and sadly succumbed to the severe injuries a shot time later at local hospital. Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier, 22, was charged with… Read more »

New Jersey Woman Sets Baby On Fire

new jersey

Late Friday night, witnesses watched in absolute horror as a woman set a newborn baby on fire in New Jersey. On Simontown Road in Pemberton Township, New Jersey, the north central part of the state, onlookers say that the woman stopped in the street outside of a residence and proceeded to set flame to an… Read more »

New Jersey Police Hit And Kill 10-Year-Old Boy On The Way To A Sleepover

new jersey police

A New Jersey police officer hit and killed a 10-year-old boy who was walking to a sleepover. The Franklinville police were responding to an emergency call when their cruiser reportedly knocked over the boy. Witnesses to the fatal police accident claim that the officers were “speeding down the highway” without using their lights and sirens…. Read more »

NJ Cop Jason Miller Exposes Himself To Men On Duty, Authorities Claim

Jason Miller Exposes Himself To Men At Traffic Stops

New Jersey cop Jason Miller, 37, has been accused of repeatedly exposing himself to his male traffic stops, Newton Police claim. The father of two is being charged with official misconduct, a pattern of official misconduct, and “lewdness” (i.e. unzipping his pants and exposing himself to several young men over a “months long” period, Mediaite… Read more »

Black Bear Attacks And Kills New Jersey Hiker

Black Bear New Jersey

A black bear has attacked and killed a New Jersey hiker. On Sunday afternoon, five friends were hiking through the Apshawa Preserve in West Milford. According to reports, the hikers encountered the bear unexpectedly. Although they attempted to escape, the bear managed to attack and kill 22-year-old Darsh Patel. Although the cause of death was… Read more »